We live in interesting times. The economy continues to roll strong with still-historic lows in unemployment and bargain-basement interest rates, both of which

Will impeachment proceedings impact the real estate market?

This is not an answer that a lot of people won’t want to hear but they need to hear it. The impeachment is based on very grey and ambiguous information if you want to call it that. It is mostly based on anger and hate. The what does this mean for the real estate industry? I been doing this for 30 years and I can tell you that this is how people are going to react. If there truly becomes An impeachment, based on a big Nothing Burger, A lot of people are going to hold back on investing or moving or Buying. Why do you ask? Because the unknown is a big problem. I am aware of a ton of people who do not favor Democrat being in so much control. They are not known for being conservative with money, that would be your money and my money and your brothers.The United States would enter into a very dangerous Bunny trail that the impeachment would take us to and piss off a lot of people to be Frank. Passed off people do not make giant purchases like commercial property and homes.

That’s the reality. Just being honest. Trump pisses off the left. He peed on their cheerios. Absolutely Unforgivable. Let’s be honest, The also have been good for your 401K, your Ira, your ability to stay employed or seek a better job, which at the end of the day all of us really just want to pay our bills and eat and keep a roof over our head. We were supposed to have a recession a couple of years ago but so far we have put that off. A recession is inevitable because the banks can not behave. Somebody have to get wealthy and screw the rest of us and not go to jail. As usual. But I digress, yes the real estate market can very well be affected by the impeachment proceedings if they are bold enough to make a fake impeachment stick.

I sincerely hope I’m wrong.