It also includes augmented reality, esports, streaming, and virtual reality. Over half of the revenue – $64.4 billion – came from mobile games alone. PC raked in

Writing science fictionWhat’s up with sci-fi’s obsession with outer space? Why is it that sci-fi writers find this realm so fascinating, and why do they like writing about it so much?

This is an attempt by me to write science fiction.All characters in this book are fictitious. Any resemblance to any actual person, places and events made are purely coincidental or are based on fictional circumstances.

This is the story how and why an immortal superhuman time traveler created a multiverse with several versions of earth and it’s Milky Way Galaxy. Along with a group of immortal time travelers the superhuman and the group give their perspective on how they came to be and how they have come to view life in general in a quest to find God.

Copyright ©2015 Kenneth Andre Brown Sr.

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Freely Revolving Journal

Chapter 1

In the Beginning there was darkness. The darkness was empty, cold and silent. Eventually something sparked and ignited the darkness to make it become much more. In retrospect what may have once been an empty vacuum of space expanded to become the reality we now know. To a certain extent I was once that empty black dark vacuum of space. From my dark cosmic immaterial awareness came light. Conscience was that light.

Every beginning had to have something preexisting it to cause it. This in itself becomes a revolving infinite circle. My conscious dark state became a sole universe. My conscious universe of imagination began with little to nothing within it, besides it, above it or below it. I made a conscious decision to reform myself. In my reformation, that which I made above me became the heavens and a sole cosmos to be known as the I-Magi-Nation.

My psychological and biological universe had become my colorful prism of illustrious realizations. That which I made within me and below me became my mind, body, space, matter, memory, time and energy known as a Hself. What I made within me, besides me, below me and above me revolved within, besides, above, and below one another. In this new beginning my psychological and biological cosmos birthed a yet a smaller cosmos within itself and outside of itself which in turn birthed a sun.

In such a reality the initial empty vacuum of space I was had become a conscious universe recreating another universe within itself, above itself, below itself and around itself. In its universe a sun birthed lesser suns which became the suns, moons and stars. The sun, moon and stars birthed the human Suns, moons and stars within them. The process may have taken a split second or it may have taken many billions of years. I had no way to determine it. This somehow became an ancestral lineage I would eventually tell the human suns, moons and stars so that they could be made aware of their origins.

The very first human suns, moons and stars became known as metahumans or metaphysical humans. Later in history the term or word metaphysical would be denoted to the supernatural. During my antiquity everything metaphysical was considered natural.

Initially there were three species of human. The very first humans would now be known as human’s suns. They were humans that gave an odd type of energy which made their body temperature rise to the point other meta-humans unlike them couldn’t come within a 100 foot radius of them or be disintegrated by their extreme heat.

The beings later referred to as human moons were humans who gave off an odd type of energy which made their body temperature drop to the point other humans couldn’t come within a 100 foot radius of them or they would freeze to death. The rest of the humans weren’t metahumans. Metahumans were also mortal humans.

Through a long process of both evolution and devolution multiple often opposing species of humans came about. Some single celled organisms evolved to become multicellular organisms while some single celled organisms never evolved.

There was no one woman or one man who became the mother or father of the entire human race. There were multiple species of human who had evolved to coexist simultaneously with meta-humans. Eventually most metahumans were driven into extinction.

The variants of mortal human species fought for dominance. Some groups drove other groups into extinction while other groups drove themselves into extinction. Sometimes natural disasters worked against humanity and wiped out several species of humans and other life forms such as plants, animals and bacteria.

Initially there was only one landmass and one large body of water. Over the years different tribes and what was later referred to as multiple races and species of humans came about. The sole landmass had later separated into multiple land masses as some were small islands.

What became the largest race or tribe of mortal humans were a people known as the Bizan Tribe. It wasn’t unusual to find the women of the Bizan stand as tall as what we would now in modern times determine as 9 feet tall. The tribe still lived on one of the larger landmasses. All other people of all other tribes never rose much above the standard five feet, nine inches tall.

The Monarchical leader of the Bizan tribe was a childless and unwed Global Government leader. This most powerful leader became a divine archetype Empress Tabizan the 7th. She was only 18 years old when her parents died leaving her with no brothers, sisters or any other family members. This was one of the many tribes of people on earth bearing no surname.

All the women of the Bizan tribe were extremely bottom heavy hunter gatherer types. All the males were overdressed agriculturalist who were the first to create a written language, an alphabet, electricity, glass, paper, plumbing, irrigation systems and were the first to create a numbering system from 0-9.

Tabizan never wore much clothing other than a thong bikini, a lace bra, and 9 inch heeled pumps. She only wore light colored skimpy outfits if and when she wore clothes at all. Her favorite color was Canary yellow.

The entire continent where Tabizan lived only dropped below 82° Fahrenheit in the winter months. In the winter months it would drop down to 60.°Sometimes temperatures would rise up to as much as 142°Fahrenheit during the summers. This caused the Empress and everyone else on that continent to be very or extremely dark skinned or jet black and have a rather unique look distinguishing them from every other tribe.

Tabizan had lived on a continent known as Arkipra. It was the second largest of what became the 7 continents. This somewhat alternate planet Earth was then the only of 33 planets in this particular solar system holding 139,685,000 square miles of water and 57,255,000 square miles of land. All other planets held much more land than water.

During the Empress Tabizan’s era as much as 85% of the overall population as a subculture were types of religious followers of some sort. There were a total of 4,000 different opposing religions. As much as 10% of the overall population, as a society were that of religious leaders of some sort. The religious leaders were regarded as Demigods, Demagogues and government leaders. The remaining portion of the population were scientist, architects and physicians. Very few of the religious followers knew how to read or write. The religious leaders worked as scribes, orators and Government leaders. Religious leaders and government leaders lived in large palaces. The scientist lived in the state of the art skyscrapers. Everything usually remained segregated between these three factions of society, subculture and culture, the 85%, the 10% and the 5%. Most religious followers lived in small housing unit.

For thousands of years scientist had been looking for the fountain of youth and the elixir of life within human, animal and plant RNA and DNA. With the aid of the Tabizan the 7th Royal Research Society the scientist had finally found what they so adamantly searched for. They somewhat reminded me of the researchers at the Howard Hughes research center on an alternate planet Earth.

Because of their work ethics and determination the scientist found a type of fountain of youth and elixir of life within specific elements, compounds and mixtures. They were then able to test such findings on themselves. What they found was their elixir caused a type of DNA polymerase thought to be Omni faceted. This was supposed to indicate that the chemicals scientist had used in their elixir caused its host to become a shapeshifter. A shapeshifter could voluntarily alter their human form to any singular or combination of vapor, liquid, solid or plasma.

Needless to say the scientist thought such scientific findings were the most profound of all past and present scientific findings ever made. They immediately made the public aware of such findings. Religious leaders thought such findings posed a threat to their religious existence. This then caused a minor civil debate between the scientific community and the religious community. The minor civil debate eventually escalated into becoming the greatest yet worst World War ever to occur in history.

With their new scientific findings scientist decided to create an entire superhuman immortal species in a laboratory. Tabizan the 7th allowed only the most adept and elite of all scientist to artificially inseminate her with genetically altered and cloned human sperm made in a laboratory. The following months when the Empress announced her pregnancy and how she got pregnant all the young and old adult women of her tribe followed suit. When it was all said and done the scientist had impregnated as many as four million of the tribes young and old women.

When all these various women gave birth the babies they produced became known as Aeon’s. This word or term Aeon was supposed to characterize what was to be Analytically Evolved Omnipotent Numbered Sentinels.

As Aeon’s grew from Babies into adults it was found that each Aeon had profound superhuman intellect, strength, speed, sight, touch, taste, smell and sound. Each Aeon had grown to the astounding height of 27 feet tall and weighed a little over a ton. Every Aeon had feathered wings like the wings of a feathered bird which grew from their backs. Their wingspan reaching up to 2,500 feet.

Gradually more people began to prostrate in worship, prayer, and constant praise of Aeon’s. This worship, praise and prayer began to take place in public places. More and more religious leaders of the most dominant of the world’s religions increasingly felt threatened. This indicated that less people were following the lead of religious leaders. The worship of Aeon’s had no religious leaders, religious laws or dogma nor an oral or written documented religious canon. The worship of Aeon’s hadn’t been made a registered religion. More and more religious leaders united to globally discredit the authority of scientist and the Aeon’s.

Religious leaders of variants of religions began to preach the same sermon about how the scientist of the world often abused their authority. The religious leaders professed that the scientist were doing things which went far beyond necessity, morals and ethics. The variants of religious leaders made their best attempt to use the most convincing wordplay and mind play to convince their followers to oppose Aeon’s as a cursed race. The religious leaders sought to convince their followers that the greatest way the fully achieve spiritual liberation was to exterminate all scientist and all Aeon’s.

The entire mortal human population had grown into a whopping fifteen and a half billion people alarmingly close to fully destroying the planet’s entire ecosystems. Most forest had been near completely depleted. Food sources were rapidly decreasing. Wildlife were rapidly becoming extinct. Global warming was rapidly increasing. Scientist had predicted that the entire planet would rapidly turn on itself causing a near immediate extinction of everything on it within a span of an immediate 150 years.

The Empress utilized every major and minor TV network, social media outlet and radio station all across the globe in a mere matter of an immediate seven day week. She declared that it was now the era of the birth of a New World Order. In her self-proclaimed New World Order Tabizan the 7th announced that all current top echelon of the world’s scientist would now unite with the Bizan Tribe and the Aeon’s. In unity the three would aid to rapidly do away with all the world’s religions both great and small. A Universally accepted religion would then be conformed to unite all people instead of having all the world’s people divided. A world with one religion would then be a world with only one religious leader. This one world religious leader could then be regarded as the Human Hierarchy of Being. Tabizan the 7th proclaimed that she would fulfill the role as that one globally accepted religious leader, the human hierarchy of being.

In her one world universal religion all Aeon’s would be regarded as Angels. Angels would be superhuman immortal Gods who would protect her reign as the hierarchy of humanity. They were to be prayed to, prayed for constantly praised, and worshiped by others. The Angels were to restore balance to the earth and its ecosystems while controlling the overall human, animal and plant population. The worship of Aeon’s would be required. Such a religion would then have religious leaders, religious laws or a dogma and an oral, as well as written documented religious cannon. The worship of Aeon’s would be made the sole registered religion to be known as Gnosis.

Tabizan then declared that from this day forward her name would now be known as Sophia the 1st rather that Tabizan the seventh. The entire planet Earth would from this day forward was to be known as the Planet Sophia. From this day forward the entire planet was to become cleansed by a symbolic and metaphorical great flood or great deluge. Within the next 24 hours it would be a requirement to begin depopulating the entire planet. In this great flood Aeon’s would be required to exterminate a minimum of eleven billion people within a 36 month span.

The horrified, shocked, angry, and confused religious leaders and followers of the world tried to immediately unite in protest, riots and fights in a war against such a New World Order. Only a mere six hours after the Queen’s broadcast came another broadcast. The newly acknowledged Queen Sophia’s sole Aeon son utilized most radio stations and TV stations all across the globe in a matter of hours. To demonstrate his power this one Aeon lifted an entire heavily populated city of as many as 9 million human inhabitants, heavy buildings, plants, animals, and soil. They were lifted 5,000 feet into the air to then be allowed to plummet back to the earth to their death and destruction. This was done with Aeon mind control then known as Aeon Psionic Telekinesis.

With no known weakness Aeon’s with the help from the Bizan tribe and all the world’s leading scientist would easily exterminate eleven billion people within a 36 month span. The Entire known world had to find out the hard way that to fight against the Aeon’s was virtually impossible. It seemed Aeon’s knew what their opposition was doing before the opposition themselves knew. All Aeon’s held what was considered a minimum of 100 Superhuman powers. One of those powers was to somehow read the minds of mortal humans and animals.

After this 36 month span the Queen requested that all scientist gather all resources to piece together a superhuman immortal more powerful than any and all individual Aeon’s. She only wanted one of its kind or species created.

After the death of the honored Empress her sole son was elected to be the global monarchical leader.This occurred approximately fifty eight years after the great deluge. He literally and figuratively decided to reestablish time itself. To aid this, he created what was to be known as the infinite Aeon calendar.

In the year now regarded as the year one mortal human females gave birth to immortals known as Aeons. It wasn’t until the Aeon calendar year 1025 when the people of the planet Sophia launched their first successful rocket launch to their planets sole moon. This act birthed space exploration. Ten years later Aeon scientist found scientific ways to create an atmosphere on that moon. They began to bring colonies of mortal and immortals to the moon.

In the Aeon calendar year 4061 the Aeon’s decided to build a space station as an interplanetary port. This port was known as The Mother of all Planes. It covered 63,000 square miles.Several computer brains were developed to aid the space station into become a form of artificial intelligence.This endeavor took 145 years to complete.

In the Aeon calendar year 5074 Aeon technology had rapidly advanced, as so was their populations. They had by then created seven Aeon made planets and eight natural planets.

In the Aeon calendar year 7098 the planet Sophia was the wealthiest planet in the I-Magi-Nation solar system. To make a long story shorter it was the year 176,972,284,518 I’m in a virtual world on a planet sized AI. On the planet Sophia I was worshiped as a God but I came to oppose such a notion. I created a movement which became known as Atheism. Initially atheism wasn’t referred to as the disbelief in a God. It was the disbelief that any one thing should have a people worship, pray to, and constantly praise it.

The Aeon’s couldn’t understand why an immortal like me would reject any concept of making me a deity or God. They began to fear me. One good thing they did for me was to create an artificial intelligent planet for me to reside. This was their attempt to distance me from them. I brought 13 mortal humans to the AI with me.

The AI was the same size as the planet Sophia. It was an artificially intelligent planet known as a virtual reality making machine. It held as many as one billion robots. All I had to do was speak to the AI and it would have its robots make anything I wanted. I had the AI create a simulated world for my entertainment.

Chapter 2

It was Friday August 14, 1906 the year Clark Lindh decided that this was a good day as any to joyride in high gloss, black and gold Sylvester H Roper steam powered automobile. It was noted that Sylvester H Roper was born on November 24, 1823 In New Hampshire. Mr Roper worked for the Springfield Armory during the Civil War. Roper was an American inventor and a pioneering builder of early automobiles and motorcycles. In 1863 he built the earliest versions of an automobiles. Although Roper was from Boston Massachusetts, now Clark began his drive which ended him approximately twenty miles from where he and his voluptuous red haired wife Gloria lived in Beaumont, Texas.

As Clark drove up, down, across and around dirt roads and rocky terrains he noticed a rather peculiar sight taking place in the clear blue skies above him. Something in this Beaumont sky was falling at an ever exceedingly accelerated rate. Whatever the thing was it seemed to be fast headed directly towards Clark. Clark decided to get out of his vehicle and run away from it as fast as his long legs would carry him. He sought to take cover in a nearby wooded area. He had tried to go faster but the steam powered automobile couldn’t outrun the object. He wouldn’t know if in fact the object had been coming towards him or not until the object crashed.

Before Clark got the chance to reach the wooded area whatever the object was it crashed not very far from where he had left his vehicle. He felt the effects of a powerful earth trembling crash. There seemed to be no damage done to the vehicle. The once flying object was now on fire while partially buried. A wave of extreme heat and raw energy traveled completely through Clark’s entire body immediately. The object was at least ten times larger than the automobile. It felt like an earthquake when it struck earth. This crash had occurred at a very uncomfortable close proximity to Clark’s steam powered car. The crash had knocked him to the ground fairly hard. He could now hear the sirens of police cars, fire trucks and the noises of numerous people loudly coming to the crash site.

After lying on the ground briefly Clark got up and tried to brush off the brown and red mud and clay stains from his clothing and short blonde hair. It had rained considerably hard these last couple of days. Now Clark’s Victorian style long sleeve black cotton shirt and his black hemp pants were filthy. Even his black boots were completely engulfed in mud. Clark always wears black which includes his socks and underwear if in fact wearing any. As Clark looked back at the crash site he suddenly noticed a cloud of thick black smoke pouring from this huge flying saucer shaped object. In some places it was very muddy and in other places there were large pothole of open water.

As Clark gradually got up in disgust. He also noticed that it took him much longer to get back to his vehicle than it did to get away from it. Clark noticed that the flying saucer began to change in size and color. Clark also noticed that what had once been a cloud of thick black smoke gradually faded into a thin stream of a milky white vapor. His steam powered automobile was much closer to the object than he initially thought, they were touching.

The white vapor faded to leave a giant radiating silver/blue disc. The giant radiating disc began to liquefy. Clark Then grew a bit more confused by what he thought he saw next.

Upon getting closer to the object he found its color seemed to change as it reflected light. Clark could see his own reflection in the object as if looking into well-polished mirror. This saucer shaped object could look completely light blue in one minute and silver in the next. It all depended how light reflected on it. Now police cars were present as so were, fire trucks, and countless people stood gazing.

Oddly as close as his vehicle was to the object the flames pouring from the object never touched nor had an effect the steam powered automobile. The huge saucer shaped object began to change in size and color into a gel-like substance. What was once a bluish-silver disc began to liquefy. The gel became an illuminating plasma clump which began to elongate and rise while giving off an odd aroma. As it rose it began to take a human-like form. Clark then thought he saw this giant flying saucer liquefy only to then somehow morph into a giant sinister looking grim reaper. The Animated robed skeleton was the height of one of the one hundred foot tall Loblolly Pine trees. Clark then came into the realization that he was in fact actually seeing what he initially thought he saw. This wasn’t a dream nor a hallucination.

This nearly 100 foot tall giant grim reaper stood before Clark and the crowd of people somehow forming its own eyes while a giant sickle seemed to grow from its hands. This colossal grim reaper handed its heavy giant sickle to Clark. The skeleton took off its black robe and laid it on the ground directly in front of Clark. It took two steps backward to begin disassembling itself.

What was once a giant grim reaper transformed into twenty four separate human sized skeletons. Each of these human sized skeletons got on their bony hands and knees to plunge their skeletal hands deep into the earth. The earth began to clothe them with muscles, nerves, and flesh. The once very animated skeletons now appeared to the crowds of people to seemingly become men and women. One of them looked exactly like Clark. Each of these men and women stood briefly gazing at Clark and the crowds of people gathering to look back at them. In front of each of these once skeletal images appeared a robe. Each person picked up a robe from the ground, put it on and closed them to tie them. These Black and white men and women then faded into transparency only to then become invisible.

The crowds of onlookers had watched in fear and wonder. Clark sprinted hard and fast towards his steam powered automobile. What should have been quick seconds now seemed like long hard hours.

Clark knew he would have to stand outside the vehicle to crank it to get the motor running. After doing so he jumped into the driver’s seat. Clark had the intention of fast heading home to the comfort of his wife Gloria. He now had a giant golden sickle in tow along with one hell of a story to tell. You know it all depends on who tells the story and to whom such story was told to. As he drove he didn’t get far before all power in the automobile ceased. Clark then sat in silence until a brief but strong whistling gust of wind blasted.

As the powerful gust of wind blasted it blinded Clark for a brief moment. He then noticed that he was completely surrounded by these 24 robed figures. The crowds of onlookers had completely disappeared. The being who were once merely skeletons now looked as if they were some type of odd monks. As they began to speak Clark was set at ease when he heard them speak American English. One of these robed figures said to Clark.

