As founder of virtual reality company Vinci, Wu has pivoted his business model across industries—from architecture to military and renewable energy. He has

What will be the most important social change that augmented reality will bring?

Augmented Reality was conceived initially as an opportunity to enhance communication and most importantly enhance our understanding of presence.

Until now, our idea of presence is constrained to one place at a time. But over the next few years, as our minds open to understanding Augmented Reality, we will soon know how presence means much more than physical existence.

And that will be the most important aspect that will drive a change in our society. We take the most dreadful decisions of our life alone and depressed. Many of us often run out of people around them worth talking too. Mobile Phones somehow helped the cause but still presence of a dear one was hardly felt. With Augmented and Virtual Reality going full throttle in next few years, many of us will get access to Full Immersive Virtual Reality.

This will seed an incredible change in the society. We can be with our loved ones from anywhere around the world. Our sense of Security will get a major boost with Full Immersive VR. Apart from connecting with loved ones, AR will bring a lot of us closer than ever.

For all I know, Augmented Reality will make this Earth a better place to live!


Erlich Stewart