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How much tip should we give to the doorman at the hotel in USA?

Assuming you’re talking about a doorman at a nice hotel and not a random person who opens a door for you, the answer would still be $0. A “thank you” will do. They don’t expect a tip for this service. If you feel moved to give them a dollar or two, they won’t reject it, and it won’t be embarrassing. If you see the same doorman over and over and he’s nice to you, giving him a tip towards the end of your stay would be an appropriate and appreciated gesture.

You do tip parking attendants who retrieve your car for you. Likewise, you definitely tip the bellhops who bring your bags to your room, and your should tip a doorman if he performs any extra service beyond opening the door — including loading your bags into a vehicle. That is an action that requires a tip of a few dollars or $5 or even $10 if you want to brighten someone’s day.