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What shocking things do most Indians not know?

Everyone knows that yoga is practised in India from ancient times. What if someone else claims it’s right on it?

  • US try to patent yoga. Yoga teachers in west has grown, there has been a steady increase in patent applications claiming each pose in their class is not part of the ancient discipline of mind and body, but their own unique invention. Does this make any sense?
  • In the US alone, there have been more than 130 yoga-related patents, 150 copyrights and 2,300 trademarks.
    • Yoga has become a lucrative international industry, with some estimates for the yoga fitness industry in the US as high as $3 billion annually.

“Yoga can’t be owned and run like a company. Since there are attempts to patent yoga in America.

Earlier, US also try to patent Turmeric. It was a well known fact that the use of turmeric was known in every household in India from ancient times.

  • In 1995, US awarded patent on turmeric to University of Mississippi medical center for wound healing property.
    • An exclusive right has been granted to sell and distribute.
  • The Indian Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) had objected to the patent granted and provided documented evidences of the prior art to USPTO.
    • India won the patent of turmeric from US.

US even try to patent Basmati rice, and Neem.

Use of Neem is mentioned in Indian texts written over 2000 years ago.

  • The patent for Neem was first filed by W.R. Grace and the Department of Agriculture, USA in European Patent Office.
  • A legal opposition has been filed by India against the grant of the patent.
    • India had submitted evidence of ancient Indian ayurvedic texts that have described the hydrophobic extracts of neem seeds were known and used for centuries in India.
  • In last India won the patent of Neem too.

Last not least but the most controversial one Basmati rice. Basmati rice, sought-after for its fragrant taste, was developed by Indian farmers over hundreds of years,

  • A Texan company ‘Rice Tec’ try to obtained a patent for a cross-breed with American long-grain rice.
    • ‘Rice Tec’ was granted the patent on the basis of aroma, elongation of the grain on cooking and chalkiness.
  • Indian government had filed 50,000 pages of scientific evidence to the US Patents and Trademarks Office, insisting that most high quality basmati varieties already possess these characteristics.

You know why US has patent all this? According to me-

  • A patent gives you the right to stop others from copying, manufacturing, selling or importing your invention without your permission.
  • A patent allows US to take some of the revenue from the companies.
  • Yoga is a well growing industry and it’s patent can help us to generate million of dollar in upcoming years.
  • Demand of turmeric is increasing all over the world. It is widely used in cooking and everyone knows about it’s health benefit and healing properties.

Isn’t it Ironic? How can someone else can claim it’s right on this?

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