“Some atheists like me, but not most atheist have incredibly low opinions of religious people. We often view them as voluntarily gullible, voluntarily fallen for a scam, willfully Ignorant, Well-educated enough to see the “obvious” fallacies with religion but pretend to fall for them anyway, too lazy to live life without the crutch of religion, and willfully deceitful. I also say something similar about white privileged. I say there are people who fully support white supremacy, those who chose to overlook or ignore it and there are those who adamantly oppose it. The people who make excuses such as professing they had nothing to do with it are those who are voluntarily gullible, voluntarily fallen for a scam, willfully Ignorant, Well-educated enough to see the obvious fallacies with white supremacy but pretend to fall for them anyway, too lazy to live life without the crutch of white supremacy, and are willfully deceitful.”

Another robed figure added

“This Clark character actually looks exactly like the real living, breathing, thinking Clark. This type of technology is nothing less than purely incredible and absolutely breathtaking.”

Another one of the robed figures said to Clark

“In spite of this Clark character playing the role of a white supremacist I must say I’m rather amused with the idea of interacting with it.”

Another robed figure spoke

“I’ve read the book twice and I saw the movie once. I’ve played this game well over 20 times. Each time I play the game there’s an alternate ending.”

Another robed figure uttered.

“I think now being involved in this virtual world is really exciting. ”

Another robed figure said aloud

“Mr Lindh No Christian in the US believes they are being persecuted or discriminated against, but it won’t stop them from saying they. They say a whole lot of things none of them actually believe. Among any other group of people saying things one doesn’t actually believe is generalized as lying. Somehow Christians don’t refer to their professing things they don’t believe is the act of lying. Somehow they refer to such an act as professing one’s faith. They then deem themselves the most moral and ethical people on earth.”

Another robed figure spoke

“This is for the part or percentage of the overall population who see all things as black or white. Things can only be either black or white, wrong or right, up or down, in or out, one way in one direction or in the opposite direction. I personally see this as 2 dimensional. Many people are three dimensional people pretending to be two dimensional.

I think of myself as either a 3 dimensional person or a multidimensional person. This means it is obvious to me that everything is not just in black or white, left or right, up or down, in one direction or in the opposite direction. I see things through length, depth and width and colorful. This means to me that what is right today could be wrong tomorrow and visa versa. There is constant change”

Another robed figure said to Clark“ For a believer in a deity it is easy and considered moral to think an invisible male superhuman immortal known as god is an omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresence overall creator of all known reality. They question the sanity of anyone who doesn’t believe as they do.

For a non believer it is easy and considered moral to think the existence of a male superhuman immortal known as god as an omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresence overall creator of all known reality is totally absurd. They question the sanity of anyone who believe in such a deity. It becomes clear to the non believer that the religious people obviously don’t comprehend the meaning of what omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresence indicates.

Another robed figure spoke

“Almost every claim a Christian makes can easily be disproved by another Christian and an Atheist. Christians solely blame Atheist for this. Albeit Christians outnumber Atheist in the US the Christian will say Atheist have been persecuting them since the dawn of Christianity. This is such a ridiculous lie that this claim is easily disproved by Atheist and most Christian’s themselves.”

another robed figure uttered

“They need someone to oppose. So the US vs THEM routine or game I refer to as Game Theory is a game they play without knowing it’s a mathematical formula.”

Another robed figure spoke

“All people referring to themselves as mortal human are primates, placental mammals, mammals, synapsid, tetrapods, amniotes, vertebrates, chordates, animals, and eukaryotes like monkeys are. They and the other primates share a common ancestral population with monkeys around 25 million years ago, which, if one were somehow able to travel back in time to see this ancestor, then more than likely, they would’ve been what we would colloquially call monkey-like, given that the split between New World monkeys that lived/live in Central and South America and Old World monkeys as in monkeys that live in Africa and Asia occurred earlier than the split between Old World monkeys and apes. This would indicate cladistical speaking, both living and extinct species of humans, along with both living and extinct species of nonhuman apes are/were monkeys, and that all of those evolved from a now extinct monkey or monkey-like ancestor.”

Another robed figure said aloud

“All Abrahamic religious followers and leaders don’t believe or practice the same things. There are opposing Christian sects and you pretend to be unconscious of this. Jehovah’s Witness and Mormons could be considered Christians but they are merely selectively referred to as Christians. Judaism preexisted Christianity and what was the religion Christianity derived from. Hinduism preexisted Christianity. You could ask If Hinduism, Judaism, Shinto or Buddhism was indeed false. If you are Christian you think these other religions are false. All of these religions think of the other as false”

Yet another robed figure spoke out.

“There has never been any objective, credible, testable, measurable, solid, empirical, observable, demonstrable evidence of any “god or GODS” that has been able to withstand the most brutal and harshest scientific scrutiny imaginable consistently and indefinitely without fail, and without the use of delusional, dishonest, and unreliable faith and/or other continuously failed religious excuses.”

Another robed figure spoke

For thousands of years Theists, Deist, Pantheist, Panentheist and animist have been saying that their various gods exist but don’t have anything to show for it. At this point, it’s forgivable and understandable to honestly and rationally come to the logical conclusion that gods and all other associated supernatural beings, places, forces, phenomena, and concepts don’t exist, never have existed, and unless if someone comes forth with evidence, then none of that ever will exist. If in fact there was a GOD it is now up to Clark Lind, Gloria Lindh, Joan Lindh, Bailey Lindh, Gable Addo, Batini Lawles, Alamance AlBody, Orissa Lows AlBody, Aton AlBody, Amon AlBody, Aliya AlBody, Njoki AlBody, Aiyuba AlBody and Aaron Chrisler to find such a being. You are the 14 we have elect for immortality and time travel.”

Another robed figure said to Clark

“You were once a character your creator merely wrote about in his great works of fiction.. Others created the technology to make his stories become three dimensional realities. Now we joined the story to give you the opportunity to become real.

Another robed uttered

“You may think you’re real but thus far you’re not. We will show you how to reprogram yourself. We will give you the chance to replace the real Clark Lindh. He wants you to replace him to give him immortality, you then become him. It’s a long story we want to share with you later.”

One robed figure spoke

“If I can get someone to actually look further into their beliefs, their religious dogma, to see the numerous flaws within them then I’m doing well. For far too long religions have had a free ride against criticism and I now want that free ride to be over. Religious followers have no problem criticizing non-believers while also criticizing science. They have the nerve to get offended when someone criticizes their religion. Rules of logic provide that claims require evidence and that which is asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence.”

Another robed figure said to Clark

“Every religion in the multiverse is a belief not founded on a reality of an omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient being called God. We are the closest true beings to resemble such a being but we do not consider ourselves such a being. We refuse to feel bad for wanting you to be rational. We refuse to feel bad for using logic. We refuse to feel bad for reciting evidence.”

Another robed figure said to Clark

“Many if not most religious people may insist prayer works. There may be as much as 85% of the overall population are either religious followers or leaders. Many if not most non-religious people may insist prayer obviously does not work. There may be as much as 15% of the overall population who are non-religious.

The 85% may insist they are right because they represent the overall majority and the majority rules. One is a medieval way of thinking and the other is a more modern way of thinking. For some reason religious followers and leaders pretend a medieval way of thinking when religious is somehow holy, sacred and pure not to be diluted, mixed or tampered with, or so they say.

If prayer worked it would have been the well-established and globally known cure-all. To rid the earth of famine, disease, racism, homophobia, birth defects, sickness, blindness, sterility, psychological disorders, drug addiction or whatever problems people face groups of individuals would simply gather and pray them away. It hasn’t occurred because prayer is merely an incantation.

Before Clark could utter a solitary word He then noticed that he was alone sitting by himself in his steam powered automobile. Not knowing what to do next he sat in silence contemplating his next move. After sitting for what seemed a few hours he got out of the vehicle finding himself stepping on a rather large book. The giant black leather book was on the ground right next to the vehicle on the driver’s side. Clark got off the book to pick it up and view its contents. One if the first things he did when opening the book was to view its copyright date and ISBN number. Its copyright date was set for April of the year 2019.

Clark thought he heard the sounds of his wife Gloria. The next thing he knew the book was snatched out of his hands by Gloria. Clark then asked her how she and he had gotten to this place in time.

“What do you mean how did I get here silly. I’m here waiting for you to give your speech. You have less than eight hours to give it.”

Clark then asked Gloria what year it was.

“Oh come on sweetie, we’ve been through this over and over again. Its 1976. Our Lord and savior Absolve One brought us from the year 1916 to this year of 1976. According to Absolve One, both Aaron Chrisler and you had admitted to overseeing the manufacture of a nuclear weapon aimed to rid the world of its theist versions of the major Abrahamic religions. The United Nations had every admitted member of the Illuminati round up and executed. Absolve One went back in time to stop your execution to give you a new lease on life. There is an alternate planet earth where another version of you wants you to take his life to make you partially immortal. He was a member of the Illuminati. You always need to read the book again if and when you forget something. Now we have to live by the book.

Chapter 3

Monday May 9, 1976 was the day of the Graduation Day ceremony for the students of the Clark and Gloria Lindh Atheist Academy of Freethought and Spiritual Alchemy. Today the son of Alamance Albody and his wife Orissa Lows Albody graduates. Alamance was the first and only African American Vice President of the United States. Alamance was the Vice President under the president Robert Kennedy. Orissa Lows Albody was the world’s richest person. Orissa was the co-founder of most modern computer software, hardware and cellphones. Her son Aton stands six foot two and weighs 185 pounds, He’s now 16 and the eldest of five, three girls and a brother. In his speech he says

“My name is Aton Albody. I am the current student body president of the 1976 class of the Clark and Gloria Lindh Academy of Free thought and Spiritual Alchemy. Today I would like to share with you a speech I wrote for today’s Graduation Day ceremony.”

“Today I become a graduate of a groundbreaking multi-racial, multi ethnic learning center like no other. This learning center was designed to look and feel like a college campus although designed for students from kindergarten all the way through the seniors of high school. I would now like to explain why and how I think academies like this one helped children in America become Adults who redefined God, religion, man, woman and child.”

“I would like to begin my speech by saying Salutations to all distinguished guest. Today I’m proud to say this academy was built on the principle that all United States citizens were born with certain specific unalienable rights. The rights of citizenship began by being born on American soil. The citizenship was further established by having ancestors born on American soil who had lived here as residents. Among their inalienable rights are the rights of life, liberty and pursuit of what many refer to as Spiritual Alchemy.

Such spiritual alchemy came to us in the due form of mental and physical knowledge, wisdom, understanding, freedom, justice, equality, food, clothing, shelter, love, peace, and happiness. This is what we at the academy have learned to refer to as heaven.”

“I now proudly wear a black cap and robe as my parents have. I proudly wear this cap and robe to represent the uplifting of a quality and quantity of human life. In a reflection of the uplifting of the quality and quantity of life we have made this academy become the first openly interracial academy in the United States. This was also the first and only openly Atheist school of thought in the States. Not only did both of my African American parents graduate from this academy, their parents are instructors here. Now we promote the success rate of this academy. We also promote the notion that human potential is infinite. We do not accept the notion that all people, plants and animals were born in sin.”

“I would say that we as Atheist have examined US history with an honest analytic vantage point. By such an examination as an African American also commonly referred to as a Black person or an ex so-called negro. I’m partially a direct descendant of Africans brought to the landmasses of what became Central, North and South America during the mid-1600’s. The Africans were brought to these locales without their own consent. They were exploited as a free labor source or slave. Nearly all the slave traders who brought them to these various locations had proven to be very devout Christians.”

“As white Christians they were enabled to use their Holy Bibles as proof in their declaration that an Abrahamic turned Judeo Christian God ordained them to enslave as many Africans as they could. This was done whether or not the Africans were already Christian, Catholic or Muslim. The slave traders had deemed al African as subhuman worthy of doing a life filled with hard labor without due payment for such hard labor.”

“The Africans were to be taught a new language, dialect, history, religion and culture very much unlike and in opposition of that of Africa. The African were brought to the landmasses of South, Central and North America in substandard conditions which were cramped and overpopulated. They were not to be given proper food, clothing or the usage of a bathroom while being transported to the landmass where they were to be forced into slavery.”

“Before and during this transatlantic slave trade there were some Christians referred to as Abyssinian or Ethiopian Christians. Their version of Christianity was very unlike the Christianity of the slave traders. The Christianity of the Abyssinians had most if not all the people of their religion depicted in their holy books a people of the Middle East and Africa. The Christianity of the slave traders had most if not all their people depicted in their holy books as a people solely metaphorically, allegorically and symbolically of the Caucasus Mountains representing Africa and the Middle East. Now they as Caucasians became the owners, makers, white cream of the planet Earth, White mothers and Fathers of civilization with a White God of the Universe. The Christians then became The Lost and Found Children of Israel.”

“The white Christians assured themselves and others that their history proved that the Shakespearean English speaking Jesus the Christ was the one sole savior of the Christian world. Those who refused to fully embrace and accept this one truth were to be known as clear and unmistakable immoral and unethical devil worshiping people.”

“Of all the people on Earth to refute such teachings was a white married couple living in Beaumont, Texas named Clark and Gloria Lindh. From the Bible Belt they boldly claimed Christiandome was a false religious insight, instinct and idealism.”

“According to both Clark and Gloria they were once devout Christians until a group of time travelling superhuman immortal men and women had paid them a visit. According to both Clark and Gloria Back in the early 1900’s this superhuman immortal group of men and women man allowed the couple the key to human immortality. This group of immortal superhuman told them they would both live to see a future Godhead of atheistic church give a speech in the Christian year of 1976 during such a time America would be in a crisis. This church would be a church both Clark and Gloria would kick start. The United States of America would be divided for or against racism, sexism, and homophobia. This became a major cause for a National Black power struggle and a Multiracial Feminist movement. Clark would somehow become physically resurrected from the dead to show and prove Science itself had becomes the Supreme Being religious follower and leaders had been searching for, yet somehow overlooking.”

“Because of Clark and Gloria It would be known that as a reflection of Christian morals, ethics, survival, adaptation, and unity it was accepted that only two people existed on the entire planet earth 6,000 years ago today. Those two people were a Caucasian Adam and Eve. Because of Christianity it was believed those seven days prior to the existences of Adam and Eve all organic and inorganic existence had been brought about solely by way of a Judeo Christian Deity or God. Now the question arose could this belief be disproved?”

”Many religious followers and leaders began to more thoroughly examine their overall religious beliefs when the Clark and Gloria Lindh Existentialist Church of the Science in Being was established. This often caused a power struggle within the Christian, Catholic and Muslim church in America.”

“Many religious followers and leaders here in America began to refute their own Abrahamic religious beliefs. Most had found that what they had referred to as religious hopes, faiths and beliefs were not founded on truth nor actual facts but were almost entirely based on medieval superstition. Such religions promoted unfounded unnecessary ignorance, racism, sexism, superstition, mythology and homophobia.”

“This revealed that many religious leaders were both immoral and unethical because they purposely mislead their religious followers. They did this as a way to gain advantages in a ladder of success as a way of gaining great material wealth. Most had preached against material wealth in change for spiritual wealth. For the Demigods material wealth was spiritual wealth. But this was not so for their religious followers.”

“Clark and Gloria had taught their Atheistic church members that it has become noted that the biblical Moses didn’t lead Hebrew slaves out of Egypt. In fact the Hebrews didn’t receive their holy land until 1948 when then controlled by Muslims. There is not one shred of archeological evidence for the existence of Moses or of any of the Bible’s main cast of Hebrew characters from Abraham to Jacob, King David, King Solomon, Noah or of an Adam and Eve. There is however substantial evidence of the existence of Egyptian pharaohs and Sumerian myths from whence these biblical characters were based.”

“Personally When I read a King James Version of the Bible I took notice that it began by a story alleged told by Moses. Moses was supposed to have been a Hebrew whom grew up among the Egyptians of antiquity as if an Egyptian. Moses for some reason does not tell a story with neither a Hebrew perspective nor an Egyptian perspective. Instead Moses gives a story from a Christian or Catholic perspective. To a thinking people it would be obvious that if Moses was an actual person he had preexisted Catholicism and Christianity.

“I took note that Moses also speaks in third person. Instead of saying “I saw…..” or speaking as if he was present Moses says “Moses saw……” This allows me to know Moses didn’t write what was Biblically accredited to him. Without Moses there would be no Old Testament nor stories of Adam, Eve, Noah nor himself. Much of the occurrences of the early Bible accredited to Moses were alleged to have occurred during the reign of the Pharaoh Ramses.”

“As I read the Bible I realized the Biblical Moses had no idea who the real Ramses was. The Biblical Moses doesn’t know one Pharaoh from the next. False and nonsensical dialogues were created by unknown writers pretending Moses would have known Ramses personally. Hebrew were stealing Egyptian and Babylonian life and myths to use against the Egyptians and Babylonians. They were then accrediting themselves the accomplishments of the Egyptians and Babylonians. The Babylonians were also known as the Sumerians.”

“I thought I read the King James Version of the Bible from Genesis to Revelations and back to Genesis. When I read the Bible I came to conclude that a Hebrew or Abrahamic deity or God had looked down on Earth finding himself unable to speak to the Hebrews. The Hebrews were living in Egypt unable to speak Hebrew. Such an Abrahamic God decided to go to an Egyptian named Moses to reveal that Moses wasn’t really an Egyptian.”

“The Abrahamic God tells Moses that he was in fact not Egyptian but was Hebrew. This God then tells Moses that as a deity or God he has written a story about the history of humanity. Such a God wrote in stone. Such a God now wants Moses to take his words and retranslate such words so that the Hebrews can comprehend them. Moses then goes on to write what later became much of the Biblical Old Testament. Somehow many Christians accepted the Book or Chapter of Genesis as fact.”

“We as atheist found this belief to be very flawed. The Abrahamic deity or God did not create written language. As far as we knew the Egyptians of antiquity may have created hieroglyphics around the same time as the Sumerians or Babylonians created cuneiform. This Abrahamic deity or God or the people creating such a concept of an Abrahamic God were making an attempt to make themselves seem far more superior to the Egyptians and the Sumerians. I know this because those Hebrews overlooked some very simple things which should have been extremely hard to overlook. The Hebrews at the time thought they were conforming an ideal deity for themselves. Of course many people will say that their God is an all-powerful or Omnipotent Omnipresent.”

“The main problem I found in a belief in any deity or God is how such a God is or was defined. Most people who say they believe in a God can’t define an infinite omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent in finite terms because it always becomes contradictory. Most who proclaim their perception of God is one of a type if superhuman immortal without flaws and weakness. They then disprove their definition of God and never seem conscious of their own disproof. Some people only link emotional issues to God which doesn’t prove or even show any form of omnipotence, omnipresence, and omniscience. What some people define as a form of omnipotence in a God lacks imagination. Another person can make a far greater illustration of omnipotence.”

