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How can I improve my online store’s sales during holiday season?

Retail is all about the customer. It’s more than just the transaction, product, and payment, it’s all about the experience. Retailers are reinventing their business by having both, physical and online stores.

Consideration Of The Omnichannel Approach-

In the age of e-commerce, many retail giants are leveling up their business strategy by opening a physical store that can create a memorable shopping experience.

Also, consider the below scenario:

  • The customer can browse online and can get an in-store coupon to use Online purchase and in-store pickup
  • Purchase later after browsing the product in-store
  • Customer loyalty points can be increased via in-store purchase and online notifications
  • Customer services can be better with the right omnichannel approach

How Retailers Can Create The Perfect Omnichannel Strategy?

Here are some of the factors that can help retailers to improve overall performance and boost sales:-

  • Research and locate your target audience- You need to have a clear idea of where your customers are so that you can focus on specific channels. Make a thorough research about the platforms they’re using and know about the channels they generally prefer to shop.
  • Engage your customers at every touch points- Whether you’re running a small Mom and Pop shop or a part of a large enterprise, you need to make every touchpoint shoppable. Suppose the customer adds a product to their cart from your website/mobile app. Now they land on Facebook/Instagram/Pinterest, your product must appear on ‘suggested products’ based on that previous product history. To make this happen, you can use eCommerce management platform to integrate your store directly with social media platforms enabling your customers back to your online store. With such connections between channels and online store, you can run promotional campaigns on social media to drive traffic to your site.
  • Bridge the gap between online and offline storeToday, customers expect a seamless experience from the brand online and in-store as well. Hence, retailers must aim for creating a smooth transition between both the stores.
  • Mobile Commerce- If you have been paying attention to the previous year stats, the share of shopping time spent on mobile increased by 5% from 2016 to 2017. According to the Adobe analytics, 45% of the website visits came from smart-phone. Retailers can expect a stronger reliance on mobile in 2018. Retailers must focus on mobile-optimized website, native apps and must offer push notifications about the latest sales. Make the use of beacon technology to let shoppers know about the deals in the proximity and provide personalized, on-the-go experience for the great customer satisfaction.
  • Same Day delivery- To cope up with the competition, retailers must think of providing same-day delivery. Brand’s reputation can be easily damaged due to a failed delivery or poor user experience. While the holiday comes once in a year, retailers must use modern technologies to provide seamless customer experience.

Use of Modern Technologies That Can Help Increase Sales:

  • Incorporated chatbots that can ensure immediately and 24*7 customer service
  • Use of machine learning algorithm to better serve customers by analyzing the habits, spending, and information
  • Elimination of repetitive tasks by applying RPA( Robotic Process Automation)
  • AI-powered conversations and voice assistance to manage customer service
  • Faster, better, and personalized experience with the help of business intelligence
  • Use of Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality to create immersive, influential experience that can attract customers
  • Authenticity and integrity of brands across all the channels through secure, connected, and fast processes
  • Secure payment gateways and strong social media presence to emboss the brand impact

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