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For Illinois voters what is your opinion on the new Governor Pritzker so far?

Ya know, I hear he’s kind of a nice guy…from people who are politically connected. Of course, the first thing that happened when he got into office was raise taxes and fees on a LOT of stuff.

Pritzker’s 19 different tax and fee hikes total $6.9 billion

TLDR version:

Motor fuel tax doubled.

Vehicle registration fees almost doubled.

Electric vehicle registration fee 15x increase.

$1 tax on all ridesharing.

7% tax on cable, satellite and streaming services.

Alcohol tax up 50%.

Parking garage tax. Daily/hourly-6%. Monthly/annual-9%.

Real estate transfer tax doubled.

Capped traded-in property sales tax exemptions to $10,000.

Video gaming terminal tax -30% on net terminal income.

New/increased taxes on managed health care (which will raise insurance premiums), sports gambling, recreational cannabis (just passed effective 01JAN20), retail, video gambling, tobacco, 5-cents per plastic bag tax (Chicago already pays 7), e-cigarette tax, and more that we’ll only discover later….because these are just the ones currently known.

Add to that, the fact that a few years ago we put away a former governor for 14 years on federal charges, for corruption including trying to sell Obama’s senate seat. J.B. Pritzker was one of the people being considered, FBI tapes played at the trial contain Blagojevich and Pritzker discussing buying seats in public offices. This was largely downplayed and ignored by the media in Illinois. The only real mention of it was commercials played by recently-unseated Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner’s campaign. He’s also under federal investigation for a $331,000 property tax break on a mansion he owned. Using a loophole, he listed it as “uninhabitable” after having the toilets removed. Now bear in mind that he campaigned on the tired-ass Democrat line about “The rich paying their fair share.”

(As a little side note: To illustrate the point about Illinois media sources ignoring these things, do a google search for “JB Pritzker Investigation”. The only big news outlets to touch the story (aside from Fox of course) were ABC and CBS, both of which focused entirely on the fact that Pritzker claimed he “wasn’t worried” about the investigation. After all, he’s a billionaire and MONEY TALKS, right?)

You want my opinion? It’s just business as usual in Illinois…and the wife and I are strongly considering moving. I hear Indiana is nice this time of year.