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Is there a normal life after prison?

It actually depends on what you deem normal?.

Everyone’s normal seems to be different or at least somewhat mangled or dare we say “ deformed “.

In a cold cold COLD bleak dank dungeon like break room of a company , a pious Christian was proclaiming how wonderful god was – hesus.

I said , to her , are you aware Jesus was imprisoned ?.

She adamantly denied Jesus was not a criminal , therefore never been in prison.

Of course, what was I thinking, they had Hilton’s back then?. Err that where the hitties home with da homies? Besides what do I know compared to these ultra religious zealots with blood coming out of their mouths.

I kept silent, not wanting to invoke my own doom, ok i’m a coward … mew! meew!! ( images of being stoned to death by religious maniacs ) to be keeled by a Hesus fanatic only to be draining of blood on the cold floor of the break room littered with hundreds & thousands of half eaten scrapes & crumbs of misbegotten forgotten lunches. No use trying to communicate with people, who live in a false world and only wish to see what they want – bereft of the truth.

Christ was imprisoned for speaking up & etc.( so would I if I keep speaking, Hesus – help meeeeee, i’m Too young to die! , ma ma, ma mommieeeee ).

So the Romans ( our favorite ancient peoples, founders of the western world ) placed him in jail with other criminal s , ooops did I say that ? No no I don’t want end on a cross like a criminal for outing ~ Hesus?.

Some churches have 3 crosses , as a stark reminder that Christ spend his last hours dying on the cross with human criminals, darn it ~ did it again!!, not going to the dark place, am I ?!!!.

If I remember right , the criminals ask Jesus if they too could enter heaven.

Answer lost to me.

Have you seen ‘Last Temptation of Christ’. When it first came out I wanted to see it, because the religious community, were staging demonstrations in front of the movie houses that were showing it.

One of those things, where other people tell yew, “you can’t see, but you just want to see it EVEN MORE?”. Irony is that if the ultra religious concerns did not do that, I would have just avoided the show all together, cause I am not into religion, especially one that promoted religion.

However the theatres couldn’t with stand the picketing( that how bad it was and they stop showing it ) I kept thinking they must have some bad nude scenes or something like that, which made me want to see it more MORE! ….. er just to study how disgusting they were, ah …… yeah scientific projects, ah ….. hum!. After a decade, while window shopping couldn’t believe ma eyes, there it was!!!, some old run down second store laid the movie !?!?.

Double checked it, and there it was!, not an illusion, not mad like some like to call me, but in front OF MEeee!, quickly I bought it, least someone else might grab it.

The movie budget for it was so low that the dozen or so Roman soldiers lining the route, had to run ahead to stand in line to made to seem like there were more troops. Surely this basement budget movie couldn’t be a THREAT to the Religious community.

It was actually a good movie ~ pretty plain nothing fancy. But not to spoil the plot for you, catch it if you git da chance.

Hesus was brought before Roman leader, who knew Hesus was not a bad person nor was he a particular immediate Threat( Christ never threatened nor ever advocated violence that I know of ).

However Hesus had spoken & was gathering a following with no special powers except had the sympathy of people, who began to see him as a Messiah ~ someone that could change society, even the WORLD. What is fascinating bout Christ is that he was killed at bout 30 year old, but he walked somewhere in a total of 60 mile radius total in his WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE, which is nothing for us today, as we travel in vehicles long and far. Nevertheless Christ did change the World, despite his limited travels & such a young age.

That made him notable( he was asked by his audience, what to do bout paying taxes, Hesus said, “Give Caesar what is due to Ceaser” , that sounded like he was on Caesar’s side ) that could bring clash to the Roman Empire ~ a challenge inescapable to the Roman Rulers.


Was no danger nor violent nor angry, he did however lose his temper at the money lenders at the temple site

It was decided that Hesus the powers that ‘be’ he would be eliminated.

Hence forth Hesus was prosecuted, tortured & executed. For the possible Threat : for merely ~ speaking up( Best keep quiet huh ! ).

Part of problem – with courts is that “once” they try to convict ‘you’ of crime they might faslsify crimes of accusations and slip that as ‘proof’ whence it is hearsay : you are a crazy / danger / gang banger / insinuations , because that is the ‘human’ failure giving to temptation of lies.

