With a scientist father, Quest embarked on a series of adventures, most of which involved strapping on a pair of virtual reality glasses and defeating his enemies.

What part of getting into game development would be difficult for someone that has played video games their whole life?

You have to think of EVERYTHING

This is what an empty game scene in the unity engine looks like . When you create a new empty game scene this is what you see . Here are some popular games which are made in unity



Cities: Skylines

Rick & Morty : Virtual Rickality

Kerbal Space Program

and many many more

When you look at those screenshots and read that lists of titles released that are built within the engine you see lots of unique art styles, gameplay mechanics, games with different strengths and weaknesses , games with complex systems, simple systems, Virtual Reality games, 2D mobile games , console games multiplayer games and singleplayer simulations .

You have to understand the amount of planning , research , testing , iteration , development , tweaking , and focus that went into every title .

some titles have larger teams and others have very small teams .

No matter the size every thing you see on screen from the small version text you may see in some random support menu tab to the rate of speed at which a characters animation may blink were meticulously considered , tweaked, and adjusted by the developers of the game .

The BIGGEST hurdle I think I have seen when people first start developing games , is understanding that EVERY part of the game needs your full attention .

Some friends of mine and I began developing a small side project together, I created my first upgrade and skill tree system , my friend has continuously been surprised at how much even on such a simple menu he needs to think about artistically, we haven’t even got to the point of incorporating sound into the project either , particles to make players feel good about their upgrades and weapon item purchases or anything like that. This is a friend whose game knowledge I truly respect as he loves videogames as much as I do .

This is how my first version of the upgrade tree system looks without his art or the ability to buy abilities, just the functionality to see if you are a high enough level to unlock them .

This is a version we made a few weeks ago where he exported some of his art for it , I implemented the ability to purchase abilities ( the blue frame) , see the abilities that are unlocked ( the orange frames) , and the abilities still too high for the player level ( the red frames) .

He noticed several visual mistakes artistically with this menu , we still need a background , I need to add additional information such as player level and the number of free skill point to spend , we still don’t have sound affects, we’ll need actual icon art for the skills when we plan them and remember this is just for something as simple as the unlock screen / skill tree . Were not talking about colliders , enemy hit-boxes, level boundaries , animations and their ability to interrupt / be interrupted.

Good students of game development tend to dissect much more of the game then other people . Everything from the music , ambient sounds, controls, options, particles, animations, and more tend to be dissected, understood , and act as way for you as a creator to more thoroughly come up with ideas for your own projects.

So if I had to point to a single thing game fans may have a hard time taking in when starting to make their games, it’s just HOW MUCH thought , energy , and forethought have to be put into their development working as team and really planning out a game experience. Even games much simpler than ours require LOTS of thought and planning.