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Arbitrary Thoughts (q/arbitrarythoughts)My Reddit Archive: Part 2 – The best celebrity AMAs

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  1. I am Barack Obama, President of the United States — AMA
    • A complete summary of the entire discussion
    • He said his govt would be investing more in space research and hinted at the asteroid landing and planned Curiosity mission (and had his grammar corrected by a user): (Link)
    • On money, politics and laundering: Plan to pass the DISCLOSE Act. (Link)
    • The hardest decision in his first term was to increase forces and US intervention in Saudi
    • He disclosed the White House Beer Recipe (Link)
    • Michael Jordan is his favorite BB player (Link)
  2. I am Sir David Attenborough, I’m on reddit, AMA.
    • On what is the most human thing he has seen animals do (Link)

      A chimpanzee does in fact tell lies. If you can believe that. Also, when some Colobus monkeys find a very precious piece of food, it calls the alarm call that it would make if a snake were to arrive, and all the other monkeys run away and it gets the food.

    • On the most distressing things he has seen animals do (Link)

      Seeing chimpanzees kill monkeys, they do this to eat them. They chase them, set an ambush, catch them, and tear them apart.

    • He does believe that we are nearing the “sixth great extinction” and it might just be a tad too late to reverse all damage we have done to the planet (Link)
    • His one-line message to the current gen (Link)

      Cherish the natural world, because you’re a part of it and you depend on it.

    • On his future plans: Working on the evolution of flight for over 350 million years (Link)
    • On animals and captivity (Link)

      There are some animals which have been kept happily in captivity, most of them are very small with small requirements. Big animals, unfortunately can’t be kept in captivity satisfactorily- predators most of all.

    • Book recommendation: “The Origin Of Species” – Charles Darwin; “Silent Spring” – Rachel Carson (Link)
    • Favorite exotic location: The inter-tidal zones of the United Kingdom (Link)
    • He digs Quetzalcoatlus (Link) and Chocolate biscuits (Link)
  3. I’m Bill Gates, co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. AMA
    • Things that need to be changed (Link)

      It would be nice if all governments were as rational as the Nordic governments – reaching compromise and providing services broadly. The Economist had a nice special section on this last week. Africa governments have often been weak but you can’t write a check to change that. Fortunately the average quality is going up. Mo Ibrahim tracks this in a great way. (Page on

    • Greatest achievement of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation: Vaccinations (diarrhea, pneumonia and polio) (Link)
    • Next big thing in tech: Robots, pervasive screens and speech interaction (Link)
    • For fun, he plays tennis, bridge and casually tours Antarctica and the LHC
    • Next on his bucket list: Immortality (Link)
    • His views on the future of energy | Related TED Talk of his
    • Favorite bands: U2 and Spinal Tap (Link)
    • If MS had failed, he would have been in either Medicine or Theoretical mathematics (Link)
  4. I am Peter Dinklage. You probably know me as Tyrion Lannister from Game of Thrones. AMA!
    • On his role as Tyrion (Link)

      Q. How did the Game of Thrones showrunners describe/pitch the role of Tyrion to you?
      What factors/concerns did you consider before accepting the part?
      Was it a difficult decision?
      A. That was many years ago now, strange enough, time has gone by so quickly it was about 7 years ago, oh boy! I have known David Benioff, he was an acquaintance, and I was a huge fan of his writing, so that really got me inquisitive about the project, that and HBO.
      I had one hesitation, because of the fantasy genre, I told him I didn’t want a really long beard and pointy shoes, and they assured me this character and this world wasn’t that. They told me about his complexity, the fact that he wasn’t a hero or a villain, that he was a womanizer and a drinker, and they painted a flawed and beautiful portrait of him, so i signed on.

    • He like Hummus (Link)
    • Most hilarious moment on set

      There was one scene I was doing with Jerome Flynn, who plays Bronn. It was in season 1 I think, when I say something to a crazy woodsman guy. He asks “How do you want to die?” and the line in the script was like, “At the age of 80 with wine in my belly and a girl’s mouth around my cock.” And I said… “Age of 80 and a girl’s cock around my mouth!” I inverted a couple of the words, and when I said that my friend Jerome couldn’t stop laughing, so we had to stop filming for the day.

