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Are there any undergraduate SNHU Online students and graduates on Quora? What were your job prospect outcomes like after graduating from online?

I would say in many cases it would be the same as graduates from a traditional brick and mortar school. I graduated from SNHU with a bachelors in technical management already established in my career field however I believe I can answer this because I was a mid-upper level manager with authority to hire and during my time I reviewed hundreds of resumes and hired hundreds of people. Despite graduating from SNHU, which is a great school, I would like to answer this from the viewpoint of “online degrees” in general.

Online schools in general attract older students who are already in the work force with experience who are improving themselves and adding credentials to facilitate them moving higher in their organizations or career fields. This means that job prospects are greater because of the job experience added to the degree.

Online schools have become mainstream and more recognized. In the past many viewed them as shady diploma mills. Larger more prestigious schools have embraced online course delivery methods and accreditation organizations have also accepted them.

In highly complex career fields in the sciences such as engineering or other disciplines that require lab work or practical application during the course, online I believe would be a disadvantage, but for mainstream degrees such as business it would not.

Observations/advise from my time as a hiring manager:

#1 with extreme emphasis – If you do not have a professional sounding email address get one. If I received a resume and the email address in the header was sexygirl826@yahoo.com or superstud231@hotmail.com or some other juvenile name your resume went immediately in the trash. Laugh, but I tossed a lot of resumes with ridiculous email addresses. I figured that if you lacked the common sense and sense of propriety to send me a resume with that on it your would be a liability at some point.

#2 If you do not meet the qualifications listed in the job advertisement do not apply. I had people apply for every job we advertised regardless of the qualifications. This wastes everyones time. A little secret is that many if not most companies use software now to sort and forward applicants. I can exclude you and your email address from showing up in the list of applicants I get sent with the click of a mouse for all future jobs. I did check what other jobs you applied for in my company by clicking your name. If you apply for everything from receptionist to Senior Industrial Engineer it looks bad for you.

#3 Strike a balance between informative and overkill. I never tossed a resume because it was 4 pages *if* it had relevant information. Experience, previous positions that required unique skill sets, responsibility and so on. On the flip side if by page 2 I am reading about your job as a dog walker or a volunteer for Founders day in your home town I likely deleted it. If you are a young recent graduate I know you are going to be limited in experience area. It is not a bad thing. Find a way to stand out, eye catch, despite lack of experience. One person researched my company and put details in the objectives that made it very clear they spent more time applying than just uploading and clicking.

#4 If you go to an online school choose one like SNHU that is accredited. My HR department maintained a list of schools accredited by the Dept of Education and I checked all of them including multiple degrees. If your BS is from SNHU great but if you include a MBA you received from North American Industrial Amalgamated Regency School of Business and Agriculture based in some tiny town in Idaho and accredited by some sketchy organization I am going to think you are trying to pull a fast one.

#5 If your degree is entirely online that’s fine but no need to advertise it. Some state online, some do not. If asked in an interview say so but the resume gets you in so you can dazzle them. I also never cared too much about GPA’s stated in resumes. Honors organizations sure but GPA not so much. I have a great deal of experience with 2.5 students who outpace 4.0 students in real life.