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What are the drawbacks of migrating to Canada?

Welcome to Paradise, this spot is not only in World Wonders; it is a spot where two great nations meet the mighty U.S.A. and Canada. The love and respect for each other should be a world model for two neighbors. For us going to the USA is going to a second home or going to your brother’s house.

There is no substitute on the earth, for Canada, the most beautiful country in the World. I joke with my family, most of the people have to die first to go to paradise. However, individuals who worked very hard here achieved that status without that considerable sacrifice. My wife and I came in a total of 500 plus eight dollars, almost penniless in the early 70 s, this country gave us, everything, super education, employment and one of the best food/water/clean place to live in this beautiful country. Thank you, Canada.

Canada could be a paradise for some and some well..less than paradise

However :

1. The downside was you have to work very hard in the beginning years, some make it, and some complained all their lives. In those days unless you have Canadian credentials, others were mostly useless.

2. We learned that lesson and made sure we got Canadian credentials.

3. Once we got Canadian credential, it was no walk in the park; now you need Canadian experience, now the real struggled started to find our place in the sun.

4. Accepted everything, as a progressing stone.

Law-abiding citizens have nothing to worry about:


1. You break the law, rest assured you will pay the price, it looks very relaxed to the newcomers. Once you break their trust, now wait being branded for life.

Minor shoplifting is a criminal offense, drinking and driving is a serious/crime, before you venture into these things, think again. Once you create a criminal record, you are more or less done here.

For hard-working immigrant kids, keep the yardstick of Asian children:

Education is very liberal, so it seems, some children coming from other countries think the system is very loose. In reality, newcomers do not realize they are giving you a rope long enough to hang yourself. In the end, they are going to put a filter and filter it out. Want to be a lawyer….write LSAT, Want to go MBA…write GMAT and so on…The filtering system is very efficient.


  1. Education is liberal and so it seems, they have a transparent system to measure you, they separate “ Chaff from the Wheat” very nicely in the end.

2. Asian kids are going to eat the competition alive (means they are very hardworking and disciplined, well most of them)

3. Game for excellent schools/colleges/ university is no different than most competitive places on the earth.

4. Some newcomer kids think they can wing it, and they talk about Harvard/MIT/Stanford/ U Waterloo/and acing SAT. But in the final analysis, when the cookie crumbles, you see them in a community college or private academies (some advertise to make them rock stars in no time) and some end up working in the service industry more or less at minimum wage and big talk. Here I am talking about the kids who estimate this system to be too lenient and liberal. Don’t take me wrong some do make to huge name schools others end up with reasonable careers.

The country is breathtakingly beautiful, and the health system is an envy of the world, everything is excellent:

One of the world wonders:


1. Rest assured you are and will be paying for each and everything.

2. When you write back to your native country, your wages, and before they call the whole village for a party.

3. Also send them the tax structure of this country, 50 cents on a dollar, most Canadians will not see.

The unemployment rate may little say 7 percent:


1. Permanent jobs with benefits and lavish retirement packages of the past are gone.

2. Most of the posts are contract jobs/part-time/ self-employment. Some experts are predicting in coming 5 to 10 years, 45 percent of Canadians will be self-employment.

Intuit says 45% of Canadians will be self-employed by 2020, releases a new app to help with finances

Intuit says 45% of Canadians will be self-employed by 2020, releases a new app to help with finances

3. Now look for life-long working life, retirement will be a thing of the past.

The country is beautiful; the landscape is breathtaking, parks look great:


1. Wait for the winter, before you send beautiful family pictures home, because of some winter blizzards, extreme cold and power breakdown may be on the downside.

2. Sometimes cities call the military to help.

Every immigrant except a few have an almost same story:

Italians, Greeks, Ukrainians, and so on, Japanese, East Indian, Chinese and so on all paid the price. Your achievements are directly proportional to your good work ethics.


1. Some became billionaires with hard work,

2. Some are still complaining, of discrimination and unfairness.

3. Unfortunately, there was no free lunch for most of the newcomers irrespective of the color, creed, religion, and so on.

Getting PR, we used to call landed immigrant is a beautiful thing.