America has the most number of prisons on this little planet, also the most number of prisoners in the World, so much for the free country? Makes you wonder ? Hmmmm ? hmmm … and more hmmm.

Spoke to a guy that heavy tattooed his face both sides, I asked him why ? ( why do I keep asking – why!! , why why WHY!, gonna get stoned one day, I mean with da little boulders not the other thing – think good thoughts mein friend ).

He said , he never thought he would get out. The police beat him up, they broke into his home & he fought back. Unclear on what. He still has a chip on his shoulder and trying to adjust to being out( General population ).

Talked to a soft spoken native woman , who spent 3 years in federal prison because she stabbed her bf with a little knife she said, while drunk, reservation is federal grounds. She said, prison scared her. Amazingly she admitted that being in prison, changed her. She never drinks and stayed out of the system ( prison or jail ).

One of the crucial questions is “ can prisoners adjust to normal life outside prison “

Don’t think you can say normal because prison is “inverted”. Truly INVERTED!, everything you deem normal is gone, in some places, it’s a madhouse, other units excrement splattered all over the place, then there are times everybody is screaming all at once, other times complete silence; little wonder people get lost in this insanity.

Jail is just temporary housing, a holding place, till you get released or WORST sent to the ‘BIG’ house “Prison”. A kind of promotion in a perverse way ….. not necessarily good, but still?( don’t go there!! ).

In jail, homosexuals are abused / under valued because most inmates haven’t realized the true value of these transgenders ( god sent ) { perhaps depending on which God you believe in, hopefully not the god of debouchury }.

In prison, homosexuals depending on their inclinations are a VALUED Commodity because they take of the needs of ‘others’.( lets not go there, okay, trust me! )

While you might think that doesn’t concern me( do I have my plug in?. Underwear?, Pants?, Safety on?. ) , yet you are in the food chain?. Guess again!. What happens when they is no homosexual to tend to the desires / wants / needs / hunger / drive of these descent lawbiding blokes?. Aaah , ahum, err …. …. .. .

You really don’t wanna know – censored.

There is no normal in prison , any values you have outside is not the same inside. After witnessesing the insides of a prison, you are not the same, how could u?

Military life is different, thought hard & tough, military ultimately releases the former civilian back to the motherland from whence they come from.

Think officers have a REAL hard time adjusting , because the military was good to them with rank & protection, that in civilian world they are ‘ stripped ‘.

0ne Air Force officer retired only to commit suicide, because he couldn’t fit or be ‘normal’ after being discharged to an alien Civy world bereft of order that he was used to, bet he misses the 4 squares he got( meals ).

There is no normal life after prison( perhaps quasi- norm or squshie normi norm norni norm … er? ).

Particularly if the person was innocent in the first place.

Perhaps we should ask ourselves, what is prison.

When u imprison an innocent person. You have to make them look bad by saying a lot of lies to justify your actions. Thereby making more lies upon lies, after a while somewhere in there the truth is hidden and lost. Then here you have it : Da prisoner!

0ne Prisoner said, that the police( LAPD ) broke his back in the courthouse elevator, then claim he attacked them( with a broken back?, hmmm? ). Since no witnesses , who should we believe?.

You tell me?.

Then how prison affects you.

Some of us , would say prison has no effect on them. It doesn’t concern them. Instead of prisons, we should have death camps, sort of mercy for the prisoners( And at the same time save the Tax payers, something Himmler would say ) : instead of mollycoddling these condemn prizonic prone peoples . Really!. What does that say bout you? Gas Chambers next??. Sounds kinda familiar??? Heil Hitler again!!!.


We should treat them as humanly as possible. Course they are bad, but no not all. So we just chop them all up!. And push them through the meat grinder Including the innocent!! Are we going to eat them too?

Too bad!!!.

Just keel them all, huh. Heil Hitler, is he Popular?, who is this guy?, we have to do a piece on him?. Our friend Hitler spent time in prison too, however it was pretty comfortable for him, he did not suffer the bleak harshness like some, it change him though, he attacked the German government politically from inside rather than head on confrontation, unlike his physical attempt that led to his imprisonment the first time around.

