Let’s just be up front here: yes, these pictures seem to show a cow wearing a virtual reality headset, and no, we don’t really know what’s going on here. You may

What improvements would you make to Minecraft if you had the chance?

Minecraft VR Edition

With VR becoming more advanced then ever then we will be able to play many of our favorite games like Granny all the way to Fallout and Halo. And I doubt Minecraft will want to be left behind. I can imagine one day being able to run in Minecraft while actually running in real life. Or kick. This will allow you to just go and play Minecraft but be able to actually go and get exercise. I would be very excited about this.

Minecraft Obsidian Edition

There is already Minecraft Bedrock Edition. In Bedrock, you can play with someone on the Xbox or on the tablet while you play on the computer. But Obsidian Edition will be way different. It wont allow you to play with players from other devices. But instead it will allow you to play Minecraft on VR. I already talked about a VR Edition. The Obsidian Edition would look something like this.

It is pretty much a Minecraft world where you are a giant. It would be like Lego. Except there is no mess. You could spawn creatures or throw TNT. I could imagine that you could either customize your own world or there would be maps where maybe it would be a giant castle or maybe just a plain old village. Or you can have a super village and cause lots of chaos in that. Or make the super village more beautiful. I personally would just wreck the whole thing. I mean imagine just putting on your VR Headset, pick the game, then start to do whatever. It would essentially be Legos. But no mess and things actually move. So, any kid who plays with lego would probably want to switch to this.

Get Mods Easier

It is pretty tough to get mods. And its also an annoying process to get them too. But imagine if you could go do 2 or 3 clicks then instantly have the certain mod you wanted. That would be awesome. On the PC version there are three options. Singleplayer, Multiplayer, and Realms. But I can imagine that under the Realms option there could be one that says Mods. In this there would be four options. Most Popular, Newest, Oldest, and All. Like if you want to get the most popular mod at that time then just go to the most popular. Or if you want to play the oldest mod that is still standing then do that. Or if you want to look at the newest then do that. Your choice. And maybe also add a search bar. So, I could just search “Morph Mod” and there it is. Then I click it, click save then it will send me to the home page. Then I just go to a world or make a new one and use the Morph Mod. Super easy. Maybe there could even be an option in the Mods section that could allow you to make your own mod. Just place in some textures. If you want to make a sword then click sword then you can customize it and if you don’t know programming then Minecraft will program it for you. Then you just place in how much attack damage you want and boom. You have a sword. Or if you want to create 500 swords for your mod then do that. Then when your done then go publish it. So, if you want to do something like make an advanced mod then you will probably need programming. But if you wanna make a sword that can kill anything in one hit then do that. Or if you want to make a pickaxe that can break any block instantly then do that. But if you want to do something like make a pickaxe that can destroy bedrock then that will probably require a bit of programming skills.

Make Moving More Realistic

Making moving much more realistic. Walking wouldn’t be realistic. You would still be stiff and wouldn’t be able to make your legs bend or anything like that. But if you sprint then it will look like your actually running. Your legs will bend. Your arms will bend. It won’t be you just still being stiff. It will be you looking like your actually running. And maybe if your climbing a ladder then actually make it look like your climbing. And maybe allow players to climb on ladders faster if they want to. Just click W twice (which would allow you to sprint if you were on the ground) and you would start to go up the ladder faster than you were before. I got this idea when Minecraft got the Aquatic Update. Now you can swim even faster if you want. And it looks more realistic. You actually kinda move. So, imagine if this could be the same for running and climbing and possibly falling.

Make Minecraft Grass More Green

I have been playing Minecraft for almost 7 years now. And I have seen a change in grass and other beautiful green things like leafs. I have seen that leafs and grass are looking less bright and beautiful and looking more dark and ugly. I would change this. I would make the leaves and the grass much more beautiful. I have also seen that beautiful biomes with just oak trees and some birch trees and many beautiful animals are harder to find. I now stumble across more ugly looking biomes like ones with spruce trees. I would fix this. I would make biomes look much more beautiful. I will also make Jungle Biomes much more common and much bigger. I remember jungle biomes to be less uncommon and actually kinda common. And I also remember them bigger. I would fix this. Making them back to what they were originally. A giant biome full of tall trees that is less common to find than other biomes but still pretty common.

