And real estate developers felt that. Many team up with beauty bloggers and lifestyle influencers to promote new projects, site visits, and model homes, hoping to

How is the traditional advertising model changing under the influence of social media?

There’s going to be a fall in traditional advertising because of the emerging trend of influencers on social media, and it’s already happening:

An upcoming apparel brand, Fashion Nova, partnered with Kylie Jenner to become an influencer for their jeans. Consequentially, she made a point of how much she loves her new Fashion Nova jeans in her Instagram post. The post garnered an outstanding 2.4 million likes and a huge spike in sales! This instance is a case in point of influencer marketing.

Lord and Taylor influenced 50 Instagrammers to post a picture of themselves on the same day wearing the same dress. As a result, they were successful in making a statement in the Instagram fashion niche that the Lord and Taylor dress was a must have to be in style. The dress was sold out the by the following weekend.

The #CrazyForReading campaign by Amazon in India. To promote e-reading and the sales of Kindle Paperwhite, Amazon launched this YouTube campaign which featured videos of two of India’s top selling authors – Amish Tripathi and Ashwin Sanghi. The videos had the bestselling authors talk about how Kindle fulfils their crazy love for reading. And it worked. Both the authors have a huge fan following on social media which helped Amazon target Kindle savvy reading to old and new age readers.

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