Would it change Hitler if he was treated well?, he was treated if possible – too well!. Hitler was BENT on a collision course of utter DESTRUCTION for the World, and he couldn’t stop himself, no matter what!.

Even as the Germans retreated, Hitler refused to negotiate, incense on TOTAL WARFARE with Hitler Youth fighting to the END, pictures of him fondling those little Hitler’s youth soldiers going to death for da Hitler, a few days later poisoning his dog and newly married mistress, who very few people saw or knew before the Bunker.

Some claim he was an animal lover, Whot animal lover would end his pets’ life, don’t forget the millions of bees he killed getting back at his father.

If you mistreat them and keep punishing them, what happens when they finish their terms?

By being humane , u demonstrate humanity

I’m sure that the British Judge that sentence Gandhi to Prison had his tea filled with political directives. Here stood another fellow JD lawyer in rags, practically nude( Churchill like to call Gandhi ~ “ the naked faker “ ). To a term in prison, when he was not doing anything wrong( except politics ) the Englishman Judge was more concern bout his retirement country home in the U.K. with his fat purse strings intact with lots of mola than making the right decision that Gandhi was only being an Indian in his own country and had made SALT from the sea, because the British had imposed a Law that Indians could not do it, in their own country of India . All this done for ? Money!!. Salt Taxes ~ how shameful is that ?. Let’s make some salt!.

Interesting enough courts aren’t interested in the truth, but The prosecution of the Law of said Government. So! Gandhi was imprisoned for making salt against the Law. The British LAW!!!

Gandhi made it a point to clean toilets. The Prison warden assigned murderers to ensure Gandhi ‘s safety( heaven forbid – god like person keeled).

Eventually Gandhi was keeled by radical Hindus of his own religion for being too nice, if you can believe that?. ( Lesson : don’t be a good guy, radicals hate yew )

Gandhi , Nelson Mendela , Christ spent time in prison . Mr Mandela : just a mere 20 years haaah!!, you could do that easy right???, so if you been there, perhaps you were in good company ( provided you were good & not bad, comprendi ).Yew can’t be good if you bad ok, glad we got that straight!

I was surprised to find out that unlike most religious icons Buddha had been everything & anything, you talking moss / plants / slugs / Bee / bird / elephant / criminal / rapist / murderer / thief / spy / bad guy ….

Now don’t think this is good , especially if Buddha represents something we look up to ( down? ) ….

I thought this is crazy how can this be ?

Worst still is that he was these beings more than once & repeatedly , now something is WRONG with that !!!

Then the beauty settled in : Buddha was everything & anything even several times over. Really truly fantastical : how can you understand another’s plight: unless you stand in their shoes . Er ……. heil Hitler???.

If you are out of shock , thinking this through further, you might see some sanity amongst the cRaZyiNeSs.

Not ALL criminals are criminals, just was accused but was he / she guilty? Me / she see sea si se de ci?? Not getting youse confused are we wee we??? I speak French by the way- we Willy wee wee !.

Gandhi spent half if not more of his life in prison, was he guilty and even a bad person?

So would Buddha be bad even though he was all those “things”

We still hear of murderers & rapists proven innocent after many years of imprisonment. It happens!, if there was any – any kind of imperfection: the criminal justice system would be prone to it, because it is manned by humans. If robots were in charged, would it be better?, that remains in debate and yet to be seen.

June 24th 2018, Vatican tribunal sentenced former Vatican diplomat mr Carlo Alberto Capella to 5 years in prison for possessing and distributing child pornography.

Another Vatican Diplomat the former Archbishop Josef Wesolowski, faced charges in 2013 of paying boys for sexual acts. He was the Holy See’s ambassador in Dominican Republic, he died in prison before his trial could begin.

James Robertson killed his cellie to get on Death Row, to get better conditions. Comparatively ‘CM’ to Death Row is like going from bad to good, from Close Management to Death Row, is like : the slums to Beverly Hills. In CM, you are deprived of every personal possession: no radio, TV, no pencils, paper, books ……….. or anything! .