    • Favorite superpower: Flying. (Link)
    • Literary character he would like to portray : Atticus Finch from TKAM. (Link)
  5. I am Neil deGrasse Tyson — AMA
  6. Robin Williams. It’s time for a convoluted stream of consciousness. Ask Me Anything!
    • His favorite celebrity to impersonate – Jack Nicholson

      Oh my god, Jack Nicholson. He once was with me at a benefit and leaned over and said “even oysters have enemies.” In a very intense voice. I responded with “Increase your dosage.”

    • Favorite story from the sets of Mrs Doubtfire

      One time in makeup as Mrs. Doubtfire, I walked into a sex shop in San Francisco and tried to buy a double-headed dildo. Just because. Why not? And the guy was about to sell it to me until he realized it was me – Robin Williams – not an older Scottish woman coming in to look for a very large dildo and a jar of lube. He just laughed and said “what are you doing here” and I left. Did I make the purchase? No. * Did I walk away with a really good story? *Yes.

    • Favorite book series

      Oh my god, Isaac Asimov’s Foundation trilogy. It’s one of the greatest books of all time, and the greatest character is The Mule.

  7. Robert Downey Jr. “Avengers” (member). “Emerson, Lake, Palmer and Associates” (lawyer). AMA.
  8. I am Bryan Cranston, AMA
    • On pranking Aaron Paul on the sets of BB

      Oh yeah, many times. There was one episode when where someone was giving us a problem and I told him to take care of it and he didn’t know specifically what I meant by it. I said “I need you to take care of it” and I reached into my waistband and pulled out a gun and put it on the counter. He understood the message. Then during the scene where I said “I need you to take care of it” I reached into my waistband and pulled out a dildo.

    • Why the show producers decided to not kill off Jesse’s character at the end of S01 as planned

      Yeah, Jesse was not supposed to survive after the first year. He was a character that was need to introduce me into that world and then he was going to die. But Aaron Paul captured something in him that was so necessary to the fabric of the show that it was a no brainer to keep him. They knew in broad strokes where the character was going to go, but they kept resetting after each season.

    • He was a villain in the Power Rangers series. The Blue Ranger is named Cranston, after him of course

      I did voice work for the Power Rangers years and years ago. Someone once told me they named the blue Power Ranger after me, his last name was Cranston. I found out years later that was true.

      One user pointed out how incredible coincidental it was that his ranger was blue. You know, “baby blue” and all

  9. I am Harrison Harrison Ford. AMA.
    • He isn’t nostalgic about his movies and doesn’t keep any props as souvenirs
    • A funny anecdote from the sets of Indiana Jones

      Funny stories? We were shooting in Tunisia, and the script had a scene in which I fight a swordsman, an expert swordsman, it was meant to be the ultimate duel between sword and whip. And I was suffering from dysentery, really, found it inconvenient to be out of my trailer for more than 10 minutes at a time. We’d done a brief rehearsal of the scene the night before we were meant to shoot it, and both Steve and I realized it would take 2 or 3 days to shoot this. And it was the last thing we were meant to shoot in Tunisia before we left to shoot in England. And the scene before this in the film included a whip fight against 5 bad guys that were trying to kidnap Marian, so I thought it was a bit redundant. I was puzzling how to get out of this 3 days of shooting, so when I got to set I proposed to Steven that we just shoot the son a bitch and Steve said “I was thinking that as well.” So he drew his sword, the poor guy was a wonderful British stuntman who had practiced his sword skills for months in order to do this job, and was quite surprised by the idea that we would dispatch him in 5 minutes. But he flourished his sword, I pulled out my gun and shot him, and then we went back to England.

    • On the Star Wars experience

      I was approached with the offer of a job, which at that point, was all I wanted to hear. I had helped George Lucas audition other actors for the principle parts, and with no expectation or indication that I might be considered for the part of Han, I was quite surprised when I was offered the part. My principle job at the time was carpentry, I had been under contract as an actor at Columbia and Universal. I had a house at the time I wanted to remodel, a bit of the wreck of a house. I’d invest money in tools but wouldn’t have money for materials, so I realized this was another way of putting food on the table. And allowing me to pick and choose from the acting jobs that were being offered at the time.

