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What does an HR professional do on a daily basis? What kind of skills are used daily?

Can’t say about salary in Toronto, but can tell you about daily tasks as an L&D professional (that’s learning and development for you)

  1. Create / follow training calendar: Most of the organisations require its HR to create a detailed training plan for its emoloyees. This means, not only creating a plan, but also analysing which role/person needs what training, developing the content (which I’ll discuss subsequently), taking care of logisitics (halls/conference rooms/refreshments/training tools and kits/travel, etc.)
  2. Creating content for training sessions: Doing a training needs analysis to identify the learning gaps and creating user-centric training accordingly. Analysing whether it is going to be a classroom session or an on-demand web course. Whether it is going to be a long, full day session or divided into smaller ones. Sometimes the content is so exhaustive that the training cannot be built in-house. In that case, getting a buy-in from the leadership and getting it developed from third parties such as consultants.
  3. Identifying new ways and methodologies for training delivery – reading up about and exploring possibilities of implementing new techniques of training delivery. For example, can we implement Virtual Reality as a tool for training? What would be the scope? The investment? The content? Who will develop? Who will it target? The cost benefit analysis?
  4. Training effectiveness – utilizing various tools to determine the impact of training. Critical incident technique, surveys, 360 feedback, the works. Constantly taking feedback to improve the training programs to optimise return on investment and maximise on-the-job retention of training.
  5. Training strategy/capability building – keeping company’s vision and long-term plan in mind, are we preparing the employees well enough in order to achieve what we target? Are they equipped with the required skills? With emerging markets, changing scenarios, what are the skills that we foresee we will need in future? Developing a capability building road-map accordingly. The task requires not just understanding of the company policies, structures, skills, resources etc., but also requires HR to do a complete SWOT analysis of the organisation and collaborate with a lot of stakeholders to arrive at an actionable plan.

This are just a few major activities from the top of my mind that an L&D professional does. And that’s just a sliver of what HR’s roles and responsibilities are. As other people have mentioned, within HR, there are a lot of different roles and responsibilities. Hope this helps you get some clarity.