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Which area has the highest rental yield in Dubai?

Chinese real estate investors favor four investment areas in Dubai: Down Town, Business Bay, Dubai Marina and Dubai Sports City. The four areas have their own characteristics. Now let’s analyze them separately.

Down Town

Location: Down Town, built along E11 Road, lies between Old Dubai and Business Bay, and serves as a gateway to many of Dubai’s top conference and business centers, as well as the city’s heart and a cluster of scenic spots.

Transportation: Down Town is on the main road of Sheikh Zayed Road (E11), and the high-end residential area around DUBAI MALL is Down Town. It is only 16 minutes of drive from Dubai International Airport and 8 minutes of drive from World Trade Center and Dubai Financial Center. Although most scenic spots can be reached on foot in this area, the subway is also a convenient way of transportation – the subway red line has stations nearby Khalifa Tower, DIFC, Business Port and Dubai World Trade Center.

Sightseeing: It has the world’s stunning Burj Khalifa Tower and sparkling Persian Gulf coastline. Dubai Opera House and Dubai Music Fountain are also here. Up on the top floor of the Burj Khalifa Tower, you can have a bird’s eye view of the city on the 148th floor; rent a ByKy bicycle at Emaar Boulevard’s self-service site to visit the charming scenery of the promenade; and the Dubai Music Fountain shows magnificent lights and plays retro music every night to immerse you in the charming Arab atmosphere.

Business & Recreation: In addition to the fascinating scenery, this area is also a place of entertainment and shopping. DUBAI MALL is one of the largest shopping malls in the world. There are Manolo Blahnik, Jimmy Choo and Galeries Lafayette. You can find your favorite products here, whether it is fashion or international brands. Souk al Barha and Downtown Avenue are also good places for shopping manias.

The region is also an excellent place for tourists to stay, with numerous high-end hotels, ranging from the top luxury W Hotel in Dubai’s Alhabtul City to the three-star Rove Dubai City Hotel, at a thrifty price. In addition, there are many specialty restaurants for you to enjoy the world’s delicacies, such as At. mosphere, Loui’s, The Artisan by Enoteca Pinochiorri Florentine boutique restaurant and Pavilion Cafe are the best choices for meals.

Education & Medical Care: There are also three famous schools and two comprehensive hospitals in this area: Wellington Primary School, Cambridge International School and Horizon International School, Medicare Hospital and Mediclinic Hospital.

Investment Prospect: This area receives more than 10 million visitors a year. Because just sitting on your own balcony, you can see the music fountain. As a settlement for the top rich inhabitants, mainly Europeans and Americans, this area is the place where golden collars and successful businessmen gather. Therefore, the investment threshold of this area is relatively high, and the rental income is about 30,000 yuan per month.

Business Bay:

Location: Dubai Business Port is adjacent to Down Town, covering an area of 64 million square feet. The Dubai Canal has been slowly flowing since then. It is a large international business port not lost to Manhattan in the U.S. and Ginza in Tokyo, Japan. It plays a vital role in Dubai’s current and future economic prosperity.

Transportation: Dubai Business Bay is also adjacent to the subway, with a number of bus lines, accessible, very convenient. Business Bay Station is the 26th station of the subway red line. There are also Financial Center, Airport Terminal, Abu Hail and other stations in the area. Business Bay and Down Town is only 9 minutes of drive away from each other, and the two areas share commercial and recreational facilities, making business offices and leisure and entertainment switching instantaneously.

Facilities: The original intention of Dubai’s government to build Business Bay is to form a business capital and attract world’s top multinational companies. Business Bay has become the perfect gateway for multinational corporations to connect the East and the West and the hub of regional import and export markets. It is the most dynamic and fastest growing region in Dubai. Buy and Sell anything in the UAE website headquarters, Jabbar Internet Group, GEMS Education, Jumbo Group, Al Habtoor Group and other top enterprises are located here.

Education & Medical Care: The region also has top educational and medical resources in Dubai, including Hummingbird Nursery Bay Square, Horizon School, Jumeirah English Speaking School, Canadian University, as well as medical centers such as Medcare Medical Center and other medical resources.