    • He is a fan of David Blaine
    • On choosing projects

      You know, it’s very hard to say what the motivation is these days. Most of the time I love the material, have the time free, and look for something different to do. I look for people I enjoy working with, I look for material that i think will make a film that people will go to. It’s my job.

    • Han Solo > Indiana Jones
    • He was involved with the “Years of living dangerously” project and had been active in trying to save nature in Indonesia
    • Advice to aspiring actors

      You know, all I can say is that it’s rewarding and challenging, and the competition is so strong that the chances of being successful in that area are statistically daunting. But most people give up, or are unable to sustain themselves until they have the opportunity to become successful which means to get work, so the only thing I can say is try to figure out how not to give up. If it’s a true ambition and you really have a passion for storytelling, try and figure out how to hang in there.

  10. Part 1: IAmArnold… Ask me anything. | Part 2: IamArnold. AMA 2.0.
    • On whether he would fight a predator sized duck of 100 duck sized predators

      I would choose the 1 Predator sized duck instead of dealing with 100 duck-sized Predators. I’ve already fought a Predator-sized Predator so I am confident I could handle the duck.

    • On the current state of the Republican party

      The most important thing is that we need to be a party that is inclusive and tolerant. We can be those things and be the party we always have been. We need to think about the environment – Teddy Roosevelt was a great environmentalist and people forget Reagan was the one who dealt with the ozone layer with the Montreal protocol. We also need to talk about healthcare honestly – Nixon almost passed universal healthcare. We need to have an talk about immigration and realize you can’t just deport people. We need a comprehensive answer. We also need to stay out of people’s bedrooms. The party that is for small government shouldn’t be over-reaching into people’s private lives.
      Mainly, we need to be a party where people know what we are for, not just what we are against.

    • Andre the Giant did once pick him up and carried him when he was drunk
      /u/AWildSketchAppeared’s rendition:

    • On two near-death experiences

      I have two from movies.
      On The 6th Day, there was a scene where I hide underwater behind embryos. I did a rehearsal with goggles and everything went fine. But when we actually shot, I couldn’t see because the water was milky. So I ran out of air and went to the top and realized I didn’t know where to get out. I was trapped. Then a hand grabbed me and pulled me out. It was my stunt double, Billy Lucas. He’d been watching from below with a tank and goggles and realized I was in big, big trouble.
      On True Lies, you probably remember the horse scene. There was a shot where the horse had to stop at the edge of a building. They built a little ramp to give the horse longer to stop. But when they were measuring the new distance from the ramp to the camera, they dropped the arm of the camera on the horse’s nose, and it went crazy, spinning and rearing. There was no rail, and the ramp was only 4 feet wide. I realized it was a bad situation and I slid off the horse right away and a stunt man grabbed me. That one was really scary. If the horse stepped a foot the wrong way, we would have fallen 90 feet to a cement floor.

  11. Part 1: I am Buzz Aldrin, engineer, American astronaut, and the second person to walk on the moon during the Apollo 11 moon landing. AMA! | Part 2: I am Dr. Buzz Aldrin, back again on reddit. I am an aeroastro engineer, and crew member of humanity’s first landing on the moon.
    • On the surreal experience of being on the moon

      My first words of my impression of being on the surface of the Moon that just came to my mind was “Magnificent desolation.” The magnificence of human beings, humanity, Planet Earth, maturing the technologies, imagination and courage to expand our capabilities beyond the next ocean, to dream about being on the Moon, and then taking advantage of increases in technology and carrying out that dream – achieving that is magnificent testimony to humanity. But it is also desolate – there is no place on earth as desolate as what I was viewing in those first moments on the Lunar Surface.
      Because I realized what I was looking at, towards the horizon and in every direction, had not changed in hundreds, thousands of years. Beyond me I could see the moon curving away – no atmosphere, black sky. Cold. Colder than anyone could experience on Earth when the sun is up- but when the sun is up for 14 days, it gets very, very hot. No sign of life whatsoever.
      That is desolate. More desolate than any place on Earth.