He’s been in prison some 16 years, his original sentence was 10 years, extended further after a riot with a dead prisoner even though he didn’t kill a prisoner. He never had a job. Never had a girl friend. Been in prison 37 years then 54 years old, he rather die than die as an old prisoner, than treated worst each successive period being old and weaker. So he killed his cell mate , who he didn’t want a child molester cellmate anyways.

Mr Robertson admits not feeling bad about it. He also uses a lot of profanity. Mr. Robertson says his treatment in prison lead him to be more and more animalistic & inhumane: a lot of anger frustration no freedom- bursting point they got WORST. Note he killed 1 person 2014- deliberately to get better conditions.

August 12, 2018, Sunday 106F , 1700 hours, Joseph Oberhansley 35, Jeffersonville, Indiana. Rape stab kill & ate his ex – girlfriend dead body. He had been freed on parole for previous killing, when he was a teenager.

Almost forgot, this American Hispanic guy, quite an unpleasant person, he called himself ‘el Diablo’, you know what that means?. I was working in an Mexican American car repair shop, one owner / operator. I liked the owner, he actually came by to tow my vehicle because it wouldn’t budge due to mechanical problem. The owner had me clean his shop, pick up trash, General helper, but he only paid 20 or 30$ for the day, was in between jobs, so it was a filler for me. I would have done it for nothing because I liked him, but any $ is a great help. He had this temporary worker, with a mean scowl on his angry unhappy face, got released from Texas prisons after killing 2 black persons in a fight, how?, I didn’t press him, but he managed to do it in quick succession. He is only 5’ 2”, but quite a barrelled person, he couldn’t get pass his mean disposition.

Think the owner felt sorry for him, because you could see he was quite impossible to work with. He had a distinct habit of getting into your personal space directly challenging you to a confrontation. Think it is part of his distorted personality, he might have served his time for killing 2 blacks, but for sure he is “mentally” still in the BIG House. He talks bout his son, whom is a decorated MARINE, but is very angry because his son is deliberately not contacting him, the father for his criminal past.

He is quite upset about that. As part of his curse of killing, he keeps bringing up the murders, repeatedly throughout the day. After a bit of this you realize that the murders NEVER went away and he relives it in perpetuitude, which a form of _ell, he is TRAPPED in. You would not feel comfortable with this guy around.

Jeffery Dahmer was sentenced to 15 consequentive life sentences in prison( awwww they were not going to let him out? ). He drilled holes in his victims heads and put cleaning fluids & such in attempts to control their thoughts. Not only did he kill people, he also ate them, first he bought tenderizer from Sears and ate them like steaks.

2016 Pablo Escobar hitman PopEye killed over 250 people, even his girlfriend he did his time in Prison and he is out!. He gives tours at the prison he had been in. Gives guided tours mind you and is on U tube, in his tours he tells you bout the pieces of people he cut up. His girl friend gave up Pablo Escobar to the DEA, Pablo ordered PopEye to do in his girlfriend, which he did. Some people feel uncomfortable being around PopEye , hmmm wonder why?

Let’s just say u don’t want to offend someone that had offed 250+ people, plus he’s right HERE!, out of prison

Spoke to a guy with College Degree , Second generation _ IA Agent, with unbelievable life journey of working for government of the United States of America. Can’t reveal too much, to expose him or his whereabouts. He had killed over 1,000+ humans in the service of the Country. Yep that number itself has gone beyond any kind of that is ‘believable’, but I for one am not going to call him a liar?, are you?. Really…. doesn’t matter to me if he did 0.0754 or added several dozen zeros , whatever the reason, just Don’t Do it.

The Agency offered him a way into the Afghanistan and Iraq conflict , he be given rank of major, which is pretty high up. Having been in the military, we never question officers orders, nor do we get in their way, but most high ranking officers we never see them in the field particularly under Combat Conditions.