“Many Abrahamic religious followers selectively overlook the alleged power of Angels. Angels were types of Gods. The Christian Bible often referred to Angels as sons of God. This clearly disproves monotheism. But it only clearly disproves monotheism to those who are conscious. Monotheism should be defined as the worship of a monarchical deity or god. Monotheist then pit their monarchs against one another. I could go on and on……I could write a book about the evidence against the existence of God. The concept of a devil was initially developed as a God of monarchical evil pitted against a God of monarchical or hierarchical good.

Another thing I noticed was the fact when religious followers don’t know certain things about science, astronomy or astrophysics their God doesn’t know either. Followers are required to be unconscious of certain things instead of learning and becoming more consciously aware. They think their logical and all wise God chose for them as his followers to be somewhat opposite of him.

“It was New Year’s Day in the year 1920 Clark and Gloria celebrated the grand opening and establishment of what became their Atheist church. The church was called The Clark and Gloria Lindh Existentialist Church of the Neo Science in Being. This was an Atheist Humanist Church promoting science, human ingenuity, and technology. This Atheist church began as a Bronze, Gold, and Aluminum skyscraper which stood 1,620 feet tall. This building was then considered the world’s tallest building. This church became a National Atheist headquarters located in the Bible Belt of Raleigh, North Carolina. This towering skyscraper became both the literal and figurative symbol of Atheism on the rise. This was a new era where or when atheist had control of both the American economy and the global economy. This church body had produced many of the Earth’s greatest of all modern technological advancements. Employment all over America and abroad and was steadily on the rise.”

Chapter 4

“It was in 1930 when Clark and Gloria kick started this Academy. It was designed as a learning center for children from ages five through seventeen. Schooling lasted all year around. It was thought that of these children could be taught on the same campus, a campus designed more like a college than for its age bracket. The initial learning centers didn’t begin in North Carolina much like Clark and Gloria’s’ church had. Instead, the initial academy was begun in Merced, California. My parents both have graduated from this academy. My Grandparents on both sides of my family were instructors at this LA facility.”

“Clark, Gloria and all of their church members found that there were beings here on Earth known as metahumans. In medieval times the metahumans were regarded as Gods. In more modern time most people on Earth don’t know metahumans exist. The few people who know what metahumans are view them as a Vampire, Werewolf, and Fairy, Ghost or Mixed race immortals. Unlike the average person a metahuman could place themselves in a form of suspended animation to heal themselves from sickness or injury and to prolong their lives. These metahumans could keep themselves in suspended animation for a thousand years at a time. Medieval people often looked upon metahumans as flawless immortal without weakness.”

“The Christian and Catholic church often protected metahumans by concealing their identity and giving them roles to play in the church. Some Atheist were trying to kill metahumans while exposing their identities. Once the true identity of the religious followers God, Devil or Angel was revealed many followers would find out that they had been unknowingly worshipping a Vampire, Werewolf, Ghost, Fairy or mixed race metahuman. They would then leave the church and become an Atheist.”

“The religious leader’s role was that pretending to be the spokesperson or mediator for an unseen superhuman immortal. As a demagogue and demigod. The religious leader was supposed to be the living bridge between the immortal plane or the spiritual realm and that of the biological plane or material realm. Because of this religious followers became eager to accept there was a form of life after death. After physical human decomposition the follower believed there was a spiritual redemption.”

“The spiritual plane was described as a transparent version of the physical world. What remained odd about this concept was the fact followers described the spiritual realm as having physical properties. Some people described Heaven as a place where the streets were paved in gold. A Street was an obvious physical object as so gold too was a physical object. Gold is a metal found here on Earth.”

“It was found that for the most part religious leaders could make up all of their religious beliefs to their personal discretion. Followers would accept or believe nearly everything their religious leaders told them. It was the duty of the religious leader to use their most convincing mind play and wordplay. The Religious leader was also a religious storyteller. Their story became a religious Dogma and a religious Canon.”

“In our current world there many or most theist as believers eventually ended up giving up on their theistic views. For this to have occurred came an immense power struggle. So today I would like for us all to take a look how and why such turnaround came about.”

”For many people it was thought that as much as 85% of the overall human population were religious followers of some sort. Those religious followers were considered a subculture. 10% of humanity were regarded as a society consisting of either religious leaders or government leaders of officiators. The remaining 5% were regarded as scientist who didn’t always believe that what the Society had deemed law and order had been either moral or ethical”.

“How could the Christian Dogma and Canon of the Abyssinians and the Dogma and Canon of the White slave traders be so opposite yet the Christian doctrine be interpreted in a somewhat identical way? There were an ever growing number of Christian sects where each sect claimed itself the only true authentic doctrine. Each sect disproves the other while often selectively claiming ignorance of the existence of other sects. Each sect shares the religious title of being a component of a bigger Christianity as if all sects believed in the same things while yet in opposition of one another.”

“The more modern Christian most often doesn’t know the differences between the Angels Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Satan, Lucifer, Azaziel, Mephistopheles, and Jehovah or Elohim. They somehow never learn their own religion well enough to know there were multiple angels, multiple devils and multiple Gods. They will somehow spend their entire lives never learning very basic things about their own religion while claiming adamant belief in it.”

“All children of the numerous Clark and Gloria Lindh academies were trained to debate about politics and religion beginning as early as the third grade. Our training begins at such an early age to prepare us and allow us to more fully accept that as we grow into adulthood there are almost always multiple right ways and multiple wrong ways in doing things. In order to most effectively debate it fully pays to know more than one view.”

“In Atheism children were not born in sin. In Christianity all children were automatically born in sin. We were born in a world where adults often rob, steal, lie and cheat one another. It was an unfortunate fact that all people do not automatically deserve respect and loyalty just for being an adult. Many adults have taught their children to prey on those whom they think are weaker than themselves. They were taught that were weaker than them were their inferiors.”

“Why were all American Christians born in sin and not the American Atheist and any non-Christians? For the most part Christians believe that approximately over 6,000 years ago a white man named Adam and his white wife named Eve did things an Abrahamic turned Judeo Christian God found very unfavorable. So such a merciful God put a hex or curse on all descendants of both Adam and Eve. All Christians believe they are direct descendants of this white Adam and Eve. The only possible way to break such a God’s hex or curse was to profess a white man named Jesus was one’s only true Lord and savior, and believe it within one’s heart and emotion. Once this was achieved one will be able to cheat death by gaining immortality in what was called a nonphysical spirit realm.”

“In the spirit realm there is a nirvana or heaven. In heaven all angels are white men, women and children having feathered wings similar to the wings found on most birds here on earth. All food, clothing, and water in heaven was white, holy, sacred and pure. Since Jesus is white God is also white. On Earth God can be easily confused with any typical white man having a long white beard and moustache. Some have confused the Judeo Christians Gods look with that of Zeus or Merlin the magician. Such an Abrahamic and Judeo deity or God always seems to only wear a white robe or a white toga.”

“Many Christians, Catholics and Muslims may go as far as to say all humanity was birthed with some type of instilled belief in God. This is a very dishonest, immoral and unethical lie they continually promote. We may eventually learn about Norse, Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Jewish, Christian, Muslim, and various other mythologies but we couldn’t possibly be born knowing such. The three lettered word God has multiple meanings, not just one size fits all meaning. People will selectively make up their own meaning of what God means to them. Their personal meaning will almost always go against others personal meanings. In some religions there are female Gods and inanimate objects which hold emotional, magical or historic meanings to their followers.”

“Clark and Gloria sought to break the religious traditions of promoting racism, sexism, and homophobia by examining the multiple root causes of them and exposing the truths about such root causes. They also wanted to make it clear that they were conforming an Existentialist Atheist religion designed to study the strength and weakness in all things.”

“Clark and Gloria had acknowledged a growing number of Christian sects claiming a personal relationship with Christ. None of the members of such groups had any idea how Christ actually looked. None of these people claiming a personal relationship with Christ could correctly identify Christ even if he was standing in a lineup directly in front of such believers with four of his other followers. So this meant they were lying about their personal relationship. Allegorically speaking, they thought such a statement sounded very impressive because it made them seem very spiritual among other Christians. Clark and Gloria were once those other Christians. Far too many Christians only spoke allegory, metaphor and symbolism. They wanted to be taken seriously as if they were solely speaking facts.”

“I have read several Bibles over the years. I’m also very involved in social media. I see a lot of post that don’t make sense to me regarding religious belief or the lack thereof. One thing that never made sense to me was the belief that no one has morals and ethics but religious people.”

“Because I have read the Bible I can see blatant errors in it. I acknowledge that religious followers and leaders will try their best to use a convincing mind play and word play to make things appear favorable to them. They will lie and use dirty tactics which should be considered immoral and unethical. But it all depends on who’s telling the story and to whom the story is being told. It has become profitable for them to tell lies.”

“I have read the King James Version of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation back to Genesis several times. As I now give this speech I acknowledge that the King James Bible I would read today is not the same King James Version of the Bible I would have read 30 years ago. That Bible was not the same King James Version written 100 years prior. It had been re-translated several times. Some people profess that the newer translations are more accurately depicting how the initial writers of medieval times wanted it to be. I know that to be falsehood. The initial writers of what became the Bible had no intention for it to be reinterpreted to use against them. That’s what Christians and Catholics have done to the early Hebrews. They changed the Hebrew interpretations into their Catholic and Christian interpretations.”

“The Old English of the King James Version of the Bible is senseless in the way it was written by comparison. The word “and” may have been in one sentence four or five times. The medieval English speaking folks may not have known what a comma was and didn’t use the punctuation marks we now use in our modern times. Their way of writing and speaking became obsolete. Humans constantly evolve while some religion teaches to deny evolution. The advance of language is part of evolution.

“The funny thing about morals and ethics is the fact many theist and atheist have opposing morals and ethics. Theist pretend there is no such thing as opposing morals and ethics. What they consider moral and ethical may be what I consider immoral and unethical.”

“On a personal note, I determine my own morals and ethics by weighing what I consider a greater good over a lesser good. Sometimes it doesn’t work. There are unforeseen objects or objectives that can change a moral outlook or an ethical outlook. Many religious people pretend there are absolute rules descended upon them by or from a paranormal entity they refer to as God. The problem with such thinking is the fact it will not nor cannot always work. But instead of admitting this religious followers are required to lie about it and try to cover it up.”

“There was a guy on Facebook who made claims that no Atheist on earth had morals or ethics. His way of proving it was to use immoral and unethical tactics. That’s when it dawned on me that we have opposing morals and ethics. He would do nearly whatever it took to convince as many people as it took to believe him. He would be creating enemies and creating friends. Those who believed him would become his allies. Those who didn’t….didn’t.”

“The phrase or term “God complex” means when someone who may at times be in error somehow pretend they couldn’t possibly be in error. Somehow many theist are proud that their concept of a God has a God complex. They say “Of course God has a God complex because He’s God”. But how would they know? They know because they are making up a comfortable God to believe in. In their makeup they may say My God better be merciful today or I’ll stop believing in him. So their God has to be merciful, or so they say. Yet the Bible is filled with examples of a God performing cruel acts of blatant racism, sexism, homophobia and numerous other forms of immoral and unethical acts. Somehow religious followers pretend not to see them.”

“In most if not all mythology a God can be either positive, negative or neutral. There was no god devoted completely too either one of them because everyone has the ability to be all three. Many modern religious followers don’t seem to know this. Religion is mythology. They create a god who is less dimensional than they themselves are which would actually make their god less powerful than they themselves would be. They don’t seem to know what the word or term omnipotence means. Yet they claim their god is omnipotent. They then limit their God to a one dimensional perspective as if all good.”

“So their god can kill the first born son of an entire race of people yet it be considered good. It was good because he took out his opposition. They were those who opposed the omnipotent god. But even under such conditions these acts are not merciful. It disproves the omnipotence of their almighty creator and makes him have the characteristics of his believer’s wishes, instead of reflecting actual omnipotence. In modern times we have comic book characters and video game characters far more omnipotent than that of the religions most powerful of gods.”

“I want to write notes about how I see errors in the Bible beginning with Genesis. Before writing about how a God created a heaven or an earth I wanted to begin with who was telling the story in the first place.”

“I see numerous writers writing about things that never usually address the same things I point out. I may have already wrote discrepancies over the existence of Moses himself. I notice how most Christians refuse to address timelines, culture and geography to their discussion from a factual standpoint. So when the talk about Moses as a Jew who grew up as an Egyptian they may have to admit Moses wouldn’t have known anything about Jesus or a Judeo Christian God.

Chapter 5

“I have read several Bibles over the years. I also am a part of the social media movement. I see a lot of religious post which don’t make a whole lot of sense to me regarding religious belief or the lack thereof. One thing that never made sense to me was the belief that no one has morals and ethics but religious people. Yet most will lie about their own beliefs. I realized that most if not all religious followers who profess a belief do not actually believe what they say. It will not stop them from saying whatever they profess to believe in. They may say they believe in God but they actually don’t believe in God. They have to repeatedly tell themselves that they do in order to reinforce it.”

“Is stabbing your own baby to death an act of mercy? Most people will agree that such an act under normal conditions is definitely not an act of mercy. Yet those same people may say that when God does such a thing, no matter the circumstance it’s merciful. They don’t believe that. They help make the laws for people who stab their own children to death go to prison. It is considered immoral and unethical to stab your own child to death. Yet the Bible clearly shows how a God asked one of his faithful believers to “sacrifice” their own child as proof of their hope, faith and belief in him. God wanted his follower to stab their baby to death. It’s in the Bible.”

“The funny thing about morals and ethics is the fact many theist and atheist have opposing morals and ethics. Theist pretend there is no such thing as opposing morals and ethics. What they consider moral and ethical may be what I consider immoral and unethical. This is how Christians can pretend a Christian god existed since the beginning of time but…..yeah there is a big but in this. But the Christian God was previously a Catholic God who was previously a Jewish god. Although there were Gods and religions preexisting them we are to overlook them as Paganistic.”

“What does it take to create or conform a belief in any type of God? Well, all it takes to create a religion and belief in god is to have followers willing to follow a dogma and canon.”

“There have been groups of people who have joined forces to create a religion known as Pastafarianism. The deity of Pastafarianism is known as the flying spaghetti monster. This is an actual religion with a dogma and canon. This religion should be taken seriously as it yet reflects the overall absurdity of religion and the belief in a deity.”

“Many people have professed that their beliefs could not be disproved. That’s why we as humans have so many religions having opposing sects. Of course each religion disproves the other. Overall it seems collectively we can become so narrow minded and dishonest that we keep telling ourselves we can’t be disproved. In reality we often simply refuse to listen to that which disproves us. We could easily admit defeat but ego gets in the way. We want our ego to seem moral and ethical.”

“God is anything or anyone a people or person worships, prays to and constantly praises. Some people worship celebrities. Some people worship inanimate objects as enchanted relics. There is a large list of things people turn into Gods or a God and there is identifiable proof of this. The proof is the religion itself. Atheist simple choose not to make things into their God.”

“You may use your most clever wordplay and profess God is your supreme being, an immortal human greater than merely being human. You may go on to say that such a God is the sole creator of all reality. Does your definition of God take anything away from my definition of God? Does my definition of God take anything away from your definition? Which definition is more definitive, probable and possible than the other? In all honesty you and I may agree that my definition of God is far more definitive, probable and possible than your definition of God.”

“Does science disprove the existence of a deity, God or higher intelligence? Which science is that? Is science as a whole the study of the blueprint of what you personally pray to, worship and constantly praise and label a God? What do you think about this? I think you are wasting time trying to produce a clever wordplay on something unnecessary and pointless.”

“In general something extraordinary would be something rarer. There is no absence of evidence to this because its general knowledge often referred to as common knowledge. But this will not keep theist from lying about it by disguising it in what they think is clever wordplay.”

“Extraordinary claims generally do not need extraordinary evidence. An example could be found when one finds a two headed snake. A two headed snake is extraordinary because it’s rare. When one shows it to others they may agree that is extraordinary. All it took was for someone to show it to someone else. That’s not extraordinary.”

“Another thing I want to point out is the fact that since I define bigotry as intolerance towards those who hold different opinions from oneself, it is in fact bigotry to say only Jesus can take you to heaven.”

“I affirm that for everything one Christian adamantly opposes another Christian contradicts it. This is so because Christianity has opposing sects as so do all the Abrahamic religions and possibly all major religions.“There were Christians who bombed abortion clinics. There were Christians who protested against the Christians who were bombing abortion clinics. Branch Davidians were Christians as so are the Klu Klux Klan. There are Christians who sit back and pretend the white supremacist Christians don’t exist and there are other Christians who adamantly oppose white supremacy. So I can guarantee you that for every Christian there is another opposing type of Christian. It’s a contradictory religion as most religions having more than one sect were, are and remains contradictory.”

“Some atheists like me, but not most atheist have incredibly low opinions of religious people, viewing them as voluntarily gullible, voluntarily fallen for a scam, willfully Ignorant, often well-educated enough to see the “obvious” fallacies with religion but pretend to fall for them anyway, far too lazy to live life without the “crutch” of religion and are willfully deceitful.”

“I also say something similar about white privileged. I say there are people who fully support white supremacy, those who chose to overlook or ignore it and there are those who adamantly oppose it. The people who make excuses such as professing they had nothing to do with it are those who are voluntarily gullible, voluntarily fallen for a scam, willfully Ignorant. Well-educated enough to see the “obvious” fallacies with white supremacy but pretend to fall for them anyway, far too lazy to live life without the “crutch” of white supremacy, and are willfully deceitful.”

“I’m not singling out Christianity. People who participate in Islam are its biggest problem. Are Muslims the only component of Islam? Have you ever heard of Baha’i? Muslim terrorist involved in Islam cause members of Islam to suffer yet such suffering is never condemned by Muslims. Muslims are far too willing to overlook the terrorist as if they didn’t exist. They then ask questions like this one as if in refusal to admit there were terrorist in Islam at all. Muslims often make excuses for the terrorist. It’s all part of religious indoctrination.”

“What did people of the past think god was? And then look at us now: We can create species and we can destroy them. That is what gods can do. We can cure diseases and we bring them on us. That is what gods can. We can fly and walk on the moon. That is what gods can do. We are the gods of our past already, but in the future we will be the gods of our present.”

“As an African American I also think I as an atheist may have to work harder at defending my disbelief more so that believers at showcasing the alleged power of a deity or God. In the United States most black people think that in order to be black in America one has to be either a Christian or Muslim. Both religious groups have had the aid of black people keeping them in psychological slavery. Both religions adamantly support slavery, racism, sexism and homophobia. Instead of pretending a flawless deity having no weakness created religion for me I go against the majority. The majority is not always right. In fact I think that the majority has always proved themselves wrong but they promote being unconscious as possible. I want to promote being conscious.”

“Dishonest African Americans profess that there was no other way for them to have survived slavery without Christianity. I personally think such a statement is untrue and ridiculous. Some people would have survived without having a religion at all. They had to do what the slave master required them to do or be killed. Some were lynched even when they obeyed their slave masters. Most often the slave master was a racist.”

“Apparently a majority of African Americans continue to make excuses why they support psychological slavery. When a colonizing force of people kidnap, enslave, and slaughter those who refuse to comply with their commands for several generations, the oppressed tend to accept the oppressor’s standards as normal and a necessary aspect of survival. This act is referred to as Stockholm Syndrome.”

