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What terrible TV show did you watch until the bitter end?

Lemme tell you about a cycle. Now, you may have heard about many cycles.

You’ve got the water cycle, you’ve got the carbon cycle, you’ve got the nitrogen cycle. There’s even a bicycle. But have you ever heard of the Regeneration Cycle? That’s right, a capital “R” and “C”.

This cycle never fails to amaze me. Honestly, every time. It’s so very accurate. Sometimes you may not know it applies, but, oh boy, it’s there… Lying in wait, ready to make you cry once more.

Now, a quick bit of history for you. “What is this show?” I hear you ask. Well, allow me to tell you a story…

You see, the way it works is each new Doctor brings something new to the character whilst still retaining the old characteristics and the basic foundations of a mad man with a big blue box, that’s bigger on the inside, travelling through time and space, fixing wrongs and maintaining rights and sorting out fair play throughout the Universe.

So, in my opinion, I think, this concept of regeneration is, quite simply, the best television concept, in any TV show, ever.

It allows the show to renew, to change, to adapt, to grow and to keep up with the times, which for a time travelling hobo, is rather clever.

So, there’s this guy. His name is the Doctor. Doctor who? Precisely. This is him:

Oh, and so is this:

Hmm, and this guy…

Tell you what, have them, have them all…

Ok, ok. I’ll explain properly. I’ll revert to basic mode, it’s quite odd, so you may get confused, but you’re smart, so you’ll be fine.

You see when Doctor who was in the classic phase in 1963 to 1989. It was abysmal. It was terrible. It was shocking and horrendous all in one. Apart from a number of good stories there were. It’s incredibly difficult to watch. This answers your question right away of course.

The first and second Doctors were in black and white, the third Doctor did have special moments with the violence and such but still, for us? For our generation, who grew up with all these CGI scenes and effects and brilliant imaging, it is simply difficult to watch these old episodes.

The music, the effects, the lack of good dialogue often, the cheesy aliens and the bad costumes and the simply awful plots sometimes just make it plain old bad to watch. Of course, I am not ripping into Doctor Who, its what makes the show fantastic. The history. And of course, this is all 50 years ago, what would you expect?

But even now, with the bad stuff I mentioned before, turned good in this day and age. The writing at times is shocking and so on and so forth, And yet, that is exactly what makes the show beautiful. You watch it for the life lessons, the wonder, the amazement, the sheer possible impossibility of it all.

He’s genuinely mysterious. Whereas any mystery with other television characters is usually tied up and solved and done and dusted by the end of the first season. After fifty five years we still don’t know who the Doctor is. Doctor Who? We don’t even know his name for god’s sake. He’s probably television’s greatest mystery.

Regeneration is not something like James Bond, where it’s simply a reboot. In Who, it means a whole new and different central character and yet… remaining the same. If the show is going stale, simply regenerate the main character and everything around it. For example, the last few years were getting convoluted with confusion. But in 2017? The Doctor changed once more, bringing a new and fresh start in the form of the brilliant Jodie Whittaker.

Doctor Who doesn’t conform to the rules of TV. The show is immensely versatile. Although it is classified as sci-fi, of which you probably have images of lasers and jargon and dumb spaceships, Doctor Who can change this in an instant every week.

Throughout the decades, Doctor Who has encompassed the genres of science fiction, fantasy, period drama, murder mystery, historical epic, fairy tale, comedy, western, Base-under siege, soap and combinations of the above, as well as many others. Because of the nature of the show it’s difficult to imagine a genre it can’t do.

If and when you watch Doctor Who, (which I immensely wish you do, seriously, please do.) You’ll find it’s a show that can be what it wants to be, when it wants to be it. You can never be quite sure what you are going to get, something unique in TV.

Simply nothing else compares to the show. You don’t get any similarities between any other show and this. This is the highest mark…

Now if you’ll allow me to give you a five minute crash course in the show. If you have any curiosity at all? Please do. This took me a while aha.

The Doctor is an alien. Specifically, a time lord… That’s these guys

Yup, I know, the hats burn your eyes. But these guys are powerful. Like really powerful. They, just like the Doctor, come from a planet called Gallifrey.