Investment Prospect: Dubai will continue to attract a large number of enterprises to the region by virtue of transparent business regulations, first-class physical infrastructure and rich experience, skilled labor force, tax relief and other advantages, and this is also the preferred place for international conferences of multinational corporations, so the population is considerable, with an average investment income of 8.19%.

Dubai Marina

Location: Dubai Marina is a sophisticated residential area with hundreds of residential buildings, more than 120,000 inhabitants and an area of 53 million square feet. Built along the Persian Gulf coastline, it is the world’s most luxurious man-made wharf and the heart of Dubai’s new urban area. Dubai Marina is divided into 10 small areas, and you can enjoy some of the beautiful view of the city and the beach in each area.

Transportation: This area is located on Highway Sheikh Zayed Road (E11), near the DMCC and Damac Properties subway stations, and connected with the subway station, there are 11 stations, and each small area is less than 10 minutes away from the bus station.

Facilities: In terms of shopping, Marina Shopping Center and Marina Pedestrian Street can meet the daily needs of residents. There are also many restaurants, well-known bars and hotels in this area. In addition, the area can reach the Sailing Hotel and DUBAI MALL by car for about 10 minutes.

Education & Medical Care: There are many clinics and pharmacies in the area, including Medcare Medical, Ster Clinic, Emirates Hospitals Clinic, and a general hospital called MBF JBR Hospital. Education is also more convenient. There is a kindergarten on Marina Pedestrian Street. There are many primary and secondary schools in the surrounding areas such as Umm Suqeim, Jumeira and the Springs.

Investment Prospect: Dubai Marina is a mature residential area close to the sea, where land resources are limited, so real estate has a strong anti-depreciation ability. As a rising star, the average property price of Dubai Marina is slightly lower than that of Down Town and Business Bay, but the return on investment is more considerable, averaging 8.34% per year. Because this area is a mellow residential area, the choice of household type should be more abundant, from open rooms, one-bedrooms to luxury villas.

Dubai Sports City:

Location: Located on Mohammad Bin Zayed Road, the Sports City covers an area of about 4.6 million square feet and is built around five major Dubai stadiums. Because of its close proximity to the pavilions of the 2020 World Expo, the region has become a highly recommended investment area in recent years.

Transportation: The area is 10 minutes away from Maktoum International Airport, close to Dubai’s main roads E311 and E44, with smooth traffic.

Facilities: The stadiums in the region are: Dubai International Stadium with 25,000 seats; ICC Headquarters and ICC College; Els Club Golf Course; The Els Club, etc.

Sports & Medical Care: There are three hospitals around Sports City: 9 minutes of drive to Saudi German Hospital, 13 minutes of drive to Al Zahra Hospital and 14 minutes of drive to NMC Royal Hospital. There are also many sports colleges in the region, including Spanish Football School, Rugby College, Swimming College and Butchhamon Golf College.

Investment Prospect:

In recent years, the region has hosted more and more international sports events, such as football, cricket, rugby, Golf and so on, and has become a highly praised training base for many athletes. At the same time, many recreational activities and international music festivals have been held in this area, which has developed into a diversified and active international activity center.

In addition, the Dubai government will spend $820 million to develop a multi-functional outdoor stadium in this area that can accommodate 60000 people, and a large shopping center that can accommodate 35000 people, the Arena Mall. The north coner of the region is planned to be a retail and logistics hub, while the south corner will be built into a leisure area with five-star hotels, shopping malls and catering venues.

There are currently three main communities in this area: Gallery Villa, Victory Heights and Canal Apartment; there are three main types of apartments, namely, row villas, middle-level apartments and independent apartments, with different grades and prices. Because of the great potential of regional appreciation and the social celebrities participating in large-scale competitions and international activities, the rent-to-sale ratio is relatively high, averaging about 9.21% per year.

In addition to the above areas, Jumeirah, a low-density community on the Persian Gulf coast, and Dubai International City, known as Chinatown, are also popular investment areas.

Good policies such as high return on investment, no tax on investment and home ownership, luxury community support, and dollar assets have made Dubai a high-profile investment destination. With the World Expo 2020 coming soon, Dubai will continue to write new legends. In 2019, real estate investment in Dubai is very justified.


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