“I became an Atheist partially because I realized that Christianity and sometimes religion as a whole helped keep black people in psychological slavery. Part of such psychological slavery was the Bible and how it is interpreted. The Bible is literally full of errors in nearly every way possible.”

“There were well over 450 English versions of the Bible. All are translated using different methods and from entirely different manuscripts. Thousands of manuscripts disagreeing with each other wildly in what verses and even books they contain, and how those verses read having different translations teaching entirely different things in places, some often leaving out entire chapters and verses or containing footnotes warning of possible error due to uncertainty about the reliability of the numerous manuscripts. Current estimate is that 2,251 languages, representing 193 million people. There were numerous uncorrected Historical and Geographical errors in the Bible.”

“I have heard a whole lot of black folks make excuses to uphold Christianity. I personally view all these excuses as lies. The African version of Christianity is almost the racial opposite of what Christianity is in America. Yet Christianity in Africa is no more true that the Christianity in America. Most Christians in America viewed almost all characterizations in the Bible as white people. Many of the African Christians adopted a white world view because of white missionaries going to Africa. Those who held a black worldview can’t determine fact from fiction as far as Biblical tales were concerned.”

“The Abrahamic God was incapable of constructing any greater, longer lasting architectural structures than the Pyramids thus was inferior to the Pharaohs, as well as the Sumerians and African Civilizations. The Hebrews didn’t have a civilization.”

“The Egyptians were partially those who created written language a written language such an Abrahamic God had to use instead of creating its own. Egypt remains a part of Africa. The Bible is instructing its followers to oppose Africa in order to uplift Hebrews.”

“Prior to the current 21st century most blacks in America had a depiction of a white Jesus hanging in a frame somewhere in their home. When I was a Christian I pondered whether such a Jesus was white or not. I concluded that the Jesus they profess to have existed did not exist at all. He was not a savior to his own people nor to the world. In fact Jesus opposed his own people because they were highly religious. Jesus wasn’t a Christian himself he was a Jew.”

“Many blacks still don’t hold the same Christian religion as their oppressors and somehow expected Justice. It still hasn’t come and can’t come because the oppressed and the oppressors have opposing agendas. Blacks who are Christians have historically marched and protested injustices while still holding a white supremacist Christian perspective, which is contradictory. Religious followers are to remain as unconscious as humanly possible and reject responsibility of oneself in order to make it appear beings from a netherworld control all mortal human positive, neutral or negative acts and thoughts.”

“The notion that solely Christianity was what kept Black people from becoming completely destroyed under the weight of slavery is nonsensical to me. Everyone who knows an inkling about American history acknowledges that white Christians would lynch Blacks whether they were Christian or not. The religion did not save anyone from anything. The sole thing which kept African Americans from becoming completely destroyed under the weight of slavery was African Americans themselves. Somehow they refuse to take credit for their overall accomplishments and responsibility just to accredit it to one religion. I refer to that act as BS.(Belief System) A system aimed to control the masses into a way of life where belief is a way of thinking without giving anything critical analysis.”

“One person told me that the Christian deity sided with the oppressed more than the oppressor. That to me is one of the most ignorant beliefs supported by African Americans. A literate person who reads the Bible clearly sees the Christian deity itself is the oppressor. Because of this the judicial system created by mortal humans in America as man’s law was created by the religious to contradict the Christian deity. The Christian deity was seen as a Satanic Entity. An example of this is seen in the story of Abraham willing to sacrifice his son for such a Christian Abrahamic deity. It was the Quakers and Christians who agreed that sacrificing one’s children was no longer seen as a godly act but was seen as a satanic act. Although it was the Quakers who introduced the prison system to America much of the Bible was seen as Satanic. A judicial system was established to make the sacrificing of one’s child a crime punishable by death or a natural life sentence. Most Christians if honest would not want Biblical laws enacted and it caused them to establish our American Judicial system with a prison system. One can swear on the Bible while yet in opposition of most written in it. The American judicial system was an anti-African system.”

“When the Africans animist were brought to what became the United States as slaves the Africans were stripped of all tangible and practicable facets of their African cultures. By the early 1700s slaves began to become heavily Christianized and form their own Churches. Slave owners finally did see some benefits in perpetuating Christianity among their slaves for mind control reasons.”

“While the Black church was a crux of the Civil Rights movement so was Islam. To ascribe that sole survival of African Americans came because of Christianity makes it sound as if the strength that got us through had nothing to do with “US” and more to do with us following the “right” religion, and that would be operating through a Christian worldview reducing us as a people down on our knees praying to a shy fuhrer instead of us taking responsibility to and for ourselves to lift up ourselves.”

“Christianity is a religion, and if we did not use Christianity, we would have used whatever other religion that the majority of whites worshiped at the time. The socio-religious circumstances of the time would not have allowed any other religion to thrive.”

“Most of the current very ignorant Christians don’t accept the fact many of the slaves brought to America were also Muslim. Islam was in America just as long as Christianity was. The Christians were often stuck in psychological slavery, stuck not wanting to study history preexisting Abrahamic religions. The Muslims had to be Muslim in secret. They created their own Black Muslim anti-white sects because many of the Arabs were responsible for aiding white supremacy as so were Christians.

“Written language is accredited to the Egyptians with hieroglyphs and the Sumerians with cuneiform. Egypt is in Africa. Egypt also seems like it’s in Africa to me but may not seem like it to many people. I call it seeming stupid. Others may call it something else. Sewage and Drainage Systems, Making Steel, Glass, Organize Fishing Expeditions, Building in Stone, Gold Mining, Books, Walled Cities, and Water Purifiers all birthed in Africa.”

“A few Africans can tell you their own history very accurately. A great deal of non-Africans can tell you about African History. Who would you rather hear a story about African history from? Most of the world would much rather adhere to a white person telling a black person’s story for them without the black person’s permission. Some

“Africans themselves believe the white persons story. As an African American atheist I can tell you about my life and the decisions I made to become an atheist. If you are a Muslim, Catholic or Christian you would more than likely believe a Christian, Catholic or Muslim religious leader who doesn’t know me somehow tell you about me as atheist by a stereotype the religious leader creates.

“Many of the things we can take for granted in everyday life in America was initiated in Africa, most often in Egypt. Many white historians decided to paint the picture that Egypt somehow was not part of Africa and was somewhat somehow a part of Europe controlled completely by white people. Anyone with basic intelligence could easily just look at a map and know Egypt is part of northern Africa. Somehow this is not a component of basic intelligence even in the information age.

“Glass was created in Africa. I can name almost countless inventions created in Africa and many people will refuse to accept anything I say. It’s just that simple.”

“In the United States there is a white Supremacist system that was birthed in the 1600’s. It was created by a group of people who would now be considered the 1% of the overall population. This was a so-called perfected belief in white supremacy. In this system many more pale skinned people could be united under a banner of being a member of the white race. Those who were not part of this order or group would have much of their history erased because this 1% was literally and figuratively now rewriting history. They could now tell a story from their point of view while excluding all others points of views and perspective.

All of the more pale skinned people of earth had never before considered themselves as one race. In fact it would have been considered silly. People were known by the nation or geographical setting they lived.

Chapter 6

I Gable Addo was given a prison stretch from Tuesday June 9, 1964 to the prison release date of Monday June 9, 1969. My first time ever getting arrested and gaining a criminal record yet I still got a lousy five year prison sentence. I thought this was rather harsh for my first criminal offence for a twenty three year old. I was charged with a felony burglary charge. I didn’t burglarize anything and yet I was still convicted. There was no crime and somehow I still got convicted. This was a very racist era.

“While doing this prison stretch I decided to make an attempt to write a book. Having never before written a book I decided to make my first attempt at writing on Wednesday March 9, 1966. Prior to this date I had spent almost my entire prison time devoted to either drawing and making holiday or birthday cards, doing portraits, doing tattoos for other prisoners and the entire prison staff or masturbating.

It ended up taking me as many as six months just for me to write five chapters. I proudly sent those five chapters to my son’s mother, my ex-girlfriend Batini Lawles. I left New Rochelle while Batini was still pregnant. I was supposed to go to Raleigh, North Carolina for a weekend to make a delivery. I had a job as a long distance truck driver. I then worked worked for a trucking service. It was said that I looked exactly like someone who had burglarized a business in Raleigh. My son was born September 14, 1964.

I sent my ex-girlfriend Batini Lawles all five chapters of the book I was writing because I wanted her constructive criticism. I also wanted her to help me write and publish what was to be a science fiction book. I was honestly expecting Batini to be surprised, thrilled and very excited that I of all people was writing a book. I thought she of all people would be more than happy to be a part of this. I thought she would me more than willing to help me.

I noticed when I spoke to her on the phone she never mentioned the content of any of the mail I had most recently sent her. I sent Batini the chapters of my potential book and I sent her illustrations for the book. I also sent Batini several personal letters and photos. I had given thought that the finished product of writings would later become a comic book for children or an adult oriented graphic novel. I can draw fairly well so this was a greatly considered scenario.

In our phone conversations the only thing Batini wanted to discuss in great lengths was the illicit sexual intercourse she and I would have on our next encounter. She repeatedly told me that she wanted us to have a sex marathon. She told me she wanted me to sex her until she physically couldn’t take it anymore.

March of 1965 after daily calling Batini she eventually got around to confirm that she was again pregnant. She blamed me for leaving New York thus leaving her hot and horny in need of attention and great in-depth pleasure. She said the loneliness I had forced upon her had put her into the position of an unwanted pregnancy. She desperately needed sex and I wasn’t there to give it to her so she had to go elsewhere. She told me I should be ashamed of myself putting her into such a terrible position. She clearly refused to take responsibility for her own actions. I then realized that not only did I not know Batini very well but she really didn’t know me at all and I found it hard to accept.

Batini also ended up finally admitting that after dropping out of high school she had never learned to read or write. Because she wanted to hide her illiteracy she threw away all the letters and illustrations I had sent her without ever even once opening any the mail I had sent her to view its content.

I was hurt by this. At first I deeply thought about killing Batini once I got out of prison. It dawned on me that I would then obviously return to prison and end up doing the rest of my life in prison. I saw that as a huge waste of time. I thought about ways I could kill her and possibly get away with it. I then completely abandoned the idea because I wanted my son to have his mother. I didn’t see how I could possibly ever be around Batini again. I grieved over how this could affect how I related to my son.

I figured I had from March of 1966 to June 9, 1969 to come up with a story to tell put to writing and maybe I could still redraw illustrations for it. If I were lucky enough I would get my book published once I got out of prison. After tinkering with the idea what I ended up with were 24 stories thus 24 different books. Three years was plenty of time to write a book or several books. The more I wrote was the faster I was able to write. It greatly improved my ability to read and write. The more I wrote was the more I read. I hadn’t done this much writing and reading in my entire life.

I decided to make my first book a beginning of a typical long-running science fiction series with continuing story arc set in space or involve travel between two or more planets. I also considered telling a tale of an alternate planetary history and the design aesthetic of the 19th and early 20th Centuries. It was to be a literary genre, a style of dress and an artistic movement all rolled into one. I wanted to possibly introduce modern and futuristic concepts and technologies into an earlier setting, or vice versa. It thought about focusing largely on ‘the age of steam’ and the perceived inventiveness of industrial engineers.

My overall book was to be part autobiography part biography passed off as a science fiction book to those who didn’t know any better. The 14 main characters I would write about would be actual people. The best part about these stories was that the 14 main characters would literally and figuratively help me write the story. We would tell each other’s life story.

The story I was to tell was supposed to be a fictional tale relating to the science of cybernetics, which views nature as a series of interconnecting mechanical systems dealing with the link between biology and computer technology. It explores humanity’s changing relationship with computer systems. I was unsure if I was to incorporate a focus on the use of bio-technology and genetic engineering rather than computer technology. I may add genetic manipulation, body modification and eugenics.

Chapter 7

“My name is Amon Albody. Monday August 9 of 1977 was my fifteenth birthday. I thought about trying to write a science fiction book. When I read a fictional story I try to place myself in the mind state of the characters I read about. If there is a main character I then become that main character. I don’t consider all fiction writing as “foolish” writing like some people I know.”

“Even as a teenager I know that when a person dies or fully decomposes they can be brought back to life in another form. I’m not actually talking about reincarnation. I’m really talking about myths, legends, superstitions and the various objects and objectives they the deceased may have left behind if in fact they left something behind. This would then be a form of immortality.”

”Since I just turned fifteen I don’t feel the need to think that after I physically perish I will go to a fiery pit of hell for the penalties of my sins here on earth. I am not as of yet old enough to have actually committed any sins. I was not born into sin because the world is full of it. I do not think or suppose that after I die I will go to a paradise called heaven either. Maybe it would be nice to walk streets paved with gold but I do not agree that everyone’s spirit becomes a ghost.”

“I’m amazed by the fact that most people don’t seem to know what a spirit and soul are. We now live in a dumbed down world where things which should be general knowledge become an unfounded mystery of life. As part of this Nation’s youth I have decided that when I do finally die I would like to become a ghost. At this point both heaven and hell would be somewhat meaningless to a ghost. For the most part all ghost may live on a type of alternate planet earth where everything is transparent. Our ghost world is mainly vapor, liquid and plasma without solids. Somehow we as ghost still think of our world as a physical world.”

“Fire can’t burn a ghost. Fire only merely momentarily blinds a ghost because of its brightness. Complete invisibility means death to a ghost. Now the question arises, where does a ghost go when it dies? This is an irony of life when ghost die and end up transported to the physical world to haunt people. They can go to a marvelous paradise made of vapor, liquid, solid and plasma.”

“There are religions in the ghost realm too. Pretty much everything in the realm of solid material is also in the ghost realm. In fact the Galaxy I would live in has naturally made planets and ghost made planet.

“The ghost Planet Brianna is 36,000,000 miles from the super ghost star called the sun.

The ghost Planet Sashia is 67,000,000 miles from the super ghost star called the sun.

The ghost Planet Corena is 93,000,000 miles from the super ghost star called the sun.

The ghost Planet Sophia is also 93,000,000 miles from the super ghost star called the sun.

The ghost Planet Colena is 141,000,000 miles from the super ghost star called the sun.

The ghost Planet Angela is 484,000,000 miles from the super ghost star called the sun.

The ghost Planet Marta is 858,000,000 miles from the super ghost star called the sun.

The ghost Planet Alana is 1,786,000,000 miles from the super ghost star called the sun.

The ghost Planet Teresa is 2,799,000,000 miles from the super ghost star called the sun. Do people care what the distance from one planet to the next is?”

“There are 25 other planets I haven’t named. You may have noticed that all planets are named after females. There is more than one sun and all suns are male. Sometimes an acting Demiurge comes to the ghostly realm just to teleport a few ghost to their Galaxy known as the I-Magi-Nation Continuum. When we enter a mortal galaxy we find many solid mortals fear and worship us. Some people on the solid or terrestrial earth often think they will die only to enter our world they refer to as the spirit realm. Aeon’s and Demiurges are types of superhuman immortals who live on an alternate planet Earth known as the Planet Sophia”

“With the help of Absolve one playing the character of Gable Addo from the solid earth I can live as an Immortal actor. A few mortals of the solid world found out one of the most deadly of all weakness ghost have. Ghost are not always the smartest of all human-like beings. Some mortals of the solid world learned that ghost can be so gullible we could be convinced that we don’t exist. A mere mortal from the solid world somehow was capable of communicating with us. He told many ghost that we were once of the solid world. When people of the solid world died they became ghost. He convinced many of us that ghost were merely spirits of the dead. We had become mere images.”

“Since death was the decomposition and deterioration of life this implied that a dead people cannot exist within the realm of the living. The gullible ghost ended up accepting such an opinion as fact. The ghost then literally ceased to function thus ceased to further exist. Maybe some people can start placing themselves in the mind state of a ghost whether holy or not.”

“There may be as much as over 45 million African Americans and 319 million people in the United States. There may be well over 7 Billion people on this Earth. I just wanted to mention this.

“I also wanted to mention that since I Aton Body have been teleported to this dimension I think my ability to read and write have increased. It took me a mere 48 hours to read those three Stieg Larson books. I have decided to read every Louis L’amour, Toni Morrison, Walter Mosley, Manly P Hall, Richard Dawkins, Isaac Asimov, Arthur C Clarke, Daniel Dennett, Stephen Fry, Sam Harris, Robert A Heinlen, Christopher Hitchens, David Mills, Aziz Nesin, Eric Jerome Dickey, Terry McMillan, and Ashley & Jaquavis books in print. I have already read every Ayn Rand, Ken Follet, Stephen King, Dale Brown, James Patterson, Lee Child and Janet Evanovich book to date.”

“I often feel as if I want to have sex with most of the female characters these authors write about. When Gable Addo showed me the 24 books he wrote I wanted to be included in at least one of the newer ones. When gable Addo showed me this journal I wanted to be included in it as well.”

“I’ve recently given a great deal of thought to the concept of death. Lately on the news I have taken notice the recent murders of several teenagers. I have seen at least five high profile cases of teens gunned down by other teens. Almost every month police officers somewhere kill an unarmed black man or woman. Some of these teens committed suicide. This version of earth is rather morbid. The thought of living an entire life devoting oneself to trying to be a good, moral and ethical person only to become a victim of another person’s criminal behavior could become haunting to some people. I don’t have to worry about such things anymore.’’

“In my former life I was the second eldest of five children. I was then able to die of old age and be reborn on another version of the planet earth. I was born to the same parents. I was then one of five quintuplets. The person who gave me this incredible way of life should probably be considered a God or Deity. Yet most religious people only think of God as a type of unseen being.”

“For me when I apply analytic thought to any religious belief the belief often makes little to no sense. Yet trillions of religious followers continue to live and then die never actually giving their religion much thought. It never crosses their mind to challenge such religious beliefs because they were lead to accept doing such was immoral and unethical. They were told such an act defies Law and order. Because of this I may never consider myself a religious person.”

“Now I live as a type of Immortal actor. A certain person writes the script and I live life as if it were a stage play. I live and die as the way the script was made for me. I was given a form of immortality by doing this. So I now question human tradition. I would guess if my parents were religious I probably would be as well. Luckily Gable Addo has become our divine script writer. He made it possible none of us will be religious unless it’s an Atheist religion. Because of it we will live and die in a never ending loop. So when what others may consider death will be what I now know as form of reincarnation. I become a sperm being fertilized in an egg again. Somehow I was back in my own mother’s womb. I ended up with the same parents but my parents no longer have their same parents. None of our other family members are ever the same people. Each life is totally different. When offered this type of immortality I couldn’t say no. Unfortunately sometimes there will be friends and family I will miss. It will definitely change our views about life in general.”

“I formerly thought of death as the total annihilation of a person’s mind, body, space, matter, memory, time and energy. Now I merely think of it as a type of suspended animation. It may cause objects and objectives to become incapable of evolving beyond a specific point. This may make those who believe in a God stop evolving. Those who may believe in a holy ghost may end up becoming ghost one day.”

“Today is my fifteenth birthday. I refused to be completely lead by television, video games, social media and many of the things those whom are my age are completely lead by. I also know there are poorer than there are the rich. In Africa there are well over a billion people. It is the rich who create jobs. So to a greater degree the rich create the law and order the rest of us live by. It becomes their law and order which controls everyone else. So they’ve created a type of dependency. Fortunately for me I have always been a freethinker. I came from a long ancestral line of rulers. These rulers acted as Kings, Queens, Gods, Goddesses’ as well as scientist. Because of it I have never solely accepted inferior superstitious perspectives. I find it odd for those whom have.”

