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Who are the best VR people to follow on Twitter?

Virtual Reality is the next internet. Watch technology’s history unfold in real time on Twitter right now. Check out the top 15 Must-Follow Virtual Reality Influencers of 2017.

#1. Ryan A. Bell

  • Founder of Summit.Live
  • Head of Studios at VRScout

Ryan A Bell is a digital storyteller, connecter & tech lover in Livestreaming and Virtual Reality. As Head of Studio at VRScout Ryan is an ambassador and connector for the community and overseas relationships bridging the gap between technology and traditional film. As Founder of Summit.Live, the world’s largest conference centered around nontraditional media, his team bridges entertainment and technology with the mentality of bringing the world together to innovate, connect and educate. Definitely worth the follow!

#2. Benjamin Lang

  • Co-founder & Executive Editor of RoadtoVR

Ben has spent the last several years actively documenting and promoting the industry as it experiences an explosive resurgence, leading Road to VR to become the leading publication in the virtual reality industry. He has been recognized among the most influential voices in the VR landscape.

#3. Bruce Wooden

Bruce Wooden is the Head of Experience at AltspaceVR – a virtual reality software company building a shared VR communications platform. He is known by his alias Cymatic Bruce, a VR evangelist, and developer. During that role, he co-founded Silicon Valley Virtual Reality (now with over 4000 members and an annual conference); contributed articles and content to the #1 Virtual Reality news site Road to VR – Virtual Reality News; and hosted a regular show on VR experiences (SundayVR with Cymatic Bruce).

#4. Tony Parisi

  • Virtual Reality OG
  • Serial Entrepreneur and Angel Investor

Tony Parisi is actually an OG of VR. Tony is the co-creator of the VRML and X3D ISO standards for networked 3D graphics, and the new 3D file format standard for WebGL and OpenGL applications for desktop and mobile, VR, AR and more. If you are looking to learn more about Tony and his endeavors you should check out his blog. He posts “Real-Time Rants, Reflections and Ruminations on building an immersive web by a VR OG.”

#5. Sanem Avcil

Sanem is a well-rounded Influencer in the field of technology, specifically Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. This Techpreneur has over 40,000 followers on twitter and frequently informs her followers about all of the things in the technology world like #Iot#AR#VR#Technology#Ai #Gif#robotics

#6. Kent Bye

  • Host of Voices of VR Podcast
  • Portland VR Meetup Founder

Kent Bye is a well rounded VR professional. Kent is the host of one of the highest rated podcasts, Voices of VR. He also contributes to RoadtoVR frequently. Above all, Kent is writing a book “The Ultimate Potential of VR” it’s comes out 2017 learn more at Worked as a Project manager, ScrumMaster, training video director & podcast producer at two world-premiere Drupal development shops for the past 4 1/2 years. Five years of systems engineering experience working on the F-22 raptor, and over ten years of video and audio production experience.

#7. Rob Crasco

  • Virtual Reality Influencer / Evangelist / Entrepreneur
  • Virtually Everything” YouTube Channel

Virtual Reality, Virtual World & 360 Video Influencer / Evangelist / Entrepreneur. Named #5 VR influencer by Influencer Marketing Software – onalytica Brand/Influencer Connector. Contributing Author on VRScout VR and related promotion on Twitter. (6500+ followers) Background in computer science and marketing, worked for AT&T, Ziplink, News Corp, and iBasis.

#8. Sam Watts

Sam Watts is living the VR life. This UK based VR Evangelist has quite the portfolio. Sam states in his profile that “We create and make exciting VR experiences that bring serious fun to learning, training, and development as well as consumer gaming products.” Feel free to check out Sam’s page for a full list of all of the interviews, podcasts, quotes, and blog posts he has created or taken part in.

#9. Malia Probst

Malia Probst is quite the versatile VR entrepreneur and connector. You can tell Malia is a terrific human being because of the first two words in her Twitter bio. On her show “Real Virtual Show” she hosts and incubates conversations about VR/AR with the leaders of the industry. If you are interested in listening to a fantastic and informative podcast session we highly recommend VR Scout’s 40th End-of-Year wrap up episode where they discuss The Best of 2016 of VR.

#10. Rick King

  • VR Developer
  • Unity 3D Programmer

Rick King is an avid tweeter. He most often tweets about technology, games, and most of all #VirtualReality. He’s a Technology Consultant, Graphic Designer, Musician, Composer, Software Programmer, Mobile Application, Unity 3D Programmer, and Virtual Reality Developer.

#11. Eric Chevalier

Before Eric co-founded VRScout he worked in content strategy and marketing, connecting brands with audiences along the blurred lines between physical and digital worlds. Those brands include Sony Playstation, XBOX, Nickelodeon, Honda, Toyota, Nike, and Google. VRScout is an amazing media company that covers advancements in VR and the people behind them. (Our article) Eric frequently goes on adventures, he says “I’m probably scouring the streets of LA in pursuit of the best new storytellers in town.”

#12. Kyle Melnick

Kyle Melnick is an unbelievably talented writer and “Lover of burritos.” Kyle has many remarkable articles on VRScout from a wide range of topics within Virtual Reality.

Most Recent Articles:

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  2. How This 19-Year-Old Entrepreneur is Bringing VR to The Masses (mine)
  3. Surgeons Can Now Prep for Surgery in VR

#13. Liv Erickson

Liv Erickson is an all around VR expert. She builds applications for AR/VR and then empowers others to do the same. Developer of numerous open source virtual and augmented reality demo applications, including KittenVR, VisualData, Pacific Garbage Patch simulator, SWAPI for Meta AR, WebVR Space Photos, and a Star Wars scroll text for VR. Host and producer of Just A/VR Show, Microsoft’s first virtual and augmented reality developer educational show on MSDN’s Channel 9 network. She also has her own Virtual Reality Developer and application blog which you should check out here.

#14. Helen Situ

Helen Situ is the Virtual Reality Evangelist at NextVR, the leader in live virtual reality entertainment. Helen works cross-functionally across business development, marketing, and content, previously the first product manager helping to launch the NextVR portal on Gear VR. She holds a BA from the University of California, Berkeley, and she was hired as the 4th employee at NextVR. Helen has spoken at GDC, NAB, Comic-Con, Slush, and the World News Media Congress and has been featured by USA Today, Voices of VR, and Yahoo Tech. In 2016, Helen joined the advisory board for SXSW Accelerator and founded an industry publication, Virtual Reality Pop.

#15. Eva Hoerth

Eva Hoerth is quite the special VR Influencer. She shares a similar passion to our company’s mission. The headline on her website is “Let’s work together to use VR for good. Less first-person shooting, more first-person storytelling, learning, and playing.” As a VR Evangelist, Eva lives by a few concepts.

Show VR to everyone
Transform VRgins into VR creators
Equip individuals with tools they need to get started
Build up the VR community to be one giant family
Advocate for the sharing of VR design tips/research
Inspire diverse voices to create for the future
Empower #WomenInVR


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