More Redstone Options

Not that original. But I will just say what Redstone I would add. First off I would add Redstone Paste. It was in some mod. Redstone Paste would be crafted by crafting a slime ball and some Redstone. So, with Redstone Paste you could have it stick to walls and also the ceiling. This would make Redstone creations much easier to build. And also have the same thing for things like repeaters. Just take a repeater and a slime ball and put them in the crafting table. Then you got a sticky repeater that can stick to walls and the ceiling. I would also have this for other Redstone things like levers that can’t be on the ceiling.

More Mobs

Not the most original idea. But here are some mobs that I would add.


Great White Sharks


Crocodile or Alligator or maybe both


Lion (I hope they wouldn’t make a lion look like this. These Lions are THICC!)

Zebra (I hope they wouldn’t just make a Zebra a white horse with black stripes as shown in this picture. I would hope they wouldn’t be lazy like that)

Dog Breeds (And also be able to tame wolf puppies


More Birds (All we have are parrots)

More Bears (We only have a polar bear. And that is not easy to find)


Red Panda

Fox (I hope it will look like more than an orange wolf)

Some new NPC’S

Minecraft needed some NPC’S. This one Minecraft player a few years ago had the idea to make humanoid pigs. AKA Pigman. Looked like this.

This Pigman would be the villagers. Cool pigs right? Yeah well we got stuck with a stupid big nosed villager that most of the time doesn’t even have good trades. I am not saying to add the Pigmen. I am just saying we need more NPC’s. Because we are stuck with a stupid villager then we have to have more NPC’S. Players. They would be alone. Or not. They wouldn’t be like a Lumberjack NPC or a Miner NPC. They would do everything you do. Mine, build, take down trees, hunt, and all the other stuff. You could stumble upon their house. You could maybe steal from them or leave their base alone. They can go back to their base anytime. Or they can abandon their base. You can make them your worst enemy or your best friend. I would really like this. You could mine or share with them. Or kill them for resources. They will respawn around three times. When their third time is up then they never spawn again.

Shrinking Potion

A shrinking potion would definitely be pretty great. I don’t mean like 1 block tall. I mean only being able to make a house inside a block. That would be awesome. Maybe have like a permanent potion. Where the only way to actually grow back in size is to drink milk. This would be pretty great cause you could literally make a house in a tree. A tree! But at the same time you gotta make sure that NPC’s don’t destroy that tree. Maybe also have a grow potion where you would grow like 30 blocks tall. But I would have this not be permanent. Cause if this was permanent then you could just kill a creeper with your bare hand in one hit. You would be too OP. I would probably also have tiny mobs. Like tiny pigs. So, you could still kill animals for food and would still be bothered by creepers and other creatures. I would also have it that if you are normal sized then the tiny creepers or zombies or whatever tiny creature will not harm you. They will instead run away. I mean your a giant. Why would they try to kill you. But if your a giant then the normal sized mobs will also run away. Except for bosses. Bosses normal sized or small will attempt to kill you.

New Machine

I would have some sort of machine that you could put a potion in it then it would release the potion as steam. It would take around 10 seconds for all the steam to come out. But just put the potion in there and your good. Except there is one exception. I will add acid. Acid will be coming out of the machine as a gas for 2:00 minutes. Pretty much an acid fog. A defense weapon. I got this idea from the show “The 100” where there is an acid fog sometimes. Then they find that the acid fog is made by people in mount weather. Then they destroy mount weather. If your confused just look up the 100 and mount weather and stuff like that. So, this acid fog would kill anything. Chickens, cows, villagers, and some plants. Which is why a lot of animals would just run away. It wouldn’t kill zombies though. They would either remain untouched or their flesh would just disappear sometime through the acid fog making them a skeleton. Then horses would turn into either a skeleton horse or a zombie horse or just die. Most creatures would just die. Skeletons will either die or stay unharmed or mostly unharmed. But all undead mobs or mobs that can turn into undead mobs like a horse or a villager will either die, survive but not change, or survive but having turned into a different mob.