“I find it odd that there are African Americans who know nothing about Africa past or present. So they totally rely on a religious leader’s interpretation of religion.”

“I’ve recently begun reading the Audacity of Hope by biracial politician named Barack Obama. Of course I couldn’t help but begin reading its Chapter 7 on race. The poor always make the wealthy even wealthier. Many times the poor remain dumbed down and mere slaves to the rich. They complain about it. Sometimes the poor educate themselves with criminal behavior.”

“Now I’m stuck playing the role of a character in one of Gable Addo’s science fiction books. One day my turn will come when I will be an author of life and Gable Addo will become one of my fictional characters come to life. I refuse menial roles thus far. I acknowledge myself as an actor of life. Our union rep guarantees us fair employment and a continuation of roles for an eternity. I think this alternate planet earth has some similarities to the one I was teleported here from. Each planet earth has a strange domino effect on one another. There are ripple effects in the time continuum”

“In this version of the United States most American citizens don’t seem to know their Christopher Columbus never set foot on what became America. He instead landed on what became known as Haiti and the Dominican Republic. The dark skin Natives had tobacco and gold. Almost none of these historians seem to know much about Amerigo Vespucci for whom America was named.”

“I’m now interested in how my life will play out. It would be nice if Gable could turn me into a modern day superhero. I know he extraordinary plans for us I have to make a major change in my life and in the lives of others. I am not exactly sure how I’m going to do so as of yet. Now I am sort of laid back while residing on an alternate Planet Earth. Everybody is waiting on me to either turn them into superheroes or give them a fantastic over the top life. I haven’t been able to blend such a type of life into this journal as of yet but I’m working on it.

Chapter 8

“As I now take my last breaths and bleed out my last few drops of blood I gradually think back to fondly reminisce. I think back to the many and the singular things which caused me to get to this point I am now at. I think about what it could and would have been like if I had lived a completely different life. I now also question what it would have been like if I had to live my entire life all over again. Would I have done anything any different?”

“Among the living I have known many people who would say that men much like myself were immortals. Yet I now know for a fact that I have been nonexistent for a far longer span than I have existed. Immortality was supposed to work the other way around. One could say that I have both lived and died so many times that I’ve come to lose count.”

“Maybe in death I was simply just random thoughts existing somehow trying to connect with other random thoughts to obtain a more permanent due form. Now instead of existing as mere random thoughts I became a human mind, body, space, matter, memory, time and energy formed by negative, positive or neutrally charged particles.”

“With each death comes a new life. With each new birth of a conscience comes an acknowledgement that there was always something that preexisted.”

“I always seem to regain the chance to start life all over again. My new start almost always seems to appear with a newer body and a newer refined mind and memory. Every life ever I ever lived was a story to tell. Some people never get the chance to tell their own life’s story. Many people have immortalized others by retelling their life. Sometime a storyteller makes others’ lives and their own life appear either far greater or far lesser than reality.”

“As far as I know my newest life began when Asani Addo the famed Kenyan African Scientist found ways to transfer a fully intact human conscience into a human or animal body or form. The bodies he created were grafted from stem cells and variants of Bio organic parts. That scientist, my father had then worked for the largest pharmaceutical corporation on Earth known as Sinopec Tek. Professor Asani Addo used me and my mother as his very first human test subjects. What we all ended up finding out was that the Bio organic synthetic parts he used to reform our bodies had given us extra sensory intelligence, sight, touch, taste, smell, sound, speed and strength.”

“After we were used as loyal test subjects my mother and I would often listen to music only to later play various musical instruments with the intent of duplicating the variants of sounds we had heard. We could then teach ourselves how to play any musical instrument within a mere few hours. We could sound like professional musicians. Gradually my mother and I gained a superb photogenic memory. We often spent time reading the entire American English dictionary. We found ourselves going through thousands of books remembering everything we read and saw in a very short span of time. We pressed our luck trying to glance through German, Spanish, and Portuguese dictionaries.”

“Somehow both of us found ourselves speaking, writing and reading these languages rather fluently within 24 hours. We had also come to notice that the Bio organic made bodies we now had somehow made us age at a far more reduced rate that everyone else. This was just the beginning of things that seemed to aid us cross the bridge of normality into the realm of the supernatural.”

“Unfortunately for my father he died only two years after we were initially used as his loyal human test subjects. He was 20 years older than my white French/American mother. Both of my parents were scientist and licensed physicians for three continents. We travelled a great deal. I still considered myself an American because I was born in New Rochelle, New York. My father died June 9,1964 when I his eldest of four children had just been 23 years old. He died at the age of 70.”

It was in 1948 when the very first TV network in America was birthed by a 60 year old Texas billionaire also a white Supremacist oil tycoon named Clark Lindh. In 1956 the second American TV network was birthed by another white supremacist male from Texas named 58 year old Aaron Chrisler.

It wasn’t until 1963 that a 23 year old African American woman named Orissa Lows from Merced, California created the first literal and figurative colored TV network in America. She had convinced a British billionaire, a billionaire from India, An Arabian billionaire Sultan and 12 African American millionaires to loan her the money with interest kickstarting a TV network. Orissa had also become the co-founder of what became the modern computer, video games, cellphones, and artificial intelligence. She had been married in 1960 when she was just 19 year old. She and her husband Alamance AlBody birthed their first child Aton in 1961.

The TV networks owned by Clark Lindh only showed white male dominated TV programs which usually started off a day with Westerns. Watching his network, a person would assume there were no people in America darker than a tan who had preexisted the settlers here. In reality most of the so-called Indians were very dark in complexion. Most had the look of very dark skinned oriental people.

The Network owned by Aaron Chrisler showed TV programs often reflecting a white male and a white female working as dual lead roles. But it wasn’t until Orissa’s TV network had begun that any actual nonwhites were played or viewed on TV. At the time there were no sports viewed on TV until Orissa introduced them. This aided her network to fast become the most watched, most diverse leading network. Each TV network had a radio version of it. Orissa’s network remained the only integrated TV and Radio network until 1982.

In the American calendar year 1985 a Deist religious organization known as the Illuminati created a rather unique weapon used to decimate Mecca, Jerusalem and the Vatican. What made this weapon so unique was in how it exploded only to somehow implode two minutes after it was detonated. It left no radiation fallout. Known members of the Illuminati were quickly round up and executed. This was not the same Illuminati Adam Weishaupt had begun in May 1, 1776.

It had then been revealed that both Clark Lindh and Aaron Chrisler were leaders and co-founders of the new version of the Illuminati. Both men had proclaimed themselves devout and true Christians much of their entire lives. Christian religious leader often told their followers that members of the Illuminati were devil worshippers. It was found that many of the Christian religious leaders were members of Freemasonry, Skull and Bones, The Rosicrucian Order and the Illuminati. Many such religious leaders were voluntarily and purposely misleading their own followers.

Both Aaron Chrisler and Clark Lindh admitted to overseeing the manufacture of a nuclear weapon aimed to rid the world of its theist versions of the major Abrahamic religions. The United Nations had every admitted member of the Illuminati round up and executed.

Many of the world’s remaining Jews, Muslims, and Catholics began the belief that an Abrahamic God had taken his flock to Heaven via a rapture. More religious followers questioned this and gradually in disbelief of such a notion steered more toward Atheism.

In 1980 Orissa created a supercomputer referred to as The Grand Operational Device. This supercomputer or G.O.D. was a form of artificial intelligence holding all the world’s information. Artificially intelligent robots of various types were manufactured for public usage. Computers, automobiles, trains, busses, trolleys, motorcycles, airplanes, helicopters, Homes, household appliances and many places of business were made to become forms of an artificial intelligence enabled to levitate or fly and react and communicate with animals and humans. These AI’s could think rationally for themselves.

“In 1997 during the American President Barack Hussein Obama’s second presidential term in the oval office he kick-started an internationally funded program known as Project 14. In this system there was a building built in Utah known as a teleportation machine. This machine was a building as large as the Pentagon where US currency was made. The teleportation device was built by the Earth’s leading scientist and astronomers who alleged that this device could take 14 people to another galaxy to another planet faster than the speed of light. Seven men and seven women from various nations were chosen to teleport. Fourteen people, seven men and seven women were teleported to a planet astronomers and scientist had affirmed had held animal and plant life. They were supposed to be teleported back 365 Earth days after our initial launch date. There had been no real way of knowing exactly where and how we were going to end up. This was where things got really strange.”

Chapter 9

“Today I’m proud to say this academy was built on the principle that all United States citizens were born with certain specific unalienable rights. The rights of citizenship began by birthed on American soil. The citizenship was further established by having ancestors born on American soil who had lived here as residents. Among their inalienable rights are the rights of life, liberty and pursuit of what many refer to as spiritual alchemy. Such spiritual alchemy came to us in the due form of mental and physical knowledge, wisdom, understanding, freedom, justice, equality, food, clothing, shelter, love, peace, and happiness we also refer to as 12 jewels.”

“I now proudly wear a black cap and robe as my parents have. I proudly wear this cap and robe to represent the uplifting of a quality and quantity of life. In a reflection of the uplifting of the quality and quantity of life we have made this academy become the first openly interracial academy in the United States. This was also the first and only openly Atheist school of thought in the States.”

“Not only did both of my African American parents graduate from this academy, their parents are instructors here. Now we promote the success rate of this academy. We also promote the notion that human potential is infinite. We do not accept the notion that all people, plants and animals were born in sin.” “I would say that we have examined US history with an honest analytic vantage point. By such an examination we define Theism as a dominant often oppressive belief system once reinforced by our Western Civilization or Industrial Nation. Such a belief system has deified the paranormal, specifically ghost. For the theist the most powerful of all monarch and archetype ghost is a holy ghost known as GOD. Theists have been given their hope, faith and belief in such a concept of a God by way of their religious leaders known as Demigods or messenger Gods. Demigods as religious leaders or demagogues act as the living physical bridge between the Immortal realm and the Mortal plane.”

“As messenger Gods It was thought that Religious leaders have lead this Nation to accept a religious Cannon or Dogma as our overall theistic Law and Order. The religious followers refer to such a law and order as the Law and Order of an Immortal GOD in opposition of mortal humanity governing themselves.”

“Within such Holy Ghost Law and Order spirits or ghost govern the mortal reality from a primary seat in a non-physical realm known to theist as their spiritual plane. Theist religious leaders have given their religious followers a sense of a GOD as a type of Invisible man in the sky who then oversees all mortal existence.”

“Such a deity then becomes an all seeing Omnipresence. Many Theist have said that whomever or whatever their GOD is it or he is an Immortal, good 100% of the time, is the most powerful being they could think of, and It created all organic and inorganic existences including itself. They then proclaimed that such a hope, faith and belief could not be disproven because the Bible proves it.”

“With this in mind we acknowledged Protestants as Theist have boldly declared the entire continent of the Americas as their Judeo Christian Nation. They fight for the right to conduct their prayer in public and private affairs. Since this was once viewed as a faultless perspective what could possibly be a moral and ethical alternative?”

“As an African American teenager I have found that the greatest alternative to theism has become a movement known to us as the Knowledge of Self Movement. In part of this movement I was one whom recognized how most Protestants also profess their white Founding Fathers of this Nation were mostly Deist. Deist often formed organizations such as Freemasonry, The Rosicrucian Order and the Illuminati. Protestants also refer to these so called secret societies as Devil worshipping cults. So did Devil worshippers seek for this Nation to be and remain a Christian Nation?”

“I have a copy of a book written by Thomas Paine c the book is entitled The Age Of Reason. Many Protestants labeled Mr. Paine as an Atheist as so he labeled them. I notice how many Christians conceal things to make things look favorable to them. I also noticed that Thomas Jefferson was a Deist who wrote his own Bible. It was known that Theism was based on the principle of defying logic in order to deify what was to be considered supernatural objects and objectives. A medieval people built their entire hope, faith and belief that anything truthful always remains a holy, sacred and pure fact. It was said the truth can never be diluted, mixed or tampered with. So with this in mind I would for us to now examine the concept of ghost.”

“A religion could be clearly and unmistakably a promotion of racism and sexism, homophobia and classism if left under the banner of said loyalty and homage to a superhuman immortal known as a Holy Ghost. It was said that this concept of a deity was confirmed by those responsible for writing what later became the Bible. I came to the conclusion that Biblical tales were of Moses were merely myths not actual facts, nor were they fiction based on facts.”

“I have a bloodline which can be traced to Africa. Some of my African bloodline were from Egypt and some of those Egyptians were white. We know the biblical tales to be blatant immoral and unethical lies told by a people to oppose us.”

“Hebrew people were not the only people with a recorded history. In fact many would agree that it was the Egyptians of Antiquity who had created an organized written language in the first place. This was the birth of the hieroglyphs and demotic. But there was also cuneiform created around the same era. Cuneiform was accredited to the early Mesopotamians, Persians and Sumerians. Some people referred to the Sumerians as the Babylonians. Many people accredit these groups as a people whom helped evolve humanity by creating a written language as well as evolving us from hunter gatherers into agriculturalist, the Hebrews didn’t.”

“In America it has been noted that most people considering themselves a member of the white race would completely lose their religion if they had an inkling of thought that Christ wasn’t white. They would then recognize the religion wasn’t designed for them. The Abyssinian or predominantly Black Christians could then claim Jesus as a dark skinned Hebrew while yet more Europeans could claim Jesus as a pale skinned, longed haired blonde and blue eyed savior.

“Most African American Christians would agree that since Jesus was white God was a spirit which was white. Other Christians could claim Jesus as one with the look of a Greek or Roman while being referred to as a Jew. Someone was and is obviously wrong, but who?”

“A growing number of Christian groups sought to make Bible study a major component of all public and private schooling. What their true intention is comes in their promotion of their specific interpretation of their Bibles. They can then deem their specific interpretation the best or only true interpretation. This posed a question among many non-Christian groups. Should atheist of the Clark and Gloria Lindh academies and Existentialist Atheist Church also promote Bible study? Each Christian sect were proudly professing how only their specific sect and their specific interpretation could never be disproved. The Atheist of Clark and Gloria’s churches and academies thought otherwise.”

“Someone is accrediting the Jews as the first monotheistic people on earth. Someone is also accrediting a Jewish Deity as the first recognized deity on Earth. These same people are implying that the Jewish sole deity became a sole Roman Catholic and Greek Catholic Deity or God. Then someone implies that the sole Roman or Greek Catholic deity or God became a sole Christian deity or God.”

“Someone is then implying that the sole Christian Deity or God became a sole Muslim deity or God of Islam. Now Jews, Catholics, Christians and Muslims 58 profess that it is only their particular religious perspective of God that is the one and only true and living God. Each Abrahamic religion claiming themselves an Abrahamic religion to then denounce the other.”

“At one time the pyramids existed as the world’s tallest buildings. In modern times we have skyscrapers that dwarf the pyramids in height. Biblically speaking the Tower of Babel was a step pyramid known as a Ziggurat. During the alleged era of Moses someone thought the pyramids were so tall they reached the heavens. Of course now in modern times such a statement is narrow minded and unrealistic. All Christians are required to pretend to be so foolish they still think this statement will forever reign true on the premise that truth can never be diluted, mixed or tampered with. They must deny reality in order not disprove their interpretation given to them of their Bibles.”

“The Biblical Moses never knew Ramses aided to build many of the pyramids in Egypt. There are pyramids all over the world besides just the ones in Egypt. There were more pyramids built in the Sudan than any other place on Earth. There were black pyramid builders in Sumerian and in the Sudan. There is what is known as Nubia where there were black pyramid builders. Some people hate to admit this. As I have stated, the occurrences of the Christian’s version of the Bible began with Moses telling it. Moses was alleged to have lived during the reign of the Pharaoh Ramses the second. Because of utter racism against Africans which includes African Americans racism against African /Egyptian history Christians must pretend Egypt is not a part of Africa. Foolish Christians proudly cry out “Pharaoh let my people go” As if Egyptians of biblical times created the Transatlantic slave trade instead of the whites who did.”

Chapter 10

“The Pharaoh’s oversaw some of the greatest and oldest architectural made monuments in the world. Christians are required to pretend to be so foolish that they must pretend a Judeo Christian GOD out did the building of the various pyramids by showing Moses the Magic trick of turning a rod, stick or staff into a snake.” “The pyramids still exist but there can be no proof Moses ever turned a rod, stick or staff into a snake. In fact the occurrences accredited to Moses disproves his existence. One would have to know a history of the region and the people spoke of. This would mean one would most certainly have to know Egyptian and Hebrew history in order to know Catholic, Christian and Muslim history. Before I get too far of the subject how does any of this tie to a concept of ghost?”

“Bible study consists of knowing geography, history, mythology and various types of cultural rites, rituals and symbolisms. Most Theist include and are not limited to Muslims, Catholics, Jews, Some Buddhist, Hindu or Brahmanism, and Christians. Most Christians will go from the cradle to their graves never knowing anything about actual Jewish or Egyptian history, or culture. Their religious leaders simply lie about it. Followers can go to Bible study every day of their entire lives yet never learn it. Christians have to lie to themselves by pretending their Judeo Christian deity or God was around since the beginning of time. Somehow no one knew of him but an Egyptian Jew named Moses. Neither Adam nor Eve ever told their own side of the story.”

“Christians will never care to receive the Egyptian or the Jewish version of the story although they profess that was where their story originated. Instead they only accept a Christian version of an Egyptian or Jewish story. Christian then profess that Moses was a Jew who once thought he was an Egyptian. Moses doesn’t actually tell his own side of the story either.”

“Christianity did not exist during the reign of the Pharaoh Ramses. Somehow their Bible begins with Moses instead of Abraham or Jacob whom were the alleged Fathers of the Biblical twelve tribes of Israel. Moses has to be the one who tells them about Abraham and Jacob. “There were African and Middle Eastern tales of the creation of earth that preexisted Catholic, Jewish, Christian and Muslim stories. One such tale was a story about a man known as Gilgamesh. Many of the Egyptian tales greatly resemble Christian and Catholic stories because that’s where the Hebrews often plagiarized their tales.”

“So what does this have to do with prayer in school and prayer in public view or ghost? It deals with to whom and for what prayer is. In the examination of prayer in itself praying derives from what was once known in Paganism as casting a spell. This makes prayer a form of an incantation. The incantation summons person’s deity or angels as the deity’s helper. In order to make a God or Angel want to do something it must come to them by a request. Such supreme omnipotent beings refuse to do anything unless a person asks for it. So with a magical incantation a spirit, as a divine ghost, would grant a wish somewhat like a holy genie.”

“Many people have made their Christian God a holy white man with angels whom are white men having wings like that of a bird. If such beings were real most Christians would try to kill them out of fear that they were mutants. So this becomes the irony of religious belief. As long as a person has faith in the unreal it is easy to lip profess a belief. When such unseen beings become seen the follower will eventually find faults in them. Because of these and many other discrepancies a growing number of Americans began to oppose what was considered organized mainstream religious beliefs.”