1. It is not an invitation to sit on a high chair in the board room.

2. First Canada wanted unskilled straight muscle, to build roads, rail lines and so on.

3. The second wave semi-skilled to run the machines,

4. Present wave, to do the white-collar, mostly in the IT sector.

5. Do not expect any high powered positions, a job to job, temp, contract and so on will be a way of life. Basically, start digging another well before the first one goes dry. Sword of uncertainty will always be hanging, except for a few. Full-time permanent jobs with benefits are thing of the past. There are some publications which predict up to 45 percent of Canadians will be self-employed not too far in the future.

6. Two income family is a must, one salary is not going to cut it especially in TO area. It is a myth, that one salary pays all the bills after taxes/insurance one has to sit down and do the math.

Intuit says 45% of Canadians will be self-employed by 2020, releases new app to help with finances

Is there the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Yes, there is for some, for those Canada is paradise.

Living in Toronto is very nice:


1. The very high cost of rents/real estate/ make those pictures on the calendar make somewhat foggy.

2. Commutes are very long.

3. Insurance is very high.

4. In the beginning years, due to shift work, you may not see your spouse for quite some time.

We all come with good intentions, high hopes, big dreams, the intention of hard work:


1. Some are poor overall; some immigrants worked very hard all their lives on two or three jobs. They came with little or no education, or skills finally took refuge in the “ bottle.” Next-generation saw their parents, breaking their backs on hard work and in second-generation view, they had nothing to show for. They wanted to make fast and big bucks very quick, as we know there is no legal avenue left for making a fast buck. I want to stop the story here because in some cases story gets very nasty and in some cases very tragic.

2. In the end, their kids turned out to be complete bums, and they have nothing to show for in the end.

3. Some were very proud of their roots, culture and raised big fists, and great slogans of their heritage, their next-generation did not give two hoots. They (next generation) stomped on their dreams, these people came poor, stayed poor and died poor. In the end had no identity what so ever, they are/were the most pathetic ones.

4. Some lost their lifetime dreams, of spending their lives together, due to tremendous pressure ended up in divorce in the later part of lives.

5. By the time some tried to find a place in the sun here, sought to settle, pull their relatives out of poverty from back home. They ended up in hospitals themselves.

6. Some made it excellent, their next generation and third generation went like rockets up in the horizon. They are the ones who won big in this beautiful land. They are the real winners, in my view, whatever they did, it was breathtakingly beautiful in the end.

7. Keep in mind no one can fight the Will of High command upstairs, the Almighty the ultimate decision-maker, or some people call it luck and some call it a lottery.

Getting credit, plastic cards, buying the first house with as little as 10 percent down payment or maybe even lower or sometimes no down payment, leasing a nice car, buying state of art fridge/stove/washer/dryer with all kind of latest technology are all very easy.*


1. Some will never be able to pay back to get rid of the mortgage.

2. Some will be eaten alive by the credit cards.

3. A few, lucky ones can pay off one million dollar house in Toronto.

4. By the time you pay for fancy fridge/stove/washer/dryer, the lights will be getting very dim on those ones. Now time to buy another set. The cycle of borrowing and paying continues.

Having said: The question is for “ Downsides” and it did not ask for a bright side. My conscious does not allow me to paint one-sided stories, I like to add as follows:

Some immigrants made huge gains, their achievements are breathtaking, hats off to them for their mind-boggling successes. In my view, they are/were extraordinary/focused/extremely hard working and an excellent money manager. Their next and following generation is brilliant, disciplined and far more focused than their parents and grandparents.

Hats of those immigrants: These immigrants came from Italy/Greece/, in fact, all over the Europe /Asia/Africa/ Middle East/ Caribbean all communities produced stars.

A true story when we were Fresh of The Boat FOB, in early 70 S. Please do not get offended it is a generic name for all new immigrant.

It used to Paki for all brown people of color. Again do not get offended everyone Italians Greeks, Japanese, Chinese we all have/had names, it has nothing to do with color/religion/) it is the title we earn in this country. Now we have coined a new name FOB, irrespective of color/origin/ creed/religion/ any newcomer is called FOB. Paki is old and disappeared.

I like to share one personal thing when we came here in the early 70 s; life was very tough to settle. Our parents used to be worried sick about us. To make them happy, we would try to send them very rosy pictures. These images would include a half-decent car, fake Ray Ben glasses, and usually a nice park or high-end apt buildings. My parents would feel excellent, but the reality was far far away.