You can’t salute officers in the field because sniper would see that!. In Vietnam snipers tend to pick the guy in front of the Signaler, because they likely be officers or NCO’s in charge of the platoon, know this because officers commanders like Signalers close to them, case you didn’t know Signaler s are the life line to Ops. Sometimes snipers just take out the guy with the radio, to get rid of the person with the communications first – that ‘thingy’ of antenna kindna gives you away!, you got to know the call signs security codes to prevent enemy from trying to break in on ‘secured’ frequency. Combat Signaler is the MOST important person in the platoon to acces COMBAT SUPPORT if we are hit. If this is getting beyond you, it is because you need to go through ‘Shool of Signals’, buddie, ain’t no short cuts here mi amigos.

Had conversations with 3 tankers in General Patton’s Third Army, they all spoke praisingly of General Patton. One Tanker got yelled at with a lot of profanity that he had rolled up his sleeved in the front line combat zone, his exposured skin would encourage the Germans a target, as General Patton drove off, the Tanker rolled up his sleeve up. Another Tanker Commander had covered up their tank with sank bags, he told me that Patton had come up to their frontal position to yell at them that the sand bags, where not standard operating procedures.

So the Tank Commander agreed with General Patton, but after the General left they kept the bags on. The third Tanker said that General Patton came by and gave them a rousing speech laced with his trademark profanity that some soldiers find familiar. Whatever the case , General Patton was the ONLY 4 Star General on the Combat Front.

The Agent: Not only was he offered Rank, but a choice of wether, he wanted to be set up in Army or MARINES, he choose the later. Army comes into an Area and they are trained to hold the position. MARINES on the hand run in eliminate opposition, secure it and then run off, on to another position, a reporter embedded got lost in the wild comotion, as you can imagine how terrifying to be left unarmed in a Combat Zone. His combat tour with the MARINES, took him into missions, that even hard bitten MARINES never been to. As you can imagine, I wouldn’t push too many personal questions to a Agent persona with a thousand keels? Mr Agent had been imprisoned by ‘enemy’ tortured and etc, you don’t wanna know kindna stuff, because we have ta keel you!.

Captivity and non official prison surely changed him, this was not a controlled confinement in enemy hands. Let’s just say he is not nOrMaL. He is the most seemingly factorial knowledged person that I have EVER spoken to. Hmmm ….. you know what that’s a lot of zeros for any one to have …… er?, how do you …… er? ……… do?…… er? ……… no no No? ……. you can’t contradict him. You don’t question- anymore who did in 1,000+ whatsoever You simply don’t do THAT!!!!!!!!!!


Do not kid your self:

Even if you survive it?

You don’t want it!

Yet America is good at this ? With the largest prison population in the World and the MOST Prisons in da universe?. Yes more than Aliens?

Imprisonment is horrendous brutal experience

Anything involving handcuffs, lockup’s, restricted access, bars, limited feedings, closed screened timed showers, concrete enclosures, no family, no friends( unless you consider ‘murderers’ to be your buddy’, surrounded by steel razor barbed wire: Your HOME for a long Long LONGEST time.

After coming out of prison, you are nOrMaL? rIgHt?

We cannot afford to be ‘BAD’ ( most particularly mr PopEye, or anyone used to killing 100s of people , we don’t want to encourage their particular ‘hobbies so to say ) to prisoners for in doing so we lose our humanity, we have to stalwart guardians least we become Nazis, who are lost and uncaring( they didn’t have prisoners, they just killed them, a nice? habit they picked up from doing away with the mentally ill, party opposition, even their former friends & Jews ).

You would have thought Hitler learned something from prison, his stay in prison, though quite comfy by most prison standards, Hitler never suffered much deprivation in prison, perhaps if he did, he might not have been so cRaZy ???

Logically prisoners if they ever survive prisons do get out – fact of life

So you want to treat them fairly, if not kindly or decent

Least they come out raging mad

Nevertheless, I recommend you stay out of prison. ( Really you don’t want go there!, least you loaded up with some Kung Fu super magical stuff )

There’s this dilbert cartoon, where Ashok was angered by a fellow worker, he’s thinking bout ‘keeling’ , then rethinks, the only reason he is not doing it, because he wants to avoid having a cellie named Buba. : )

Stay in da light, please, oh the blood, the blood , ugh!

Be of Good cheer

Take care

be kind

vios con dias

Oo oh, think this creature is a swinger?. : )

Think good thoughts, good thoughts…….. aaaAaAAA!