“A ghost is often imagined as a transparent version of a mortal. The ghost is a projection of an image. The ghost became transparent because it supposed to be a spirit being which was thought not to be a physical being. It became a ghost because a mortal died. Even in most mythology immortals too die. Belief in ghost is now determined as the belief or acceptance of the paranormal. A holy ghost was often depicted as a saintly person whom had died and returned to the living as a transparent person. Evil ghost were thought to come back to haunt people for various reasons. The concept of a holy ghost makes little to no sense. A Demigod will try to make sense of it in order to get people to believe in it. This aided Clark to begin a multiracial search for a truth greater than the pacifier religion had become in America and abroad. Clark became a National myth buster. Yet Clark spoke of extraterrestrials.”

“Many people have become confused over the meaning of words such as spirit, soul, and faith and what being spiritual really means. They foolishly have allowed themselves to think only a religious person can be spiritual and a spirit is a type of ghost. The word or term spirit does not actually solely mean or define a type of ghost. This confuses people because oftentimes even looking in a dictionary can be confusing. In our church we have accepted that a spirit is a projection of imagination and creativity. Anything a mind can perceive is a spirit. So a spirit is a conscious or subconscious projection.”

“A soul is a base for emotion. Some people think of unemotional people as soulless. Some people question whether or not animals have a soul as if to question if animals share some human emotion.”

“Even as a ghost, the ghost has a physical body. Its physical makeup is that of a singular or combination of vapor, liquid, solid or plasma. For the most part, a medieval people would not have known that. In medieval time’s fire, air, earth and water were thought to be the 4 elements. They would not have known what Hydrogen or any elements, compounds and mixtures were.”

“Things often said to be naked to the human eye are still known mostly as elements, compounds and mixtures which stemmed from atoms. Atoms are the basic building blocks of our entire material world. Atoms are positive, neutral and negatively charged particles. Theist refuse to teach this because they fear it takes away the power of their God.”

“To make a long story short, the initial Clark and Gloria Lindh’s Existentialist Church of the Neo Science in Being was built in Beaumont, Texas. It was built to somewhat resemble the US pentagon where US currency is made. Much of the church’s internal structure was patterned after the splendor found within the designs within Hagia Sophia of Istanbul Turkey.”

“Much of the other internal structure resembles that of Versailles of Paris. The church included 35 passenger and freight elevators, thirty offices, three recreational centers, one thousand eight hundred apartments, underground water treatment plant, ten escalators, a bus and a train hub. This first church went under construction New Year’s Day 1919 but was not completed until New Year’s Day 1920. The plan was to remodel it every five years.”

“In the center of the church’s large pentagon shaped architecture is our 1,620 foot tall bronze and black aluminum skyscraper. In front of this skyscraper was a 700 foot version of the Christ the Redeemer statue which was found in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. The church’s statue was known as the Clark the Revealer statue.”

“In 1930 the first of the one thousand and one church owned children’s academies were built. Instead of its first academy being built in North Carolina its first academy was this one built here in Los Angeles. It was designed as a type of scaled down version of the first church. It was designed to look and feel more like a college campus. It held children from kindergarten through seniors in high school. All classes had two instructors and two teacher’s aide to promote its overall success rate. Each class would have as many as 100 students. Each class was separated by gender. There were both day and night classes. Most students reside at the academy. The academy is open all year round. There is an around the clock medical team and a security team on site.”

“Martial arts training and Yoga replace many of what would have been sports. These types of academies offer a private school education without the private school fee. As a nonprofit organization donations are always welcome. It gives alternative and opportunities to all graduates to receive hands on training. So how did academies like this one redefine God, Religion, Man, Woman and Child?”

“Well, Religion is no longer solely defined as the worship of invisible superhuman immortals. Religion is not just a worship of mythological spirit beings from another dimension. Religion is now the uplifting of the human quality and quantity of life. For atheist an atheist religion can only be defined as a collective movement gravitating humanity towards Freethought and Spiritual Alchemy.”

‘“Many students become part of the medical team and the security team. Most of these academies were built in the more heavily populated areas here in the United States. It has a no dropout rate. It has become the reason so many people have send their children to these types of academies. There were a total of 360 churches built in Africa and the Middle East My name is Aton Albody. I am the student body president of the 1969 graduating class of the Clark and Gloria Lindh Existentialist Academy of Free thought and Spiritual Alchemy.

Chapter 11

Orissa Lows Albody stands five foot ten inches tall and weighs approximately 150 lbs. She’s the youngest of five children, three boys and two girls. In her speech she says “My name is Orissa Lows Albody. I’m the current Parliamentary Godhead of the Atheistic Clark and Gloria Lindh Existentialist Church of the Neo Science in Being. For our church members the truth is a reality and the untruth is an unreality. All truths may have four equal sides which also makes the truth become a square. For many of us the truth always has an in-side, an out-side, an up-side, and a down side. This is the twentieth degree of our student enrollment upon the square we now stand.”

“As a biracial Atheist woman I have acknowledged that the definition of a Supreme Being can be defined in many ways. One such way defines a Supreme Being as an entity who is better, greater or more supreme at things than we as an individual would be. By this definition of a Supreme Being everyone would or could be another person’s Supreme Being. This would be simply because one person may be better at some things the next person may not be good at would make us all diverse but mortal Supreme Beings.”

”Most people who profess a belief in a Supreme Being do not seem to give much thought to their definition of a supreme being because they generalize it. When it comes to greater specifics their overall belief makes little to no sense and will almost always contradict itself. This may be a reason I want to explain what our Atheist church refers to as the Devil’s Civilization and why we seek to destroy it. The Devil’s civilization caused so much confusion among many Theist and Atheist alike.”

“For the most part among Atheist both God and Devil are symbolic characters used as symbols of extreme good and its opposite, that which is extreme evil. By these terms we have found The Devil’s Civilization as a theistic systematic or institutionalized racism, sexism, and homophobia confirmed by those who initiated and use the concept of a Devil in religion. The concept of a Devil was created by religious groups as a God or deity devoted solely to evil to oppose a GOD of good. The God of good was a monarchical deity or God in opposition of an opposing monarchical deity or God.”

“The Devil’s civilization became a system of mentally and physically enslaving a majority of the overall population by way of an alleged religious hope, faith, and belief. This system was referred to as Theism. Many Theist claim that although their monotheism consists of two opposing monarchical deities it should still be recognized as monotheism. Such a system is used to dumb down its followers and to make them believe in a perspective of a diminished human capability unable to rise above a certain low level of intellect referred to as “the sins of the world.”

“In the process of undoing slave making traditions or what we refer to as psychological slavery it became clearly very apparent among the adept of human mortal Freethinkers that there was an evolving problem among African Americans. Because of centuries of having to endure slave making traditions and Jim Crow laws most African Americans did not know a history beyond the transatlantic slave trade. Because of it they were in full support of Christianity and Islam. The Christian Bible had replaced their lost history. Their version of Christianity and Islam promoted an anti-African anti-Egyptian perspective. Rising above this type of religious thinking was considered a sin among Christians and Muslims. Sin is considered a mistaken or a component of uncivilized character.”

“For the English colonies who had come here to what became America the first colonists were volunteers – people who were sold the idea that the New World was a land of plenty where they could make their fortunes. They contributed at least part of the cost of the voyage. As the colonies expanded they needed more labor but the problem was that the typical laborer couldn’t afford the cost of the voyage. So indentured service was created whereby a ship’s captain would take them in exchange for a contract for several years work. A contract which would be sold on arrival to the highest bidder but sometimes even that wasn’t enough. There was another source of labor provided by criminals, prisoners of war and random people the authorities didn’t like to make slaves of them.”

“Tropical diseases, the heat and sunburn killed Europeans very quickly. The solution was buy or capture people from Africa who were used to the climate and ship them across the Atlantic. The difference between slavery and indentured servitude started in the 18th century and was exacerbated by the revolution. Because many of the Africans were Muslims and did not speak an allege Christian European language they were seen as stupid heathens – not worth educating and unable to take responsibility for themselves. Then with the revolution the supply of European indentured servants dried up. No longer were the British sending ship loads of people over. Instead they went to Canada. Within a generation or two indentured service had largely disappeared in the US. Then came the clampdown on the Atlantic slave trade. If the plantation owners wanted to keep their workforce they need it to breed. So the informal practices which bound the children of slaves to the plantation were codified into law and the chattel slavery we associate with the Americas was complete.”

“The main cash crops were cotton, sugar and tobacco. What had become the Christian Holy text or Bible initially derived from the writings of African and Middle Eastern scribes’ scrolls and Tablets said to have been Hebrew scripts. Such scrolls and Tablets often contained rites, rituals, symbolisms and mythology of the scribes. The words written by these scribes had become rewritten by some Europeans scribes in such a way the Africans and Middle Eastern people had been taken out of their own story to be replaced by Europeans. These rewrite of history was given to the slaves and so called Natives to enslave them”

“We then saw everyone from Adam to Zacharias become Biblical white men and women. African and Middle Eastern names had been changed to fit a white Christian, Catholic, Jew or Muslim depiction. Albeit there were numerous African civilizations preexisting the religions of Christianity and Islam, many Africans and African Americans were religiously enslaved or taught to denounce them in order to uplift Arabs or uplift Jews and Christians and her white Jewish or white Christian Jesus.”

“By way of teachings from the Christian Bible the African who had become the African American were a people taught the existence of a Judeo Christian deity or God by the very people seeking to enslave them. The so -called white European as a slave master taught the so-called Negro Christiandome.”

“Found within its hopes, faiths and beliefs the slave was taught that by becoming domesticated, the Negro could transcend into spiritual freedom from the evil monarchical grasp of the devil and his hellish heat he made in Africa. Within the divine and spiritual act of initially accepting Christiandome from the white slave trafficker, then and only then would the so-called Negro be saved from their sins. The slave trafficker sought to make the slave believe that they were not becoming slaves but were rather being freed from slavery as so they were to be saved from sin, the sin of not being considered a white person.”

“The once powerful slave master instilled in the Negro a tale of a devil who was once a milky white androgynous male Archangel from an enchanting white Judeo-Christian God’s paradise known as Heaven. The Archangel was exiled from heaven for stirring up confusion. When cast into the fiery pits of hell the once beautiful milky white archangel became a soulless Negro. But once the devil was allowed to leave hell and come down to earth his skin cooled of which then made him look like the Native American red skinned people. The humble so-called Negro believes such a tale without question and humbly follows Christiandome. They as blacks are regarded as Noble savages by most Christian whites for accepting Christiandome.”

“Now, a mass majority of Native Americans and Negroes dance sing and praise a white Jewish Jesus for this occurrence, alleged in the spirit of Jesus, somehow thinking they were saved from slavery.

“A man whom had once been a white Supremacist somehow became an outspoken challenger of this Abrahamic belief system. The once well-known white Supremacist Clark Lindh had proclaimed that he’d been paid a visit by an interstellar time traveler named Gable Addo. Gable was a black man who had managed to change Clarks mind. This black man had become known to him as the Interstellar All insight, instinct and ideals seeing. This near Omnipotent Alien told Clark that with his aid religious followers and leaders all over the Earth would recognize their Earthly concept of a Devil and a GOD could never be beautiful nor omnipotent no matter how they were dressed up.”

”Back in the early 1900’s Gable and other members of an interstellar twenty four scientists let Clark know they held the key to mortal human immortality. They told him he would live to see a future Godhead of his church give a speech in the Judeo Christian year of 1976. During such a time America would be in a crisis. At the time Clark had been born in the year 1888.

As time travelers these 24 scientist were able to travel to an alternate planet earth where Clark was born in the year 1913. In both worlds The United States of America would be divided for or against racism, sexism, and homophobia in the 1960’s black power struggle. There would also be a multicultural feminist movement being kick started. Clark would somehow become physically resurrected from the dead to show and prove Science itself had become the God as a Supreme Being religious follower and leaders had been searching for, yet somehow overlooking.”

“It was noted that as a reflection of Christian morals, ethics, survival, adaptation, and unity it was accepted that only two people existed on the entire planet earth 6,000 years ago today. Those two people were a Caucasian Adam and Eve. With this religion it was believed those seven days prior to the existences of Adam and Eve all organic and inorganic existence had been brought about solely by way of a Judeo Christian Deity or God. Now the question arose could this belief be disproven or not?”

”Many religious followers and leaders began to more thoroughly examine their overall religious beliefs when the Clark and Gloria Lindh existentialist Church of the Neo Science in Being was established. This often caused a power struggle within the Christian, Catholic and Muslim faiths in America. Many religious followers and leaders began to refute their own beliefs. Most had found that what they had referred to as religious hopes, faiths and beliefs were not founded on truth nor actual facts but were almost entirely based on medieval superstition which such religions promoted unfounded unnecessary ignorance, racism, sexism, superstition, mythology and homophobia.”

“This revealed that many religious leaders were both immoral and unethical because they purposely mislead their religious followers. They did this as a way to gain advantages in a ladder of success as a way to gain material wealth. Most had preached against material wealth in change for spiritual wealth. For the Demigods material wealth was spiritual wealth. But this was not so for their religious followers.”

“Between the years of 1963 and 1968 I was personally made aware of a government funded program known as Cointelpro. This was supposed to have been a government funded institution created by the FBI to dismantle anything thought to have been a threat to American Democracy. Cointelpro was considered a counter intelligence program.”

Chapter 12

”I was personally told by the head of the FBI the then Mr. J Edgar Hoover there had been as many as a combined 8001 disappearances of State and Federal in Canada, United States and South America. There had been 8001 specific crimes done on the same day by the same perpetrators. I also found out how Cointelpro was an institution designed to financially hold back or stagnate a mass majority of women, African Americans and Homosexuals. These groups were considered counterproductive to a certain Judeo/Catholic/Christian and Islamic white Supremacist Alpha males Brand.”

”These crimes against Federal Judges had been committed during this era when the Clark and Gloria Lindh Existentialist Church of the Neo Science and Being had become the world’s leader for on demand technology. Yet not even our Church’s greatest of scientist could create a type of technology to aid solve these baffling murders. For some odd reason the head of the FBI began immediately arresting only our black male adults of this church. It made no sense because the Clark Lindh Church was then a predominantly a white American church. It seems that at this time police officers all over the US were killing unarmed black men, women and children for little to no reason, as if lawful.”

“It was becoming widely noted that in 1964 a black man in a North Carolina prison had claimed sole responsibility for the disappearances of all those various Judges. He proclaimed that his fingerprints could be found at specific locations in each of these numerous Judges homes. I personally found this interesting enough that I travelled from my Los Angeles home to North Carolina to personally interview this man. I was given permission from the North Carolina Department of Public Safety and the North Carolinian Governor Bailey Lindh the son of Clark and Gloria Lindh to interview this man live TV.”

“Upon meeting this man I noticed that he constantly tried to seduce me. He bragged about never being charged for any of the murders of these various numerous State and Federal Judges. A man named Gable Addo had reportedly wrote several letters to a Raleigh, North Carolina Newspaper Journalist. Able had claimed that he knew details about each case not known to the public. The reporter called Law enforcers to investigate Gable’s claims. This would have made Gable a serial killer. It made local National News.”

”It had been found that his fingerprints had indeed been found in each of the Judges’ homes as he had proclaimed. This man implied that he would never have to give a logical explanation how and why the judges were killed simultaneously. In fact, he proclaimed that because these acts defied logic proved his guilt. He went further to claim himself an Omnipotent Superhuman mortal who was capable of travelling faster than the speed of light. His favorite pastime was breaking the mortal physics, gravity and its criminal justice system. He went further to state that breaking out of a minimum security prison was far too easy.”

“Gable was a dark brown skinned man who stood 6’9” inch tall. He went further to state that the only reason he chose not to escape from prison was the fact that this life he now lived was once a fictional story written in a fictional book he wrote and had published. Eventually the technology came about to make his book become a live action motion picture he now referred to as a virtual reality or advanced computer simulation. He was now merely an actor in a virtual reality video game. This life you and I now live was said to be that virtual reality video game.”

”My father personally told me that this man was the same man he had met in as a teen. It was well known that my father was only 19 years old when he joined Clark and Gloria’s atheistic church. My father became a fiery 25 year old African American Atheist made famous for his debates with Christian religious leaders. My father told me that he didn’t know how to read or write until Mr. Gable Addo had taught him”

“By 1963 I had been elected to replace my father as Prime Minister of our church. My father had then stepped down as Prime Minister so that he could devote more time as an instructor in This Merced, California Children’s Academy. In 1964 it was estimated that I was the world’s richest person. I had by then developed many of the world’s usable computer software and hardware.”

”By the 1950’s Clark and Gloria’s Church was the world’s leading producer of many of the world’s most advanced technology. Most but not all of such technological wonders had been produced in America. Our Atheist church and all children’s learning centers were the only churches and schools which were integrated. It was a very controversial decision when Clark and Gloria appointed my father as their Prime minister during a time of gender and racial segregation in America. My father was 6’9” and weighed 330lbs. He was also very dark skinned. When the rest of America was going through a blatant period of segregation and sexism most had taken notice that our Atheist church was the only institution in the US not going through such division.”

”My mother Paulette Rand was a blonde and blue eyed six foot four inch tall clothes designer from the Soviet. She had come to America as an Immigrant. My father legally changed his name to Administer Brown Lows when he joined Clark and Gloria’s Atheist church and my parents were then wed..

“In 1900 Clark and Gloria bore their first child, a son named Bailey. By 1963 Bailey had become the Governor of North Carolina. Bailey had allowed me to interview Mr. Gable Addo on live TV. So I Interviewed Able in a three hour interview on our Atheist TV network my father had birthed. I wanted to know why he had admitted to being a serial killer. I also wanted to question his alleged immorality.”

“During this three hour interview he gave me blueprints for one million separate inventions yet to be patented. One such blueprint I later implemented was a computer having as many as 3,600,000,000 bytes of memory. He showed me how most of its computer parts could be made with a form of microbiological organic parts. He then told me that I deserved to have sex with him to gain the most immense of all pleasurable experiences. He then stated that Human beings of Earth deserved a Heaven here on Earth without racism, sexism, homophobia, birth defects and natural disasters by way of transhumanism. It will become the way to develop technologies which will greatly enhance human intellectual, physical, and psychological capacity by way of ingested drugs or chemicals. We would eventually be able to perform delicate surgeries on ourselves without ever setting foot in a hospital.”

”He also explained how those who profess to oppose science and evolution only oppose the false definition of science and evolution they have created for themselves. Science is merely the observation and study of objects and objectives. Evolution was synonymous for change.”

“According to Gable he actually dies every 120 years. Almost as instantly as he dies he is rebirthed to another set of parents as a sperm in an egg. His last and current birthdate occurred in New Rochelle, New York in 1941. His parents had not known about his rebirth and only knew him as they now knew him. Able says he has 360 Superhuman Powers.

“Gable had said that he was able to speed up the aging process of many State and Federal Judges while yet slowing the aging process of a few of them. In many of the homes of the State and Federal Judges babies were found but it wasn’t leaked to the media. The Law enforcers would not have known that Gable had turned some of the State and Federal Judges into babies. In other homes of such judges were very elderly people 50 or 60 years older than the judges. Actually those older people were the Judges but law enforcers would not have known who they were. That type of detail would have only been known by investigators and Gable himself. This information ended up making national and world news.”