    • His favorite space movie – Gravity

      I thought that the movie Gravity, the depiction of people moving around in zero gravity, was really the best I have seen. The free-falling, the actions that took place between two people, were very, I think, exaggerated, but probably bent the laws of physics. But to a person who’s been in space, we would cringe looking at something that we hoped would NEVER, EVER Happen. It’s very thrilling for the person who’s never been there, because it portrays the hazards, the dangers that could come about if things begin to go wrong, and I think that as I came out of that movie, I said to myself and others, “Sandra Bullock deserves an Oscar.”

    • On the decision to let Neil go first and how it was made
    • Advice to aspiring engineers and astrophysicists

      Don’t waste your time on beaming people up or down. Instead, consider gravity waves as advanced physics of the universe that could be used to travel interstellar distances. And ENJOY floating in space, rather than being decomposed or recomposed in another location.

    • A rather spooky reply to what they would have done in case of equipment failure since there was no plan B to bring them back

      To continue trying to fix the problem until the lack of oxygen caused us go to sleep.

    • His thoughts on the possibility of extraterrestrial life
  12. I am Elon Musk, CEO/CTO of a rocket company, AMA!
    • On Mars missions, spacesuit designs and reusable rocket parts
    • On how teachers can boost creativity in kids
      On how teachers can encourage kids to be more creative

      The best teacher I ever had was my elementary school principal. Our math teacher quit for some reason and he decided to sub in himself for math and accelerate the syllabus by a year.
      We had to work like the house was on fire for the first half of the lesson and do extra homework, but then we got to hear stories of when he was a soldier in WWII. If you didn’t do the work, you didn’t get to hear the stories. Everybody did the work.

    • On why “showering” is important
    • How to be a fast learner (like Mr. Musk himself is)

      I do kinda feel like my head is full! My context switching penalty is high and my process isolation is not what it used to be.
      Frankly, though, I think most people can learn a lot more than they think they can. They sell themselves short without trying.
      One bit of advice: it is important to view knowledge as sort of a semantic tree — make sure you understand the fundamental principles, ie the trunk and big branches, before you get into the leaves/details or there is nothing for them to hang on to.

    • On computer singularity, AI and why we should be afraid

      The timeframe is not immediate, but we should be concerned. There needs to be a lot more work on AI safety.
      And, with all due respect to the Roomba dude, that is not a concern

  13. I am Tim Berners-Lee. I invented the WWW 25 years ago and I am concerned and excited about its future. AMA
    • The other names he considered for the WWW were The Mesh, The Information Mine (TIM), and the Mine of Information (MoT)
    • On the dark side of the internet – Deep Web, Silk Road etc

      Complicated question. I am not a great expert on them. Simple answers include of course that illegal things are crimes on or off the web. But anonymity is tricky. We have a right to be anonymous as a whistle-blower or under an oppressive regime but not when we are bullying someone? How can we build technical/social/judicial systems for determining which right is more important in any given case? Relates to tor…

    • Julian Assange – Hero or villain?

      Because he
      ✓ had no other alternative
      ✓ engaged as a journalist / with a journalist to be careful of how what was released
      ✓ provided an important net overall benefit to the world
      I think he should be protected, and we should have ways of protecting people like him. Because we can try to design perfect systems of government, and they will never be perfect, and when they fail, then the whistleblower may be all that saves society.

    • On Robert Cailliau and his contribution to the development of WWW

      Robert didn’t invent it. I invented it by myself, and coded it up on a NeXT, but Robert was the first convert to it, and a massive supporter. He got resources together at CERN, helped find students, gave talks. He also later wrote some code for a Mac browser called “Samba”. He also put a lot of energy into persuading the CERN directorate that CERN should declare that it would not charge royalties for the WWW, which it did April 1993.

  14. You’re probably connecting to reddit through a technology I invented. I’m Bob Metcalfe and I invented Ethernet – AMA
    • On Bill Gates

      Great man. It would be very hard to find someone else better at being the richest man on Earth. Bill may not like me for going after Microsoft for its anti-competitive practices during the 1990s, but I meant no harm.

    • On Tim Bernes Lee

      Sir Tim holds the 3Com Founders Chair at MIT, where I am a Life Trustee, so I bump into Sir Tim now and then, like at SXSW when he came to Austin. He is like Gandhi with ADD.

