India’s real estate market has been hit by a slowdown just like the auto industry. Housing sales fell by nearly 10% in the July-September quarter, according to a

How can digital marketing help in my real estate job?

Digital marketing is changing the way things were been marketed before. Over the last few years, digital marketing has played an important role in the advertising and branding of any small or large scale organization. Digital Marketing not only helps in growing the brand image and increasing the sale, but it also helps in reaching out to a larger audience which in turn generate business for your organization and promote sales.

Property dealers both buyers and sellers do very intensive research online before ending up with an ultimate decision of purchasing or selling the property. Real Estate business is every growing and has extensive scope in the coming years. Digital Marketing can achieve significant goals and grow your business. In the last few years, real estate has witnessed a boom in both online and offline industry. Making sure you have your strong presence all over the internet is the most important thing which will stand you out in the real estate industry.

Here is a quick look at how the Real Estate Industry and Digital Marketing will make its impact

A few years ago the property was a symbol of luxury and investment. Where you always needed to invest in some huge amount of money to get yourself a good apartment in a different housing project. The process of searching the property and purchasing it was a long and tedious job. Clients who wish to buy property always had to undergo different methods and needed to collect endless and old documents for buying or renting properties. Finding the best and the desired property has become an easy option. Access multiple properties from different location have opened new doors to buyers with all financial background. Simple online searches take buyers to the property which they desire to buy and at the same time documentation has become paperless and quick.

Digital marketing has not completely shifted the real estate market from the traditional way and this might also not happen soon. Real estate developers are increasing their focus to digital marketing for over few years. This shift has taken place because of the consumers moving from traditional way to different digital medium. Buyers now preferably tend to search property on Google or by using application which makes things easy.

Some Stats and Facts

There are over 450 million Internet users

Over 200 million active social media users

14% to 15% of home buyers search for a home online

More than 80% of buyers use the online medium to search home

These statistics show that every buyer is now moving towards the world of internet and trust online medium much more.

Digital Marketing for Real Estate and its Benefits

Marketing techniques keep evolving every single day and over time things change. Apart from urban space, Digital Marketing things have evolved over a large scale and have spread into all tier 2 and tier 3 cities of India. Real estate developers are yet to realize the benefit of digital marketing.

Increase exposure:

Considering the fact that there are numerous housing and commercial projects that vary in size, location and cost, having a good digital presence becomes an important task. Having a good digital marketing presence makes sure that you reach a larger audience in a very short time with the targeted audience.

Brand building:

Developers need to have a strong and reputable presence in the market. Having an online presence in this growing world of digital market is considered to be the best branding thing.


Digital marketing offers free publicity at very low pricing compared to traditional marketing. Taking the full advantage of digital marketing at a very cost efficient way is the best thing to do using online resources.


Digital marketing offers great performance in the marketplace. Digital marketing offers a good performance check on every campaign and generates a report on the bases of analysis giving the best result to the clients.

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