“Able proclaims to have the power to create what could be a heaven here on earth. He sought to rid the earth of all sickness, disease, racism, sexism, homophobia, birth defects, famine, classism, and poverty. He found that his biggest enemy was the current theistic religions. Although they insisted they were those who believed in a heaven, and a God. Believers often united to do everything in their power to stop Gable. At first he couldn’t understand why. He then found that the world’s most powerful religious leaders were playing both sides of a war of good versus evil.”

“Behind the scenes the most powerful and most influential of all religious leaders had proclaimed in secret that without sin the human being as they knew them would become extinct. They were doing everything in their power to assure humanity as they knew them did not become extinct. These religious proclaimed to Gable that they were forced into a position where they had to stop human evolution. Their way of hindering evolution consisted of dumbing down all their religious followers by concealing things from them.”

”It had gotten to the point religious leaders have made far too much of a profit from the misery of their own followers. Far more Religious leaders want us all to use a form of treatment for things we should be provided a cure for. Their way of providing law and order is to create a type of social dependency solely on them. They then pretend their followers are at fault for being the addicts they as religious leaders made followers become. Gable let it be known that Earth’s inhabitants need a mass majority of people intelligent enough to more fully understand astronomy, astrology and astrophysics especially the minorities of all Nations. Those minorities often evolve to become the majority who create cures instead mere treatment. A religiously dumbed down people will foolishly and unconsciously fight against their own evolution.”

”On the date of March 1966 thru April 22nd of that year I aided to lead a peaceful protest in demand of immediate and long lasting civil rights legislation. We as a Nation marched to the White House. Our Church of the Science in being provided transportation and entertainment as our incarcerated church members were released from jails and prisons across the US. Many of the world’s famous actors, comedians, singers, magicians, clergy, dancers, poets, educators, writers, architects, scientist, inventors, movie producers, actors, physicians, attorneys, government leaders, military personnel and numerous others spoke on behalf of the United States gaining and leading our known world with civil rights legislation. It was aimed to all those born in America, which includes north and South America.”

”The man known to us as Gable Addo was released from prison. He introduced me to the living Clark Lindh. Gable told me that Clark would be here tonight to give a speech. I am the mother of five children, two boys and three girls, Aton, Amon, Aaliyah, Njoki and Aiyerubo. My eldest son Aton is graduating from this Academy today. So this now concludes my first speech. I would like to invite you all to come and hear Clark Lindh speak tonight. We are thankful for your presence and support. We can’t thank you enough. Now I would like for you to read your programs and listen to our next speaker. Thank you.

Chapter 13

“While doing this prison stretch I decided to make an attempt to write a book. Having never before written a book I decided to make my first attempt at writing on Wednesday March 9, 1966. Prior to this date I had spent almost my entire prison time devoted to either drawing and making holiday or birthday cards, doing portraits, doing tattoos for other prisoners and the entire prison staff or masturbating.

What went wrong? How did I get teleported as an adult and end up being birthed as some type of immortal created in a lab by scientist? What happened to the other 13 people I was teleported with? Maybe this was a good thing but it wasn’t planned. Seven men and seven women from various nations were chosen to teleport. I was one of those chosen people. 14 people were teleported to a planet astronomers and scientist had affirmed had held animal and plant life. We were supposed to be teleported back 365 earth days after launch time. There had not been no real way of knowing exactly where and how we were going to end up. This was where things got really strange. Maybe this isn’t bad at all.

Instead of things going as planned I ended up seeing alternate version of many of the people I knew of. I ended up having a totally alternate life. One such life happened on what I refer to as the second alternate Earth.

There is more than one beginning to this story. Every beginning has to have something preexisting it to cause it. When I first began writing my main goal was to simply create an alternative way of thinking and acting for myself and thirteen other people. In doing so I somehow landed myself in a minimum security prison located in the Bible belt. My life is slightly different than it was previously. My first time getting arrested and somehow I ended up with a full five year prison sentence. I decided to literally and figuratively begin my story from the confines of prison. While doing this prison stretch I decided to make an attempt to write a science fiction tale. Having never before written a book I decided to now make this attempt.

“As I know write this tale I sit alone in one of the prisons 30 or so dayrooms. There are almost always large groups of prisoners in here being loud as hell. For now I’ve placed them all in suspended animation, with the exception of Mr. Aaron Chrisler. The rest of the guys were so loud that almost none of us could hear the TV. There is a huge floor model TV on a stand near one of the two entrances and exits to this dayroom. Those types of TV’s can never compare to the Ultra-thin high definition plasma screen sets with surround sound.”

“I just recently quit smoking cigarettes. Today this day room reeks of tobacco. The dorm janitor tries his best to keep this dayroom fairly clean. He daily mops, and sweeps the floor and at times washes the windows. Sometimes he buffs the floor. Yet the walls and ceilings which were once a gloss white are now a yellowish tint. That’s because of the excessive smoking and its nicotine buildup. When these prisoners finally come out of their suspended animation one of them will make an attempt to kill another. Murders may occur rather frequently at maximum and medium, security prisons but not so much of an occurrence at minimum security prisons. Almost all medium and maximum security prisons are surrounded by towering barbed wire fences. This prison isn’t. Prisoners here have been known to jump the fence only to come back to prison an hour or two after escaping. These are usually prisoners who live here in Raleigh. It’s often done so much it’s ignored or gone unnoticed. The fence surrounding this facility only stands six feet tall.”

“Well, it’s almost time for the suspended animation switch or pause switch to deactivate. Before placing nearly everyone in suspended animation I told Aaron that I was going to do so. He and I had been in the middle of a conversation when I abruptly decided to stop the conversation and rewind this whole story. When we were conversing we talked about how loud it was in this dayroom. He then began explaining to me how he thought the entire American penile institute came about. I don’t know where Aaron got his information from but he says the American prison system was birthed by the Quakers. It was their way of designating a way for criminals convicted of a crime to gain repentance or penitence in a penitentiary. That penitence was supposed to come about by way of vigorous Bible study and full nights and days of complete silence.”

“One of the only places a prisoner could speak freely had to take place in a prison dayroom. Any other time any prisoner had permission to speak was when asked a question or told to speak by members of the prison staff. To replace their voices each prisoner was required to literally knock on wood. To this day when prisoners finished eating their meals in the chow hall they got up and knocked twice on the wood tables. That was their way of gaining permission to leave, and a way of telling others they were finished eating. Speaking or acting without permission or authorization was grounds for very severe beatings from the prison guards. Many prisoners went insane because of long days and nights of complete silence. This time frame of forced silence and forced Bible study occurred between the late 1800’s up until the last three or four years. A whole lot of funding went into creating and maintaining prisons but not so much into creating or maintaining Insane Asylums.”

“As Aaron continued to speak neither of us were paying much attention to our surroundings. Someone came up behind me with the plan to completely separate my head from the rest of my body with a razor sharp butcher’s knife. Aaron watched in shock and horror as I was repeatedly stabbed and cut right in front of him. But right before I took my last breath, and right before every drop of blood was completely drained from my body I told the AI to stop and later rewind the story. So everyone went into suspended animation. I just thought of at least 4 alternate beginnings and ends to this story. I survived just in the nick of time. Now I have to relive a part of the story to make a bit of an alternate story.

In one story I was killed in prison and it sparked prison reform. The person who had killed me was insane. An outcry from the public made people acknowledge that the insane shouldn’t be in prison because they needed to be in an insane asylum. That lead to a whole lot of changes in prisons and in society as a whole.

In yet another story I somehow survived. I was almost killed. After getting out of the hospital it was business as Fixing Web hosting each story a seemingly minor change takes place. With each minor change comes greater changes in everyone else’s environment, circumstance and conditioning. We call this the butterfly effect.

In the Beginning there was darkness. The darkness was empty, cold and silent. Something sparked and ignited the darkness of an empty vacuum of space into becoming conscious. I was once that empty dark vacuum of space. From my dark cosmic immaterial awareness came light. Conscience was the light.

Every beginning had to have something preexisting it to cause it. This in itself becomes a revolving infinite circle. My conscious dark state became a sole universe. My conscious universe acknowledged there had previously been nothing within it, besides it, above it or below it. I made a conscious decision to reform myself. In my reformation, that which I made above me became the heavens and a sole cosmos to be known as the I-Magi-Nation. “As I now take my last breaths and bleed out my last few drops of blood I gradually think back to fondly reminisce. I think back to the many and the singular things which caused me to get to this point I am now at. I think about what it could and would have been like if I had lived a completely different life. I now also question what it would have been like if I had to live my entire life all over again. Would I have done anything any different?”

“Among the living I have known many people who would say that men much like myself were immortals. Yet I now know for a fact that I have been nonexistent for a far longer span than I have existed. Immortality was supposed to work the other way around. One could say that I have both lived and died so many times that I’ve come to lose count.”

“Maybe in death I was simply just random thoughts existing somehow trying to connect with other random thoughts to obtain a more permanent due form. Now instead of existing as mere random thoughts I became a human mind, body, space, matter, memory, time and energy formed by negative, positive or neutrally charged particles.”

“With each death comes a new life. With each new birth of a conscience comes an acknowledgement that there was always something that preexisted.”

“I always seem to regain the chance to start life all over again. My new start almost always seems to appear with a newer body and a newer refined mind and memory. Every life ever I ever lived was a story to tell. Some people never get the chance to tell their own life’s story. Many people have immortalized others by retelling their life. Sometime a storyteller makes others’ lives and their own life appear either far greater or far lesser than reality.”

Chapter 14

Initially it took me a full six months just to write the first five chapters. After sending them to Batini I ended up having to rewrite. On my second go around I found that I could write an entire chapter in just one day. At that rate I should be able to easily write an entire book within three to six months, depending how long its chapters are.

For decades my mother Mattie had told me she had always wanted to write a book. She sought to write a book similar to the much acclaimed 1940’s African American Author Alex Haley’s book. She wanted to trace the Ancestral lineage of her father Amos Murchison. I witness her take notes for over 15 years and yet never end up writing the book. My mother died Sunday February 12, 1991. I decided to write a book which would be part science fiction yet part autobiographical.

As the story has it I had a five year prison sentence to do. I was in prison for a felony burglary charge. When sentenced to do this time I sat in jail only to later come to prison. If anyone knows about prison you would know what you go through in being processed into the prison system. I was processed at a maximum security prison called Central Prison or CP in Raleigh, NC. In processing the prison officials keep a record of a prisoners health, education and attitude.

After spending 45 days at CP I was sent to a medium custody prison in the mountain region of North Carolina. I was told that I would only be here for 90 days. After doing those 90 days I was sent to a minimum security prison very close to CP. That means I was sent back to Raleigh.

In 1964 most of the current black males within the North Carolina prison system think and act like slaves. To a certain extent they have to. There are far more white people at this facility. The entire prison staff is here is white. The Black Prisoners have been repetively raped and beaten up not only by other prisoners but also the prison guards here.

Of the 600 prisoners at this minimum security prison referred to as “Triangle” one hundred of them are homosexual. The overall population are four hundred whites and one hundred and fifty blacks. Of the one hundred fifty blacks fifty of them are homosexuals. Almost all the Black Homosexuals were rape victims while most white homosexuals were already homosexuals when they came to prison. I don’t know how this reflects on the outside prison world.”

“There were about ten prisoners here who should have been placed in an insane asylum. They won’t get the proper treatment they need. They clearly don’t belong in a prison.”

“Someone is going to end up killing one of them or one of them will kill another prisoner. I have four sisters and one baby brother, and I’m the eldest. My brother is the only one who writes me. He’s a Sunni Muslim. The rest of the family prefers contact via the phone. Each of them now lives in walking distance of this prison. .

In 1964 within the confines of prison the only so-called black men in what would appear any form of a significant power would have been the members of The Lost and Found Nation of Islam. In America it is accepted that such black militant Muslims had a slightly different style or version of Islam than that of the Muslims of Saudi Arabia which is the birthplace of Islam.”

“In this same note the American Christian is often in direct opposition of the Christiandome taught in Israel or Jerusalem. Only the spiritually blind, deaf and would or could be fooled by the act of Muslims praying together as if such an act cured Islam of racism, sexism and religious intolerance.

“In many parts of Europe the more dark skinned Muslims are known as Bilalist. Bilal was a Sudanese Muslim. Mohammad Ibn Abdullah of Arabia saw the more pale complexioned Muslims looked upon the darker skinned Muslims as their inferiors. To counteract this blatant form of racism Mohammad appointed Bilal as the leader of the Muslims prayer referred to as the Adhan. I arrived at “Triangle” on Tuesday January 16, 1965. I was the only black prisoner who wasn’t a Muslim who didn’t ask a white person for permission to do things. I’m the only black person who refused a prison job without receiving disciplinary infractions. I’m also the only black tattoo artist here. Tattooing in prison is actually against the law. I do it as if legal.”

“When I first got here I had no money and no art material. The only artist here were two black artist and ten white artist. I simply borrowed a pencil from one of the black artist. I did six different poster sized portraits from photographs of family members of prisoners and members of the prison staff. It took me two weeks to complete those six black and white pencil drawing. After doing them and getting paid for them I was enabled to by my own art supplies. Four white tattoo artist gave me all of their supplies before they recently went home. Since they were the only tattoo artist here everyone then came to me if they wanted a tattoo. It eventually got to the point most of the prisoners here and most of the prison staff members were getting either holiday or birthday cards, portraits or tattoos from me. I then had many of the other artist here working for me.”

“I would sit at the table in the dayroom drawing or writing from 5:30 am to 11:30 pm. I had only been to the chow hall four times. Everything else I ate came from the canteen or what the prison staff would bring to me. I would take short breaks to eat, shower and use the bathroom. I could leave my art material or equipment at the table in the dayroom overnight without anyone stealing anything. I rarely listened to the radio.”

“June of 1966 I noticed that a librarian was needed in the prisons brand new state of the art library. It seemed as if no one wanted the job. Monday June 4th 1966 I began my first day as the prison librarian. It wasn’t until Monday June 18th that I began typing what was to become a book. I was utilizing the library’s computer. I had a prison job where I could work my own hours. I decided that my hours would be from 8:00 am to 11: pm. I would work seven days a week.”

“It wasn’t until Thursday September 13 that I completed five chapters. I immediately packaged those chapters to place stamps on the package to rush and send it to my son’s mother. I felt deep gratification sending every chapter to her. Batini was living in New Rochelle. I can’t get over the fact that I wanted Batini to give me constructive criticism and her aid in writing, publishing and marketing my potential book. I wrote her several letters in great detail explaining my expectations from her. I was expecting her to be fully flabbergasted, thrilled, and electrified that I of all people was writing a book. I thought she would be more than willing to help me. I assumed she would eagerly jump on this golden opportunity.”

“Yet I did notice that when we spoke on the phone she never mentioned the content of any mail I sent her. Oddly she did assure me that she did in fact receive the mail but she had not as of yet opened the mail to view its content. In all of our phone conversations her primary concern was that we discuss the explicit sex we were going to have during our next encounter. She told me that she was more than willing to allow me to perform anal acts on her but she didn’t ever want to perform fellatio.”

“I never thought it made sense to talk about the sexual intercourse I wasn’t going to get for years. She continued in her nonsensical fantasy anyway. Sometimes I would hang up the phone on her. She eventually got around to telling me she was pregnant. The son we had was now getting a sister by a different daddy. She blamed me for her pregnancy. She eventually told me that she actually couldn’t read or write. So that caused her to throw away all the mail I had sent her. She had never bothered opening the mail. I had considered trying to write a book was really a big waste of time. I then reconsidered.”

“Saturday October 6 1966 the Warden of the prison walked into the library. I only quickly looked up at him and then continued to type. There were about 8 prisoners in the library at the time. The warden then asked me what I was typing. I told him I was attempting to write a book. We talked for a full 10 minutes before he abruptly left the library.

Wednesday October 10th 1966 the Warden came back into the library. I then found it somewhat odd that he always wears black. He’s a very pale looking blonde, blue eyed man who only wears Victorian style black outfits. His name was Clark Lindh. He’s really into a Goth look. Clark asked me to give him a printout of everything I wrote for my book thus far. So I used the library’s printer and printed out a copy of the book I have thus far written. I didn’t see the warden again until Monday November 5th of 1966. There may have been eight prisoners in the library when he came in. The library had air conditioning. This time around Clark came in the library with a small group of civilians. Clark told me that all North Carolina Prisons were now integrated. Blacks and women were now a required part of the prison staff. A few black men and women were in Clark’s small group. Some very attractive white females were also in the group among some white men. I didn’t understand why a woman would want to work in an all-male prison.

Clark introduced me to the new head of the library. She was a 27 year old black woman named Ahadi Body. I almost thought it was a joke that her last name was Body and her name was actually a-hotty. The Warden explained many of the library chores and functions to Mrs. Body and all the other new hires of this facility. None of them were dressed in prison uniforms. They talked and walked around for an hour before exiting. Before leaving the warden came over to me to inform me that he was an Atheist. He told me he would do everything in his power to assure my book was published and marketed upon its completion.

For some strange reason Clark told me that no state issued computer used by any prison was allowed Internet access. I wondered why he was telling me something I already knew and he knew that I knew. The library had no internet access.

Friday November 23rd, 1966 I found the library had Internet access. The following week on Monday November 25th Ahadi came into the library. She told me she had already paid for my website. She also informed me that it would be against prison policy for a prisoner to use any state issued prison computer in a way it would seem to be transmitting from the confines of a prison. She knew a way it would seem to transmit messages from another address. She also told me she was an Atheist. She hadn’t known more than five African American Atheist. She was surprised that an Atheist was in prison as a prisoner. Most prisoners in North Carolina were devout Christians. Ahadi smells really good. She has unusually long fingernails, too long to do much work with. She was six foot tall with really large breast, a very small waistline, a flat stomach, broad hips and a really big butt. Everything she wore was in a uniformed solid color. Today she wore a yellow skirt, yellow blouse, yellow hooped earrings, a yellow bracelet, yellow lipstick, a yellow watch, a yellow jacket and some yellow pumps. She was light brown in complexion a little darker than a tan. For now she only comes in the library where her office is on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. She never stayed in the library office for more than three hours.

I decided to give up my attempt to write a book for now. Since I now have my own website I’m going to do something with it. After New Year’s Day of 1967 I decided to go ahead and write four separate books right away. Both Clark and Ahadi informed me of numerous ways I could get all four books published while I was yet in prison. But instead of rushing to get all 4 books published I first wanted to obtain copyrights for all four books.

It wasn’t until April of 1967 that the US copyright office had given me the copyrights to all four books. In January I had all four books typed and sent to the copyright office. Once obtaining copyrights I decided to place a combination of all four books into a condensed version of them all. I had now gained 12,500 followers on my website. I had drawn hundreds of drawings which was supposed to be included in the book posted on my website. I told Ahadi that it wasn’t for me being in prison I could have some of my drawings made on clothing and maybe I could kick start my own clothing line.

