Edge computing will be a key development in 2020, but the far more interesting trend may revolve around how real estate is retooled to enable the technology.

Real Estate Agency: How may I approach the owners of commercial or industrial buildings to represent them for real estate sale or leasing opportunities?

Michael C nailed it.

Sales 101. Know your pitch, value and target audience. Deliver well.

To take it a step further ask yourself if you were in their position, would you care about your pitch? why? then curtail it to the specifics of common problems and use it to ask them more questions.

If you are trying to get to sell their building get in line there are brokers who call all day and people in the industry they already know. Not impossible, but the best are lucky because they throw more darts at the board more often. Additionally, real value comes from a broker/agent knowing what you want and targeting it for you.

If someone calls me up to see if I want to sell, “no” and hangup. If someone calls me up and says hey Martin, saw you own x, wanted to get your take on what you look for in deals so I can actively pursue a few I have in mind on your behalf. What’s your specifics for price, terms etc? Is now a good time for you or in the near future to buy? -Or maybe they know something I want to know and i’ll listen.