They’re rather good at time travel as you might’ve guessed. They’re sensitive to timelines, being able to see all that is, all that was, all that ever could be, and also what must not be. They were seen as nearly immortal due to their ability to regenerate.

They’ve also got these machines, called TARDIS’. Spectacular things. They can travel anywhere in time and space. Anywhere and anywhen. Imagine that, just imagine.

Now, these guys, are old. Like amazingly old. Stupidly old. The most powerful beings in all the Universe, but they’ve got one flaw. They’re simply boring. They have all this power, all this might, but they choose to do nothing with it. Simply to observe. Idiots.

Now, the Doctor, being the Doctor, is a bit of an anomaly.

He refuses to just sit and do nothing, He wants to explore the Universe. All this technology, just sitting there… What does he do? Why he steals a TARDIS and runs away of course.

He steals a ship, best ship in the Universe and runs away to see the Universe. Travelling through Time and Space, seeing wonders.

In 2005, it was established that the Doctor was the last of his kind, his entire race burned and died and he was the cause of the genocide.

A war took place, threatening the whole of creation. Every point in time and space burned and the only solution?

To commit genocide.

To wipe out the 2 big players in the Last Great Time War. To murder all the Time Lords and to eradicate all the Daleks. Daleks are creatures of immense hatred, who were genetically altered to kill everything that is not them. Altered to only feel one emotion of hate. Sealed inside a metal war machine, screaming in pain with every syllable they uttered.

Such an iconic foe, the word “Dalek” along with “Cyberman”, “TARDIS” and “Sonic Screwdriver” all were added to the English Dictionary. Iconic indeed.

Thus, the Doctor became the lone wanderer. Travelling the Universe with a blue box…

A TARDIS (Time and Relative Dimensions in Space) by the way is this:

Those cylindrical things there. Looks snug I know, but inside is this:

You see the TARDIS is dimensionally transcendental. Meaning, it’s infinitely bigger on the inside. Dimensional engineering. Simple stuff for time lords. No worries. They eat it it for breakfast.

The TARDIS has a circuit called the Chameleon Circuit, which allows it to blend it with its surroundings.

For example, landing in this day and age, it may disguise itself as a lorry. Landing in Ancient Rome, well it could be a pillar.

In London, England, 1963? Well, how about a police telephone box…

Policemen used to use these things located on street corners to lock criminals temporarily while waiting for back up or to simply take notes of crimes.

The Doctor landed in 1963, London, England and the circuit got stuck. Iconic image now of course, well it is in Britain at any rate.

So, unintentionally, the Doctor zips through time and space, learning, exploring, and doing the usual things, You know, saving civilisations, defeating terrible creatures, monsters and aliens. Putting stops to villains and their plots and generally being a bit of a hero. A self proclaimed Mad Man with a Box.

(Interior of some of the TARDIS’ 2005 – 2018)

Now, for the real life stuff guys.

The show was born in 1963.

It was originally intended as an educations show for kids. So, stories set in the past were obviously historical, and stories set in the future were to educate kids about science and technology and space etc…

The first actor to play the intergalactic hobo, was this legendary man:

He was an old, seemingly grumpy man who stole a rackety old TARDIS, joyriding through all space and time, without a clue as to how to pilot his Ship.

This was in 1963, as I said, but Bill was 55 when he took on the legendary role, and time was catching up.

He suffered for a variety of illnesses and injuries resulting in this face of the Doctor having to pass on in 1966.

Now, this is where the regeneration comes in.

Regeneration was the idea that when a time lord dies, or comes close to dying, his biology would go through the process of renewing itself.

It occurs whenever a time lord is injured beyond repair. So rather than a human simply dying, we would change.

Become a new man, new face, new personality, with the sum of the previous incarnations memories and hints of their mannerisms and habits.

As William got ready to move on, they filmed on final hurrah and allowed the next Doctor to take his place. In this case, it was Patrick Troughton from 1966 to 1969.

This Doctor in contrast was warm and wise and deceptive.

