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What’s your take on experiential education? How do you think travel experiences can transform learning for kids?

This is both a difficult and a controversial question for me to answer. Why? Because I am pro education. I spent over 20 years of academic life post grade school earning doctorate plus masters and bachelor degrees to accommodate my professional goal as a Psychologist. Yet on the other hand I am a devoted autodidact which means I took it upon myself to self educate on subjects that I didn’t have time to schedule in my busy academic life which too place on two continents and four countries. Yet the self teaching was still using the resources of university libraries and conversing with various professors and faculty. Also, my own life experience both as a private citizen and as a research student allowed me to be a world globetrotter.

Yet, the important thing was everything I did was strictly my own wishes and decisions, not my parents who couldn’t afford nor contribute to my education anyways, I did that with the labors of my own hands and initiative and continued to do so while I attended higher education. I averaged about 4 hours of sleep a night most of my life. The other efforts were from scholarships garnered in high school, and not one of them was an athletic scholarship. I didn’t do school sports.

I graduated from my 12th grade of high school at the age of 14. I turned 15 in the summer month of July. I took four years just to travel about, before I enrolled in my first university. I also worked while I traveled. I was a strict about saving money and putting my savings into time matured bonds. Finding work was never a problem, there were always floors to sweep, dishes to wash, tables to bus, and even wait and that’s where the real money was, tips. I was also fairly handy at accounting and I never took an accounting course in my life. I just had a knack at reading numbers and ledgers and pointing out errors. No one tried to burn me or rip me off. They all understood I was moving about and all I asked was a letter of reference. I had a large stack of those and had no qualms about any prospective employer checking them out via directory and/or Better Business Bureau. Everyone was authentic and better than money itself.

I kept of journal of my travels and allowed people I met to read them. They were not diaries, they were just notes of where I’d been, where I stayed, and where I worked. It also had notes of people I encountered and talked with. It was all an education, but at the same time it was an experience in which I gained wisdom, wisdom that I could freely share.