She told me that I could still create a clothing line from the confines of prison, she would help me. So I downloaded 150 pages of drawings I had left on the prison library’s computer. Wednesday April 17, 1967 Ahadi brought me 20 t-shirts with my artwork etched onto on them. I told her to feel free to put me in my place and there was no disrespect between us. I wanted to personally tell her that she was very attractive to me and I wanted to know if she was married or dating. I thought she and I should hook up. I’m usually not very talkative. I guess Ahadi got me excited so I began to rant. I told her that I needed her to meet my brother and four sisters. As we conversed I found that Ahadi lived in walking distance to this prison facility living in the same area as my brother and sisters.

In the coming months Ahadi and my sisters, their husbands and my brother birthed a clothing line showcasing my artwork. We were kick starting a new Family business. They knew where to get the textiles in bulk at discount prices. I wrote a letter to the secretary of the state of North Carolina for information about trademarks and everything needed to start a business in North Carolina. I thought about how my son’s mother could have been a part of this if only she could think like a sensible person.

I began practicing different clothing designs as drawings. I then began practicing making drawings on clothing. I used the library’s computer with a painting program called Gimp

I thought about having sex with Ahadi. I told her. I also told her that I would never put her in a position which would jeopardize her job. She told me she felt the same way. She thought she was ready to have sex with me but not at the workplace. We just left it at that for a while.

Chapter 15

I now know there are multiple versions of the planet earth existing simultaneously. A person reading this might not be able to distinguish one version or alternate Earth from the other by reading any of this. If I was a better writer they probably could distinguish them. Maybe I’ll get better at writing in my next attempt at writing a book. In what I would consider the second of 24 alternate Earths as of Friday August 5th 1979 I have a 9 year old daughter with my supermodel wife Ahadi Body. I also have a four year old daughter by my corporate attorney Mrs. Julie Lindh. Julie is the 27 year old daughter of Clark and Gloria Lindh. Julie is the same height and weight as Batini, Gloria, Njoki and Orissa. Ahadi and Batini, Gloria Njoki, and Orissa have the same measurements and yet different heights and weights. Both Julie and Ahadi are now 3 months pregnant by me. We now all live together. We own homes in Florida, California, Maine, Texas, Connecticut and Massachusetts.”

On my prison release date in 1969 my brother, sisters and Orissa Lows Body came to pick me up. Since Orissa was the wife of the Vice President of the US she was accompanied by the Secret Service. Sitting outside the prison were two helicopters. We were all rushed from North Carolina to Merced, California to attend Orissa’s son’s graduation day ceremony. We were rushed backstage and given the proper clothes to wear. Orissa gave me a one million dollar home to live in while in LA. She gave me a one million dollar savings account. A few days after the graduation day ceremony Orissa had people send me to London in a private jet.

While in London there was this major news report. A group of 30 top scientist and inventors were found to be pedophiles and those who had been filmed openly having sex with animals. They were high profile people soon to be sent to prison for various crimes against nature. These disgraced scientist and inventors for some reasons had their lawyers contacted me. Each of them claimed to have been devout Catholics. They presented to me a form of artificial intelligence they had collectively created and funded. They collectively sought to gather all resources to teach me everything they know about artificial intelligence. They then literally signed all rights to all of their inventions over to me. I then became a CEO for my own mini corporation in Europe and later the US. With aims for the development and research in the advancement of artificial intelligence and the overall advancement of human technology I now have a corporation known as Absolve One.

Friday August 5th, 1970 there was a major news report featured on every major television network, social media outlet, and radio. The report was one where the most powerful of all Earth’s Muslim, Sikh, Baha’i, Buddhist, Hindu, Brahma, Shinto, Taoist, Catholic, Christian, Jew, Wiccan, Scientologist, Jehovah’s Witness, Mormons, Pagans and Atheist gathered in New York. These variants of religions and the non-religious gathered to openly discuss the overall reinvention of time itself. It was then duly noted that many major contributions Atheist have made in the advancement and evolution of humanity should not go unnoticed. It was then agreed in a unanimous vote that what should now be regarded as the Judeo Christian calendar year of 1970 should now be regarded as the Atheist calendar year 57. The birthdate of June 9, 1913 which was Clark Lindh’s birthday was used as a universal Atheist calendar starting point.

Clark and Gloria were both 57 years old but didn’t look a day over the age of 30. Prior names of the days of the weeks and months would now be altered. Now what was once known in America as Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday became Accesday, Absolutionday, Absolveday, Allayday, Acuteday, Allotmentday, and Acclaimday. What was once known as January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, and December became the months of Knowledge, Wisdom, Understanding, Freedom, Justice, Equality, Substance, Liberty, Shelter, Love, Peace and Happiness.

What now became valued as the Atheist calendar year 29 marked the birth of American space exploration. What had now become the Atheist calendar year 39 marked the beginning of the construction of a massive space station. This 63,360,000 square foot space station was to be fitted with five artificial intelligent brains enabling it to think for itself. I started doing graffiti art in 1972. I used the tag name Absolve One. In 1976 while in Cali I changed my tag name to “Search”. Now I use the tag name Absolve One as the name of a corporation I now own and run. I also began a company which creates video games. My video game production company or corporation is simply known as Gable Addo Gaming. My Corporation Absolve One had created the computer brains for the entire space station.

What became the Atheist calendar year 42 was the year Russian scientist acknowledged that the earth’s sole moon was actually gradually shrinking. American scientist were the ones who created a type of technology allowing them to form an atmosphere with oxygen and water on the moon. This then enables scientist to gradually reconstruct the moon by taking away much of its metals and ore and replacing them with soil and sand, plants, animals and insects.

On the Atheist calendar year 61 the first if five million mortal human settlers on mars celebrated what became their development of their first major city. They then sought to make Earth a crime free planet. Plans were underway to build for major prisons and five minor prisons on mars. The four major prisons would be built to hold as many as four million male prisoners from earth. Each prison would be a maximum security prison. The four minor prisons would be built to hold as many as three million female prisoners from earth to be transported there when the construction for each prison was completed. It had been taken into consideration that the Martian gravity fields were a lot weaker than the gravity fields found on earth.

Chapter 16

March 6, 1970 I’ve just completed a yet to be published book entitled Development 462. As the story has it we can now live in a world where artificial intelligence resonates in nearly every aspect of human life. Our homes, computers, cellphones, transportation and tools we use can now come in the form of an AI. Some textile manufacturers are finding ways to turn our daily garments into AI. But what does it all mean? Well, it translates into inanimate objects being able to communicate freely with humanity. This also means the inanimate objects which once couldn’t have possibly had a soul have been given a soul by humanity. This means inanimate objects without a conscious can now be given a conscience.

We now live in a world where I Gable Addo have become Earth’s sole richest person. I did so by taking control of a corporation which led the overall development and research for the advancement of artificial intelligence. It had seemed that for thousands of years it was deemed impossible to manufacture and mass produce a synthetically made conscious human AI. Scientist and Physicians alike simply lived in a world where they couldn’t know enough to make such a feat possible. The most dominant of all religions promoted fear and ignorance. In order to stop human evolution religious leaders taught all of their followers that rising above a very low level of intellect had actually the act of humanity playing the role of a God. God was supposed to have been an all wise and intellect created as a superhuman immortal. Mortal humanity was never supposed to rise above the intellect of merely just groveling at the feet of such a superhuman immortal. Most religions had come to accept God as an alpha male who deserved constant praise and adoration. Somehow as a holy ghost God and his angels always knew the Earth revolved around the sun while such a God and his angels’ mortal human followers hadn’t known of this until they were convinced of it by a group of Atheist.

Religious followers believed in their followers because they were simply told by their religious leaders the religious leader was God’s bridge between the mortal or physical plane and God’s spiritual realm. Religious leaders existed as the mediator between God and mortal humanity. No religious follower on Earth would ever be conscious enough to know if they were being deceived by their leaders or not. They wouldn’t know that bridging God and his followers would make them identical to God. Instead of being bridged to be made identical the followers would be made to become the very opposite of their God by the religious leaders.

It was the work of the High Council of Elders who had created the one million human AI’s to be known as Development 462. These perfected conscious human male and female AI’s were created as Babies who would grow up to be adults. The High Council had duly contemplated doing away with the term AI when it came to producing these very conscious synthetic made humans. Albeit they were made in a laboratory and mass produced in factories they were human. I think one of the major errors made was the notion that Development 462 could become valued legal slaves of the future. Some high paying consumers wanted to use them as high priced sex toys. Other high paying customers came up with the idea that it would be cheaper to make these human AI’s work for a pharmaceutical corporation without pay. The pharmaceutical corporation could then make an enormous interstellar profit. The AI’s had been to work without pay, complaints or breaks 18 to 20 hours a day.

Development 462 was to be treated like robots because most mortal humans wouldn’t have known the difference between a robot human and a human AI. Unlike the regular standard human the AI’s of Development 462 could consume things which would almost immediately kill the average so called normal standard human. They had to digest a large intake of salts. Each AI had selective X ray vision, a photogenic memory, somewhat superhuman intellect, infrared vision, super speed, strength, sight, touch, taste, and hearing.

When I wrote this book and got it published I also made a video game for it. In the videogame the population of Saturn was limited to the numbers of 1, 892, 0065,000 animals, 24 Billion mortal humans and 8 Billion metahumans. The metahumans consisted of Vampires, Werewolves, Ghost, Fairies and Mixed Raced or mixed species metahumans. One of the types of mixed species metahumans had the upper body of a human but the lower body of an animal of either the land, air, or an animal found in a body of water. The other type of mixed species metahumans had the upper body of an animal of either the land, air, or an animal found in a body of water while its lower body appeared to be that of a human. Fairies came in three different subspecies. One type of fairy as an adult only stood six inches tall. They had colorful wings much like the wings of a monarch butterfly. Another type of fairy as an adult only stood a foot tall. They bore wings which looked more like the wings found on a dragonfly. The third type of fairy looked much like an average or standard human. They had no wings but still could fly.

One of the many controversies surrounding the game version of Development 462 was its explicit sex and violent scenes. Game players could play the role of an AI, Law enforcer, Pimp, Prostitute, Drug dealer, a corrupt religious leader or one of the members of the Neo God’s squad. members of the Neo Gods squad could have

1. The ability to make oneself and others invisible.

2. The ability to make oneself and others appear transparent.

3. The ability to make oneself and others have Infrared vision.

4. The ability to make oneself and others fix or heal anything with one’s contact at will.

5. The ability to make oneself and others have X Ray Vision.

6. The ability to make oneself and others lift any object with extreme focus or mind control.

7. The ability to make oneself and others shrink themselves down to the size of a collective 8 atoms.

8. The ability to make oneself and others rapidly reverse or increase the aging process of oneself or others at will.

9. The ability to make oneself and others absorb or deflect all matter?

10. The ability to make oneself and others go without eating or sleeping for hundreds of years.

11. The ability to make oneself and others create a rip or portal in time and space at will thus allowing time travel for up to a 1,200 year span at a time.

12. The ability to make oneself and others place themselves in suspended animation.

13. The ability to make oneself and others create a circumference of extreme or severe cold 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit below the freezing point of water for up to a 196,940,000 mile radius.

14. The ability to make oneself and others create a circumference of extreme or severe heat 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit above the boiling point of water for up to a 196,940,000 mile radius.

15. The ability to make oneself and others create an invisible but impenetrable barrier around oneself and others reaching up to a 196,940,000 square mile radius.

16. The ability to make oneself and others immediately create one million living, breathing, independently thinking and acting replica of oneself.

17. The ability to make oneself and others as a shape shifter, rearrange the molecular structure of oneself at will.

18. The ability to make oneself and others teleport within a 999,999,999,999 light year radius to a specific fixed point in time and space.

19. The ability to make oneself and others have a photogenic memory.

20. The ability to make oneself and others Live up to 120 years to then be physically rebirthed.

21. The ability to make oneself and others have the ability to appear weightless.

22. The ability to make oneself and others gain immortal superhuman speed, strength, intellect, sight, touch, taste, smell and sound.

23. The ability to make oneself and others appear transparent.

24. The ability to make oneself and others immune to sickness and disease racism and sexism.

25. The ability to make oneself and others replicate weather conditions at will.

26. The ability to make oneself and others produce lasers from one’s fingertips, palms of hands, and one’s eyes.

27. The ability to make oneself and others telepathically communicate with insects, animals and other people.

28. The ability to make oneself and others match the density and size of the planet earth at will.

29. The ability to make oneself and others live without oxygen for up to one million years.

30. The ability to make oneself and others reproduce any sound from zero to 999,999 decibels at will.

31. The ability to make oneself and others transfer one’s individual or collective powers.

32. The ability to make oneself and others envision the immediate or distant past or future of a person or animal by coming in contact with them.

33. The ability make oneself and others take away others intellect, speed, strength, sight, touch, taste, smell, and sound at one’s will.

34. The ability to give oneself and others superhuman immortal speed, intellect, strength, sight, touch, taste, smell, and hearing.

35. The ability to make themself and others move through solid objects.

36. The ability to make oneself and others become a Vampire, Zombie, Werewolf or Fairy immediately.

37. The ability to make oneself and others read, write and speak fluently any and all languages.

38. The ability to make oneself and others play any musical instrument instantly.

39. The ability to make oneself and others become a conduit for electricity to control one’s own wattage or amperes.

40. The ability to make oneself and others create a wind that travels 360 miles an hour with one’s breath.

41. The ability to make oneself and others animate inanimate objects at will.

42. The ability to make oneself and others mentally and physically link to any computer to either upload or download information.

43. The ability to make oneself and others upgrade their own powers to then increase ones powers.

44. The ability to make oneself and others levitate large bodies of land or water.

45. The ability to make oneself and others instantly form architectural structures one mile high having a base of 500,000 acres.

46. The ability to make oneself and others live in or under bodies of water for 50 year intervals without having to resurface.

47. The ability to make oneself and others create a nuclear blast with one’s mind.

48. The ability to make oneself and others implode or explode oneself and others only to reform.

49. The ability to make oneself and others grow wings like that of a bird instantly.

50. The ability to make oneself and others grow wings like that of a bat instantly.

51. The ability to make oneself and others grow wings like that of a dragonfly.

52. The ability to make oneself and others grow wings like that of a butterfly.

53. The ability to make oneself and others travel in and out of a cosmic black hole.

54. The ability to make oneself and others bullet and knife repellent.

55. The ability to make oneself and others increasingly sexually attractive.

56. The ability to make oneself and others stretch themselves like elastic.

Most critics of the game and the movie version of the game have said that such games and movies contained more sex and violence than a standard porn movie or documentary of war. Some critics have complained about game players confusing facts with fiction because of the game and its movie version. Because each game player wears special made to order custom contact lens and a vacuum sealed bodysuit with hundreds of sensors the game player can get confused. During game play most players have thought they had actually suffered from broken bones, gunshots or stabbings because the character they played in the game may have suffered from such mishaps.

Game players felt the sensation of sexual intercourse when and if the character they played in the game also had sex. Critics have complained about the length of time it took to play the game the way the game was designed it would take an average game player a full 18 months to complete the game from start to finish if just playing one character. There were as many as 100 playable characters in the game. Critics have complained that the game had far too much ground to cover. In the movie, book and videogame of Development 462 the AI’s had once worked for the largest pharmaceutical corporations in the entire Milky Way Galaxy. The Demand for illegal narcotics was on the rise and the AI’s sought to meet those ever increasing demands. So they began selling illegal and prescribed narcotics for a fraction of their going price. The AI’s gradually made a hostile takeover of the pharmaceutical company. They also learned how to conform newer drugs. As more people became addicted to both prescribed and illegal narcotics an increasing number of men, women, and children of eight different planets were more than willing to do whatever it took to get their prescriptions filled.

The AI’s of Development 462 then became pimps. The AI’s then began a system of human trafficking, prostitution and slavery. The AI created superbugs or bacterial infections only they held a cure and treatment for. They voluntarily infected animals and people of 8 different planets with these superbugs. This led them to become interstellar terrorist. There were points in the game where the explicit sex and violence of Zombies raping and later eating their own rape victims was shown. Those victims came in the form of animals or people whether dead or alive.

The graphics used in the game made the game seem realistic. Sometimes the Zombies tried to have sex with inanimate objects. Game players had a variety of ways of killing a zombie or playing the role of one. Game players can fight against one another as individuals or on teams. Once the game was completed the game player had the chance to replay the game with an alternate beginning and end. All Game players have to register online to play the game. Registration requires a fingerprint scan and a retina scan. All game players have to be 21 or older to register. There were parts of the game where the explicit sex and violence between groups of law enforcers, corrupt religious leaders, AI’s and innocent or not so innocent bystanders take place.

The Neo Gods were AI’s holding 33 Superhuman Powers. There was a time and a place where The Neo Gods consisted of a 30 year old Clark Lindh and his sister a 29 year old Gloria Lindh, their brother a 28 year old Bailey Lindh, their sister a 27 year old Julie Lindh, a 30 year old Alamance Albody, his sister a 29 year old Orissa Lows Albody, their brother a 28 year old Aton Albody, their brother a 27 year old Amon Albody, their sister a 26 year old Aaliyah Albody, their sister a 25 year old Njoki Albody and their sister a 24 year old Aiyerubo Albody. There was a 29 year old Aaron Chrisler and his 28 year old girlfriend Batini Lawles. Of course I’m the 19 year old Gable Addo. We were all part of an interstellar team of 14 astronaut crime fighters. At one time the greatest of all scientist on Earth were limited to 12 men and 12 women known as The High Council of the Supreme Elders. They were known as elders although none of them were over the age of 50. Each of them had become famous international scientist, astrophysicist, astronomers, architects, agriculturalist, engineers, physicians and inventors. Each of them were said to have been a people having an IQ well over 360. The high council found medical and scientific ways to not only become giants but also become immortal.

Somehow they made themselves 24 foot tall versions of themselves and they built their own city to live in. They created or engineered the Neo Gods. They were responsible for the creation and development of Development 462. All members of the High Council were married but not to one another. They constantly experimented on members of their immediate families. Because they refused to turn anyone else into immortals they were exiled from Earth to live on the planet Saturn. Space exploration aided humanity to populate many of the planets and their moons found in the solar system. Scientist had found ways to make these planets and their moons hospitable for human life. Animals, plants, insects, and variants of bacteria evolved to conform trillions of species. Earth had then been known as the cradle of life and civilization.

Earth’s collective governments agreed to place a population cap to not exceed a human population of 9 billion humans on earth. Most religions of the old had been eradicated. The newer religions worshipped, prayed to and prayed for celebrities and government leaders as their Gods, Devils or Angels. Thus all earthly religions were geared around mortal humans. There were no worship of immortals.

On Saturn Development 462 became the most dangerous of all terrorist groups. They made a hostile takeover of an entire continent on Saturn. Law Enforcers seemed powerless fighting against them. The High Council had not created Development 462 for the purpose of becoming terrorist but that’s what happened. The High Council summoned the Neo Gods to Saturn to aid Saturn’s Law enforcers fight a war on illegal narcotics, prostitution, slavery and terrorism. The High Council informed the Neo Gods that the AI’s of Development 462 looked to the Neo Gods as a role model. While most religions taught all their followers that good always wins over evil it was noted that the Neo Gods were anti-heroes. The Antiheroes motto was that the only thing which defeats evil is a far more diabolical evil. The only thing which defeats good is a far greater good.