DENVER — If you ask, Jeff Gipson will tell you the future of film goes beyond the movie screen. “A lot of times VR (virtual reality) is just seen as gaming or you

Do you believe that Sony and Disney are gonna agree to terms in the Spider-Man deal in a matter of time for long term?

It’s on Disney’s powers to do so. If they change the offer to a more palatable 20% of the profits (25% tops), then MAYBE Sony would accept to extend the deal.

But if they insist in this ridiculous “50%/50%”, then there is literally zero chance.

Tom Holland’s Spiderman sharing screen with Jared Leto’s Morbius and/or Tom Hardy’s Venom, no matter how mediocre the movie, is 750.000.000 guaranteed.

100% of 750.000.000 is 750.000.000

50% of 1.2 Billion is 700.000.000, which is not only less, it depends on the movie making AT LEAST 1.2 Billion!

So there is literally zero chance that Sony would accept that proposed deal