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What are common scams in India?

That one mysterious friend and the Leg business .

[long answer, but it can save your months, you may skip and start from “The Interview”]


Despite having a regular well paid job once I got the hunch to try for freelancing. I shot the arrows in all directions be it Upwork, you name it, but I failed to get a single interview let alone getting a project.

To compensate it I made a switch which was never needed. In new company I met Vikas an extreme introvert. Only time he opened his mouth the words were “I am so busy, why do I just have 24 hours”.

Given we both were new to the company. We didn’t have any project to work on my natural reaction used to be “What keeps you busy at home“, and he would cut short the conversation at this point. This happened quite sometimes that he wont talk about “what does he do at home”.

Over time i found myself curious/suspicious to know about his secret. I started enquiring about his weekend schedule from all possible sources.

Irony was, even his room-mates whom I contacted to know his little secret had no clue, except that, he is running some kind of business which is hell profitable.

One fine day I asked him.

Vikas, dude i can help you with your business try me sometime

Saket, Wait for suitable time we don’t have vacancies“.

Alright. I waited for some 5–6 month.

That one defining day:

It was Saturday, Vikas was on the call.

“Saket, I have a good news we have a vacancy, Got your resume ready?“

“Yes boss totally updated with all skills and project“

“No we need business resume not your IT profile“

“ummm, myyannn what does that mean“

“Write your business ambitions, write your ability to convince people, write about your personality“

“Fuck …., Ok Vikas will do“

“Your interview is at 7 pm tomorrow, venue I would tell you once i get the confirmation of your profile, come in formals with tie“


Later that day, he confirmed my candidature asked to come to “Phoenix Marketcity Mall” Whitefield Bangalore.

Even though I couldn’t apprehend about what kind of company takes interview in shopping mall?

I went to attend it.

The Interview Round 1st :

I was guided to take the chair in front of Starbucks coffee. After 2 hours of waiting my patience was running thin.
Company HR(a beautiful voice) told me that I need be patient as Zonal head will be here any moment, by looking at my profile he has shown his personal interest in me (Oh My My).

At about 8 Pm, one beautiful lady in all black arrived to escort me for interview.

Saket ,are you ready for the first round, based on my input our Zonal head would interview you.


After basic formalities exchanged she asked me how much I earn and how much I wanna earn in next 5 years.

I said.

Am sorry i am earning fine and gave her a figure which i wanted.

Thats it ? 3000k annually thats what you want after 5 years ? We are extremely sorry we took you for ambitious guy ,Kindly dont quote this figure in front of boss.He would reject you at very moment

1 Crore ,am sorry (bit embarrassed*)

Oh you become red ,its pretty normal figure in our business

Hey boss is here

It was chaotic, some 20 people in black suit were running behind him. In that noise all I could here was “dude boss is here “ “Hey you go north, you be with me” “Hey you catch Vishal ,boss would like him to meet.

For a moment I thought i am gonna meet POTUS these are all secret service agents.

The Interview Round 2nd:

“Hey Saket This is Ravi ,Zonal head“


“hahaha , I knew it ,you wanted to know this from the long don’t you? ,cmon man , lets first see what you got here”.

Initially he praised me for the struggle I had been in life, for all the dreams I have, for all the hardship I faced which made me realise the value of money. Later with example of Bill Gates, Ambanis he tried to make the point that no business, no job can take me to that level.

He presented a calculation of my income and growth per year and showed me how it would take thousand birth to accumulate that wealth.

During this time I had realised this is some sort of marketing scheme(ponzy scheme) that they want me to enrol which I hate it from core.

I wanted to entertain this Boss guy so I kept doing Yes Yes to everything he wanted me to tell .

“Take this peace of paper and write down 3 dreams you have in this life I would give you 15 mins”

I wrote, Having my own IT company , Creating 3d shopping experience in virtual reality (really working on it) and setting my foot on MARS.

When he saw my dreams he was utterly disappointed and said “Saket what do you need to live those dreams”.

I knew he wanted to me say something like “I need 50 crore in 5 years and all sort of bluff “. Being sadist as I am. I proceeded “I need strong commitment towards my goal”.

Irked beyond limit he said “NO MAN YOU NEED MONEY” we all need money.

Now tell me how much money you think you need for those dreams.

I said 30 crore.

I could see he had a sign of relaxation on this face that he didn’t waste his 40 minutes on me.

The Scam:

So we agreed that I need a large sum of Money ,without that I would be those 99.9% losers who couldn’t create an impact.

Another excerpt from my interview (or bitching )

“Saket” to achieve this you need to be my business partner.

That entails? What is this business we taking whats the firm name?

“We can’t tell you anything about business unless you join us?”

“What if I sign with you and you make me sell drugs? given the amount of money we talking”

“NO , its perfectly legal we will give you salary slips”

“Whats the work?”

“As I said , you would work under Vikas ,don’t you trust your friend ?” you need to contribute very little engagement amount”

“How much”

“Given the return we are taking its very minimal ,Vikas would let you know .Here sign these papers”

“I won’t be signing until I know the initial amount”

“Anything above 4 lakhs is welcome”


Here the deal just for you Saket ,given you came from our very trusted partner I am certain you don’t want to disappoint him by declining my offer ,you can sign us with 3.5 lakhs and once you show us the proof of amount by DD or Cash ,Cash is favourable, will be telling you all about business

At this point I checked the time it was 10.45 PM I need to go back home in Kormangla 17km so I had to burst this bubble.

Mr. Ravi, I hope you are very honest when you said its business not some marketing ponzy scheme [I could easily see he got troubled by question]

Of course not , you think so low of us.

That means I don’t need to add anyone under to me. SO NO LEG BUSINESS,right leg or left leg ,no commission for new joiners.

Thats right. Its not commission its a reward, surely you would get a big amount.

So I give you 4 lakhs and I work and I make money 70l by year end.

Thats right, We are here to work for you Vikas is here to work for you. All we here work as a family, do you know Vikas is waiting for you outside to take you home.

Alright I would come with 4 lakhs.

At 11 in night the kind of mental pressure this black suit people created was scary.
Thinking I won’t be allowed to simply walk away I promised 4 lakhs.

And after that I came back to home, Vikas chased me 15 days to get that amount from me with thousand promises.
After 15 days also he was not giving up, he was troubling me in company and in house.

Ultimately this line helped me get rid of this scammers.

Vikas , dude you have my 70 lakhs by year end take 4 from that and give me 66 in year last I trust you “.

That was the time these scammer realised I wont be scammed so they started harassing me over calls.


Lesson: Never trust extreme introverts business oriented friend who is super busy doing nothing.

Edit : On Much demand adding this

How to spot a scammer friend:

  • A friend who often claims to travel abroad for a specific business he can’t tell you about.
  • A friend who is super busy doing nothing.
  • A friend whose social media profile is filled with pics of some party where he is in decorated suit.
  • A friend who is intentionally being mysterious.
  • A friend who wants you to meet some charismatic personality who can change your life.
  • A friend who always talk above millions.
  • A friend who claims he can revolutionise the way you make money.