Make Spectator Mode More Fun

I am not gonna lie. Spectator mode is pretty great. And those who don’t know this if you go into spectator mode and hit an animal then you will see through the eyes of the animal. You can easily leave the animals body by clicking shift. But imagine if you could control the mobs body. I would do this. If you just want to look at the mobs vision then just do that. But if you wish to control the mob then just click the control button on your keyboard. And if your playing on a different device then I will just have you press some other button or maybe two buttons at the same time if your on a console.

Add Vampires

Personally I would change this look. Definitely not gonna look like some skin. I will have vampires kinda taller. I will also make them pretty pale and fast. And of course when they catch you then you will freeze and not be able to move. They will be behind you and your hearts will start to go down until you finally die. You can escape a vampire by keep on jumping. It can also sometimes turn into a bat and fly around. But when it chases you then it will be running at you. They will definitely burn in the sun and they will drop vampire fangs (which will be used to make potions) and also very rarely a vampire cape. With a vampire cape you could go and turn into a bat by just hitting spacebar twice. This will only work in survival and adventure. In creative you will just fly. But when in survival or Adventure then you will have something called the bat effect for two minutes. Then when you turn back human then it will start to go back up. Second by second. But no matter where you are then you will die turn back into a human when your time is up. It doesn’t matter if you are 200 blocks high or over lava. You turn back human and die. And there would also be the blood moon where vampires would become even faster and stronger. Twice as fast. Twice as strong. Twice as long to be a bat. And also takes more blood. And blood moon is twice as long as a normal night. And half of the vampires that spawn on blood moon will be able to open doors. But they won’t be able to push buttons or use levers. So, an iron door would be of plenty use. Except if you have a pressure plate. Then any mob could just go to your door, accidentally step on the plate, then your dead.

Danger Detecting TNT

You heard me. This TNT is crafted by putting a piece of TNT in the middle then surrounding it with iron in the crafting table. If there are enough hostile mobs around its blow zone then it will blow up either severely injuring the mobs or killing them. There will have to be around 5 neutral mobs around it to explode. And the best part is that it can stop with its process of exploding. Like if there are three zombies in its blow zone and it has 1 second left until it explodes then one of the zombies get out of its blow zone then it will just stop and have to start over when there are enough zombies. Or if it senses that the zombies are burning in daylight then it won’t explode. But if they aren’t burning then it will just continue exploding. Even just 0.9 seconds left will not allow it to turn back. It has to be 1 second or more. If its even 0.1 seconds less that one then your gone. Done for. It won’t stop the process of exploding. But for bosses then it will blow up automatically.

Torches Burning Out

Wow slow down. No I don’t want this. I am not gonna add it. Well, I will to survival. A few years ago Notch had this idea to have torches burn out. Where you would have to go and light them with flint and steel to make them be burning again. Thankfully, he never added this. But there was a Minecraft 2.0. Which was just an April Fools prank. It had a bunch of stuff in it. Including the torches slowly burning out feature. I hope that nobody ever wants or does add this to Minecraft. But maybe it could be in Hardcore mode. Many people say Minecraft Hardcore mode is easy (The last time I played Hardcore was like 2 or 3 years ago. So, I am not sure if it is easy. But lets just go and say it is). So, to make Hardcore mode harder then add the torches burning out feature. I bet many who have said that Hardcore mode is to easy would really love this. But the new players who say its to hard would probably complain. But whatever.

Red Dragon

Notch himself said that he wanted to add a red dragon in the game where you can tame it and make it yours. Your own pet dragon. People wanted to be able to get the ender dragon egg and tame the baby Enderdragon to ride him/her when its big enough. But this is easier. Your own red dragon. Can breathe fire and everything. I would imagine they would also add dragon armor and a dragon saddle too. This is my view on what a red dragon cave would look like.

