We share the city with full-time denizens of virtual reality, and somehow they have been granted right of way. But here is the catch. When we aren’t complaining

Is there any truth to the stereotype that New Yorkers are rude?

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Well all the cement, endless squares, strait lines and bad air and endless concrete create negative Feng Shui envioronment. Ive read several books on feng shui .Strait lines andement machinery don’t represent bountiful, peaceful or clean beauty and natural abundance. Plus all the crowds .All the crowding and stimulation make people less open to calm and talking. The more empty/boring.simple the village or  environment ……..the more lonely and interested people are in staring at or talking to strangers.

But if you compare New Yorkers to most of North America and Europe.I have really noticed that:
If I am very happy, cool,confident, or full of wonder  most New Yorkers are very nice .
If I am feeling: stressed, insecure, or un cool, or sad or walking around frowning like most New Yorkers do: many new yorkers reflect this back and are rude.
I think New york really increases this  feedback loop. There are so many people refelecting things back at a quick pace.
My most extreme example is one time I was literally hit on 14 times in 4 days…just because I was walking around very joyfullly  looking at everybody, taking cabs and meeting people at clubs. And was friendly. Other weekends  I was depressed and insecure and not hit on  even once…even though I had similar outfit/makeup/ and was doing similar things..ect..

Many similar coincidences like this have happened in NYC to me often. .I notice a positive correlation between how I act, project, intent,  feel and communicate with how people parallel and refelect back similarly:  in NYC especially.

This is because there is a larger volume of people at many given times. Also because there is a large number of strangers at many given times. Meaning that the present carries a higher positive correlation while interfacing. Plus New yorkers seem more open minded.
In a small town the past sticks more, and kharma is slowed down. (Kharma in terms of action/reaction).Action is faster and kharma possibilities are magnified in NYC, due to overwhelming amounts of people, places, options,activities, ect ect