    • On digital privacy

      Trust governments to invade your privacy. We must use tools to keep our stuff a secret. Am not expert on this, but I do mail all my financial secrets to the IRS through the USPS every April 15th trusting that no USPS union member or IRS agent will peek. Oy.

  15. Part 1: Keanu Reeves – HELLO! | Part 2: Keanu Reeves. Ask me, if you want, almost anything.
    • His favorite superhero is Wolverine
    • On how he landed the role of Neo

      Um, I got a call from my agent, saying that these directors, the Wachowskis, wanted to meet, and they sent me the script, and the script was absolutely amazing, and I went in to meet with them, and they showed me some artwork, of their vision, and an early version of “bullet time,” and it was very exciting and inspiring, and we looked at each other, we ended up hanging out in a parking lot outside the offices just talking and riffing, and we basically just kinda shook hands – they told me they wanted me to train for 4 months prior to filming, and I got a big grin on my face and said: “Yes.”

    • On working with George Carlin

      Yeah, it was such an honor to get to work with George. He was really nice to Alex and I. I think when he came on the set the first day, he kind of had this twinkle in his eye that was like “What the heck is going on here?!”
      But he was, you know, he was kind of in character, he was very serious. And over the days of filming together, he just kind of started to hang out with us, we told him how much we loved his work, his comedy, and…yeah. We miss him. I miss him.

    • Fun fact

      For a long time in Los Angeles when I first moved there, when I was 20 years old, it was such a new world and so I saw some guys at a gas station once who had hockey equipment in their car, and I asked them what they were doing, and they said they were playing street hockey, so I asked them if I could play. So I became involved in a street hockey game that took place every weekend for over 10 years, every weekend, red versus black. We would take holidays off and sometimes summers, but the game was going on for over 10 years. That was cool to be a part of. It was a cool thing to have happen. Made some friends.

    • The “Thank you Keanu” Project
    • He keeps props from movies with him

      I have kept a couple of things. I don’t have the surfboard, but I think I have a coat from the first Matrix. I have the sword from Hamlet, I kept a lot of working scripts, I have the jersey from The Replacements, I’ve got Constantine’s lighter and watch, I have Bill & Ted’s shorts (Ted’s shorts), I used to have the leather jacket from My Own Private Idaho but I gave that to a friend. And I think that’s it.

    • Favorite books

      Where do I begin? Here are some. As a kid, we can start with the Count of Monte Christo. We could start with the Lord of the Rings. Then we could get into finding as a teenager getting into Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s The Idiot, Notes from Underground, The Brothers Karamazov, we could get into Jim Thompson, we could go into some William Gibson, then we could do In Search of Lost Time by Proust. And then just getting into the works of Philip K. Dick and recently I was reading Don Delillo, Cosmopolis, I like Updike’s the Rabbit Series.

  16. I am Julian Assange, publisher of Wikileaks. Ask me anything.
    • Advice to the ordinary citizens on how they can make an impact

      When we are aware of the world and the scale of its inhumanity and stupidity we feel small. It very hard to “think globally” and “act locally”, because by thinking globally we become overwhelmed with the scale of the problems to be solved. However the Internet permits many people to act globally in a way they couldn’t before. WikiLeaks is a realisation of this tension. By releasing materials on many parts of the world, we empower others to think and act.
      What can ordinary people do? Support and promote projects that are acting at scale. WikiLeaks is my realisation of this tension, but there are a flood of others starting. The clash between diversity and global uniformity which has been created by wiring the world to itself is now in play. You are the troops.

