No other topic kicks off a more heated debate than real estate investing — especially in Canada. You’ve probably suffered through hours of conversation about

Apart from stocks and real estate, what are some best passive income strategies to earn 1000 dollars per month?

Rental markets in equipment from construction to computing capacity and the like. The other passive strategies are network or affiliate marketing, drop shipping, and internet sites that sell advertising. U tube, website hosting and so on. Truly passive income requires work but it can be achieved. Capital requirements are a part of the game. Private investment is often overlooked. The development capital game is alive and well but the risks are as well. Vending machines, laundramats,

Royalties on books, music, videos, and educational materials are all sources as are peer lending, and crowdfunding the like.

Franchising development is one area overlooked. Developing systems that work to transact buisness. These may be processing programs that create compatibility between registers and fuel pumps or software for order processing and logistics.

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Ray kroc

Ray Kroc

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