I won’t go into detail over how each Doctor was different and unique cos that’ll take too long, but a quick overview…

William Hartnell – 1963-1966 (3 years). Left due to illnesses. He was the original, the granddad, the grumpy old man that was the Doctor.

Patrick Troughton – 1966-1969 (3 years). Left due to fear of being typecast and also, only signed up for a 3 years gig. This guy was the first regeneration people sure. Big pressure.

Jon Pertwee – 1970-1974 (actually 5 years, as his first Season was recording in 1969). Left due to a bad back and more importantly, a lot of the cast around him were leaving. He was more of an action man, he brought the violent part to the show. Karate and blowing things up. Yay

Tom Baker – 1974-1981 (7 years). Simply, he was in the role for too long, it was time for a change. Oh, and he was a difficult man to work with, although he was one of the most successful portrayals of the character of all time. Now this guys just brought the sheer peculiarity to the show, what with his scarf that was too long, his wild eyes and offering jelly babies to everyone.

Peter Davison – 1982-1984 (actually 3 years as his first season was recording in 1981). He took Troughton’s advise and left before being typecast. He brought the human quality to the Doctor, he brought the love, the true compassion to the Doctor. Him with a piece of celery stuck to his cricket outfit. Weirdo.

Colin Baker – 1984-1986 (2 seasons). Easily the least likeable version. He left simply because views were declining. The writers attempted something new with a dickhead version of the timelord who argued with his companions, in a constant grump and this eventually led to his demise. Odd, because he is actually a rather nice man in real life

Sylvester McCoy – 1987-1989 (3 seasons). McCoy didn’t actually leave cos the show sort of faded away in 1989. It was never announced that it was cancelled, it was never advertised. It just sort of… happened. He never resigned, he never got sacked. They just sort of, stopped filming. Which was a shame, because his stories were truly fantastic and new. He brought a cunning, dark and evil side to the traveller. Putting his companions in danger to play the advantage. A chessmaster.

This is where the story seemingly ended for the show. Ingrained in the hearts of British viewers for 26 seasons and 26 years, however, urged a reboot, a movie. If this movie got enough ratings, the Doctor would return for good…

Paul McGann played the Doctor in “Doctor Who”, the 1996 TV movie. He was the current Doctor until Christopher Eccleston took over. The TV Movie was his only television role as the Doctor during this time however. This is simple, he was the romantic. He introduced the very first snog between Doctor and companion, leading to, well, the Doctor sharing a good snog with basically every female person he met. Damn. What a player. Really annoying, because this actor is splendid, a true Doctor.

The movie, did not go well, the ratings were lower than expected and Doctor Who, once again, disappeared…

Christopher Eccleston- 2005 reboot. “Modern Era”. This is odd. Nobody actually knows why Chris left. He says he fell out badly with the important three at the top of production and yet they say that a regeneration was always to take place at the end of this season anyway. Either way, it has got to be one of the biggest mistakes in Doctor Who. This Doctor brought the grit to the Doctor. He murdered his own people and allowed countless other races to burn. He was a plain old guy with a northern accent and a leather jacket. Masking his pain and guilt with witty banter.

David Tennant – 2005-2010 (the last episode airing on 1 January 2010). Oh my goodness, this is the man. He simply was the Doctor. He played the Doctor perfectly. The humour, the wit, the cunningness, the vengeful side, the darkness and the evil. But I think, also the geekiness. He somehow managed to play all the previous 10 Doctors and added his own charm, I can’t explain, but he really is quite astonishing. He also left for a simple reason. He was the Doctor for too long. He said that if he didn’t let go of the TARDIS console then, then he never would.

Matt Smith played – 2010-2013 (three seasons over four years). When this guy got handed the TARDIS keys by the previous 10th Doctor, I wanted to cry. David was spectacular, but this guy? With his floppy hair and only being 26 years old? Nahhh not gonna happen. But my, my was everyone wrong. He might as well have created the phrase of stealing the show. He was spot on with his performance. He had the speeches, the monologues, the wittiness, the jokes, the darkness, the secrets, the evil, the everything. He peaked as the Doctor and then almost as quickly as he crash landed into London in 2010, he was gone after the 50th anniversary in 2013. He left for the same reason as David before him but said he immediately regretted the decision. Me too mate.