    • On Edward Snowden

      Edward Snowden performed an intelligent and heroic act. I and others had been calling for exactly this act for years (you can read about that here: The Second Great Crypto War). I am a trustee for his legal defense and co-ordinated his asylum. Our Sarah Harrison kept him secure in his path out of Hong Kong and spent 40 days making sure he was OK in Moscow’s airport. Just last week I co-launched a new international organisation, the Courage Foundation in Berlin. Pentagon Papers whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg, Nobel Peace Prize winner Mairead Maguire and many other great people are involved. Please support it and Mr. Snowden’s asylum renewal campaign. See Courage Foundation. Snowden’s most recent comments on WikiLeaks are here:

    • On Narendra Modi and his ascension to becoming India’s PM

      The election of Modi is a very interesting development in Indian democracy. We have released many interesting documents on Modi’s ascension to power, you can see them here: (just search for ‘Modi’) Search WikiLeaks. From these materials it’s clear Modi can be most accurately described as a “business authoritarian”. Whether Indian needs a stronger centre to compete with China is an open question. Inevitably strong leaders make mistakes and eventually lose their faculties. Other than his extensive big business alliances, I think it is an open question as to whether Modi will bring more good than bad to India.

    • He believes that the Icelandic government is one of the most transparent ones

      For a small government, Iceland. But it is hard to compare small governments with large ones. In small societies the path length between individuals is also small, so it is easier to know what is going on in government. Transparency is enforced by proximity and cultural norms as well as bureaucratic standards. See IMMI

    • He is a big supporter of Bitcoin
    • On his house arrest and why he chose to leak confidential documents when they could jeopardise national security

      1) I only wish there was a risk of boredom in my present situation. Besides being the centre of a pitched, prolonged diplomatic standoff, along with a police encirclement of the building I am in and the attendant surveillance and government investigations against myself and my staff, I am in one of the most populous cities in Europe, and everyone knows my exact location. People visit me nearly every day. I also continue to direct a small multinational organisation, WikiLeaks, which is a serious logistical and occupational endeavour. I barely have time to sleep, let alone become bored.
      2) Confidential government documents we have published disclose evidence of war crimes, criminal back-room dealings and sundry abuses. That alone legitimates our publications, and that principally motivates our work. Secrecy was never intended to enable criminality in the highest offices of state. Secrecy is, yes, sometimes necessary, but healthy democracies understand that secrecy is the exception, not the rule. “National security” pretexts for secrecy are routinely used by powerful officials, but seldom justified. If we accept these terms of propaganda, strong national security journalism becomes impossible. Our publications have never jeopardized the “national security” of any nation. When secrecy is a cover-all for endemic official criminality, I suggest to you, it bespeaks a strange set of priorities to ask journalists to justify their own existence.

  17. I am Jon Stewart, tiny host man. AMA!
    • On Malala‘s interview

      I think I was imagining all the other young women in her same position who show such grace and courage in pursuing their dreams in the face of terrible,terrible consequence and obstacles.

    • A historical person he would like to interview (hypothetically)

      Uh… I would say Abraham Lincoln.
      For the obvious historical importance aspect, as well as the “secret to the confidence of being able to rock the top hat and Amish beard.”

  18. Jerry Seinfeld here. I will give you an answer.
    • An amusing incident

      One time, a friend of mine and I decided to drive a 1967 VW Bug from Albuquerque to the Hamptons. I bought the car on eBay for $5,000 and flew to Albuquerque and my friend flew from LA, and we decided to do that for something fun to do (this, by the way, is the actual original inspiration for Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, the year was 2000 and I did this with my friend Barry Marder, who you may know as the author of “Letters From a Nut” by Ted L. Nancy).
      ANYWAY, so one time we stopped in this tiny town and somewhere in the Midwest whose name escapes me at the moment, and the town was honestly no more than 2 blocks long, and we are walking on this little sidewalk that they had, and there was a guy there, walking past us, and I was wearing a baseball cap and sunglasses, and the guy says as we walk by “Hey Jerry” and kept walking.
      And that, to this day, so blows my mind that not only was he NOT SURPRISED that i was in this town, population 115, but that I just walked by him, he recognized me and he felt the need to say anything more than “hi.” Not “what the hell are you doing here.” I’m sure that guy is out there, somewhere. Probably on reddit.
      Where’d the name come from? Something like “you seen this? I already read it.”

    • On his clean style of humor

      Well when I started out in comedy in the 70s, if you didn’t do clean humor you weren’t getting on TV, so I started doing that so I could be on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. And then when I saw what other people were doing, I just always wanted to be a little different.