All the way down to bedrock. You can either try to tame it with maybe meat. Maybe rabbit meat could be one or the least effective meat and then maybe sheep meat could be a very effective meat. And maybe you can also have Enderman meat which would be highly effective. If it doesn’t accept you then you gotta kill it. It will drop a ton of XP and also some red dragon scales which could be used to make stronger armor then diamond armor. But the better the meat the more likely you’ll be successful. So, get Ender meat and there will be a 85% chance of success. Rabbit will have a 50% chance of success. Cow meat will have a 68% chance of success. Sheep meat will have a 74% chance of success. But a wither skull will have a 95% chance of success. So, yeah. Give it the best meat you can give it. If it doesn’t work then I hope your prepared for battle. To make it easier to find a red dragon cave then you can find maps leading to the cave in dungeons or dessert temples. Once you tame the dragon then just have the saddle and then fly out of that cave and go back home. It won’t fly without you. It will only walk 25 blocks away from where you left it. It won’t kill anything. Just walk around. But only 25 blocks away. So, its easy to find. It is also fireproof. So, lava won’t kill it. It will be hard to fit it inside a cave so it will be hard to get it to The End. But if you do then you will have a better chance of killing the Enderdragon. Or you could not tame the dragon but instead just kill it.

Make Minecraft Textures more realistic

Some things should stay unrealistic in Minecraft. But not textures. Maybe have more realistic looking textures.

This looks beautiful doesn’t it? Imagine if this is what Minecraft would be like. I would love this. I mean just look at that. Being able to look at the beautiful mountain and river while also seeing grass and leaves being blown by the soft wind. Beautiful. And for the people who still wouldn’t like this update then this option will be in the world settings. So, you can have worse graphics or good graphics. Minecraft looks good in both. Your choice

Even More Mobs



Bees (But make them less like just a square and more like a mob)

Giant Ants (But honestly they look a lot like a spiders body. So, I would change that)

More Spiders (I wouldn’t add something like pig spiders. I would add different species of spiders. And maybe some skeleton and zombie spiders or something like that)

More End Mobs

Scorpions (Large ones that you can ride to small ones you have to kill or run away from)

These next ones will be from the Amazing Mobs Add-on

An Ent


Giant Wolf


A Manticore

The Minotaur

If you want to find more about the creatures that I spoke about from the Amazing Mobs Add-on and know where I got the pictures then here is the link: Amazing Mobs Add-on

Jungle Village

I would absolutely love this. I never ever have found a Jungle Village. And this is because they have known. For almost every biome villages are there. But not Jungles. We should totally add these. These would be really cool.

New Boss

Time for a new Boss Minecraft cause honestly hardly anyone actually has a survival world and go into the End and hardly anyone actually fights the Wither and if they do then it is in the overworld. So, I have an idea. Well, not my idea. But an idea from a mod.

Lets welcome the Sandworm. Or whatever this thing is called. I don’t know much about this giant dude but its nickname is the Unkillable boss. I see why. This thing is a killer. I don’t know how much health this dude has but I guess it has like 800,000. Please correct me if I am wrong. I would most certainly not have this guy spawn by itself. You could have a spawn egg (Only for creative) or build some sort of structure to spawn it. Or maybe collect some kind of Summoning Stone of something. Just don’t have this unkillable being spawn by itself. Here is another picture of this monster

Pretty dang big. Definitely would have to get better weapons. But what about diamond armor? Hmm won’t do. Time for some new ore. Then some new armor and weapons that can take down a God. But thats for some other time

More Ores

I am sorry it has had to come to this Mojang. But you released Emeralds in Minecraft in 2011. But Emeralds are mostly useless without villagers. So, I am in charge now. I am making new Ores. First off, Hindium

Btw these are all gonna be made up. Hindium is pretty tough and long lasting. More tough and long lasting than diamond. But hard to get. Ugh I gtg again. You know school.

I will add more later