Peter Capaldi – 2014-2017 and left the show in the 2017 Christmas special. This is an immensely accurate depiction of the cycle i mentioned before. No one expect for the old fans of Who, liked this guy, He was old, he was mean and grumpy and a buzzkill. But my god, he flourished amazingly. His professorial style to the Doctor always asking the audience questions and adding mystery to every line like only he could killed the show brilliantly. My he was amazing. I think, he is a perfect mix of Classic and Modern Who. He also left for the same reason as his 2 predecessors.

(Sir John Hurt played the Doctor for the single 50th anniversary episode “The Day of the Doctor” in 2013. Just before Capaldi.)

As of yet Jodie Whittaker has only appeared in one 2018 series and at the end of the 2017 Christmas special, but is the current actor to play the role. And I hope she is splendid.

Now, truly sorry for the tangent, but you see to understand any of this, you’ve gotta understand the show I suppose. Sorry again.

The ratings of each Doctor varied, and this leads us nicely back to the cycle.

You see, when the Doctor regenerates, the viewers are in disarray. Who’s the new guy/gal? What are they like? What the bloody hell is that outfit? What on earth is going on? I WANT THE OLD GUY BACK.

No matter what happens, no matter how well the first episode of that new Doctor is written, you will hate the new person. I guarantee you. Whether that be for 20 mins, a whole season (Like I did for Matt) or even their whole tenure (Like I did for Capaldi), you will hate them. But slowly it dawns on you…

Hmmm, maybe this guys not bad. You get used to their mannerisms, their habits, the way they speak and talk and interact. Their humour, their enemies, their TARDIS interior. You will start to think, this person is OK, I guess, but nothing on the other dude.

And then, by the end of their first season, or maybe by the end of their whole run, you’re sitting there rewatching every single episode, thinking OMG this guy is bloody marvellous. How did I ever hate him/her! I don’t want them to leave

And before you know it, it’s that time that every fan faces…

It’s the time to say goodbye. And how sad these last few have been. You can only watch, in horror, fear and sadness as you realise that this is the last time they’re gonna say that catchphrase again, say that word in that way again, release the iconic handbrake lever for their last take off in the TARDIS.

So many sad moments in a final episode and then BAM! This happens…

I do suggest watching all the videos as they will make you cry. Many times, But for real. I would suggest it.

I think my main point and my final is this: Doctor Who is for everyone. No matter what genre you’re into, no matter how old you are. You will be entranced in the show. Every second you’ll be on the edge of your seat. You’ll be crying, laughing, shouting at the tele and wanting to curl up in a ball at the same time.

I’m being totally for real. If you do decide to watch it, no matter how long it will take you to get into it properly. Most probably 1 season, you will be draw in.

Please do watch it, it’s simply splendid. I guarantee, by the end of season 1, you’ll be begging for more…

(From 1963 to 2019, there have been 37 seasons.

1963 – 1989 = seasons 1 to 26. Forget about these if you do want to get into the show as they are not totally important or for new people lol.

The reboot is where to start. It was made with the intention to draw in an entire new generation of Doctor Who viewers and I swear, you won’t be disappointed in the slightest.

So start at series 1 [series 1, not season 1. Season = 1963 – 1989, series = 2005 – 2019] in 2005.

So you’e got 11 series’ to catch up on. So go on, go and start the best TV you’ll ever see)

The show is relatable, it teaches you lessons, about humanity, about love, about good and evil and history and science and how to do the right thing. You learn about the problems faced by Vincent Van Gogh and how Rosa Parks changed the Universe. How Robin hood was a legend and how Shakespeare used words to turn magic and more into life. What sort of a man Charles Dickens was, what sort of a lady Queen Victoria and how Agatha Christie disappeared. You might even see Hitler get punched and locked in a cupboard 😉

I’m gonna leave you with this now.

So come on, anywhere in time and space, sitting out there in a big blue box… everything that ever happened or ever will, where do you want to start.