Finally, my wife and I did stand on our feet, and we could afford to send a ticket for my mother to come here for a visit.

When we were doing much better than when we came so we thought, but my mother was shocked stunned and cried. You do the math, why did she cry??? I leave it up to you? We know why?

When some people write back home they have bought a house(people usually miss the fine detail, with 10 percent or less down), car (which is a necessity to survive), mention big paycheque ( missed fine detail about taxes, high rent and insurance, babysitting and other childcare)

Story no. 2,

Before we came to Canada, my father used to rave about this young man who was/is the younger brother of his acquaintance. My dad thought, he was some big shot and thought he was a big hero: He envied that family and used tell me how many Canadian dollars he was sending back home. Fast Forward: It used to hurt me inside when I was struggling in India, Regardless, when I migrated to Canada with proper credentials, I vowed to go and see that legendary guy.

I moved to Toronto and went to his address unannounced; I knocked at the door. He was home; he was living with 6–7 other guys, I saw beds on the floor, I asked him curiously, how many boys are here. He said 7, and I said: There are four beds he said some go in night shift, therefore one gets out and the other gets in.

Anyway, making the long story short, I found out he was illegal and a school drops out. He came via a very strange route to Canada, he was here and overstaying his visitor visa, with fear to be caught any minute.

How can he be rolling in dough here? I asked myself, and concluded, this was another one of those tall stories.

This was early 70 s and times have changed now, I am not saying every story is like this, but this one stuck with me, somehow. This story affected me when I was struggling and left extremely low in life.

I am very sure there are and were very genuine real deal cases, all the time.

He asked me if I would like to go for coffee, I said sure, when the time came to pay, he stood there like a statue. I summed up his dollars which he had been sending home in a minute. Needless to say, I paid, and as expected he did not flinch.

Fast Forward: I bumped into him after several decades, he had the papers now for Canada but he was still looking for his next big thing. I asked him would he like to go for coffee, he said sure, as usual, he did not even offer to pay, just stood there stoned face. It was no big deal, I simply felt sorry for him.

Seeing is believing and did not believe tall stories that the kid is sending huge dough back home, there was no such thing. I felt very relieved and tried to put my nose on the grindstone.

Sum Total:

Soon it is fifty years here in one of the most beautiful countries in the world. It is/was journey which is/was very long, hard and with a lot of ups and downs, struggles, happy, sad, successes and failures. The saga continues, with our two new “ Monkeys” the third generation. My wife’s center of the universe are these two monkeys, and these monkeys are attached to us with “crazy glue.” When we thought we paid our dues, and now we have some time to ourselves. Wrong and dead wrong. The Almighty Great puppeteer, dangled not one but two carrots in front of us, and these two monkeys grab your legs and say grandpa and ma pleaseeeeeee. What can you say now and try to say “ No” to them, and find out? For us, the whole universe revolves around these two carrots, because as they say “ interest is more dear than the principle”

BTW: this is a real picture, there is nothing borrowed, these are indeed our own outfits. Our parents are long gone, we have no one to send pictures to so that they are not worried about us.

We all members of the family, did two sometimes three jobs, but we vowed to have North American education and qualified experience.

One (son) B.E.(EE), LLB, (Daughter in Law) (M.B.A. Harvard, batch of 2008, Second ,(Son) B.E.(EE), M.E.(EE), MBA Harvard with second year in deans honor, batch of 2008, Myself, M.Sc (Dairy Science)(Punjab), M.Sc. (Food Science)(Guelph, Canada), Wife, B.A.(Punjab) R.N.(Ontario, Canada), CDE, (Canada). Except our two monkeys we all gainfully employed. Half of the family is the U.S born and half Canadian born.

Quality Times with Grandsons.

When it is all said and done, this what my wife and I have to show for the SUM
TOTAL of a huge journey,

This is the grand total of my life, rest everything was just drama and illusions of the Great Lord. Period.

We both, my wife and I know their (our two grandkids)love and attachment to us pure, unselfish and honest. Even when they were toddlers, they were attached to us with crazy glue. They had no idea about money, toys or any worldly affairs. They have nothing to do with their parents.