    • Favorite Seinfeld episodes

      Well, I’ll give you two. One was the The Rye, because we got to shoot that at Paramount Studios in LA which was the first time that we thought “wow this is almost like a real TV show.” We hadn’t felt like a real TV show, the early years of the TV show were not successful. We had this idea of a Marble Rye and we had to shoot it in an outdoor set, and this was a very expensive thing to do, it’s like a movie place there at Paramount in LA. Their standing set for New York looks exactly like it, and we thought “this is where the ADULT shows are, the REAL shows like Murphy Brown.” We felt like we were a weird little orphan show. So that was a big deal for us.
      And that was very exciting, we were up all night shooting it on the set of paramount and it was very exciting.

      The other one that was really fun was in the episode The Pothole, Newman drives his mailtruck over a sewing machine and his mail truck burst into flames. It was really fun to shoot, and it was fun to set Newman on fire. And he screamed “oh the humanity” like from the Hindenberg disaster. It’s one of my favorites.Well, I’ll give you two. One was the The Rye, because we got to shoot that at Paramount Studios in LA which was the first time that we thought “wow this is almost like a real TV show.” We hadn’t felt like a real TV show, the early years of the TV show were not successful. We had this idea of a Marble Rye and we had to shoot it in an outdoor set, and this was a very expensive thing to do, it’s like a movie place there at Paramount in LA. Their standing set for New York looks exactly like it, and we thought “this is where the ADULT shows are, the REAL shows like Murphy Brown.” We felt like we were a weird little orphan show. So that was a big deal for us.
      And that was very exciting, we were up all night shooting it on the set of paramount and it was very exciting.
      The other one that was really fun was in the episode The Pothole, Newman drives his mailtruck over a sewing machine and his mail truck burst into flames. It was really fun to shoot, and it was fun to set Newman on fire. And he screamed “oh the humanity” like from the Hindenberg disaster. It’s one of my favorites.

    • A redditor whose mom worked on the sets of Seinfeld recalls his memories of him and shares photographs
    • He would have loved to have Mr Charlie Chaplin over as a guest on CCC (Comedians in cars getting coffee)
  19. Denzel Washington. Denzel Washington. AMA.
    • He passed up the opportunity to act in Se7en and still regrets it
    • He would like to host an episode of SNL
    • He is a newly discovered Kubrick fan

      You know what? I’m on a Stanley Kubrick trip right now. I’ve just been watchin’ all of his films. I watched FULL METAL JACKET the other day, CLOCKWORK ORANGE, I’ve always been a fan of Scorsese, but I’ve sort of been on a Kubrick trip of late. I don’t know why. In the next couple of years, I think I mentioned I’m going to direct a film, so I’ve started to put that hat on and watch how other filmmakers put together their movies. Kubrick was a genius. And simple. I was amazed at how simple his shot selection was. He knew exactly where to put the camera in the right place, it didn’t feel like it’s been filmed, it feels like reality.

    • Dog person
    • On taking up more comedy projects

      I definitely have, you know? And that’s something I’m always on the lookout for. Yes, absolutely want to do more. I actually have a script for a remake of UPTOWN SATURDAY NIGHT that Will Smith wants to put together, that’s been written and that we’re talking about. You can hit Will up and ask him what he’s waiting for.

    • Marriage advice

      Oh – if you’re a guy – two phrases. One is “yes, dear” and the other is “honey, you’re right.” Be patient. Be good friends first. And stick together. You gotta work at it. I’ve been married 31 years. It’s not all a honeymoon, it’s not all flowers and roses, but if you’re friends and partners and committed, you’ll be okay. And everybody’s got advice for you – don’t listen.

  20. I am Mike Tyson. Ask Me Anything!
    • Biggest achievement – getting over alcohol and drugs
    • On Tupac

      He was a really good guy, really nice guy, really close good friend of mine. Favorite memory was when I saw him in a club and he got on the mic and really took over the party – he was 19 years old then.

    • On his face tattoos and what they signify

      It is the Maui (Maori) symbol from the ancient native warriors.

    • Advice to aspiring boxers

      You have to be dedicated, you have to have a monogamous relationship to it. You have to be dedicated to it and have to respect it.
      I have a fighter Erikson Lubin who displays all of these characteristics, it is his life – I tell him this all the time. He has to be married to it and dedicated to it.

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