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What’s your favourite Virtual reality experience?

From the first stereoscope to standalone VR headset, VR headsets have been going through some major developments. But the core objective, providing a highly immersive experience, has never changed. The immersive experience has multiple ways to present, such as VR games and VR videos. VR industry is a huge potential market, and many studios and individuals are attracted by this new technology. Not only the Hollywood is capable of producing the 360/VR content, individuals can film and edit 360/VR videos through the VR/360 editing apps, such as VeeR Editor. For consumers who are looking for immersive experience, they can find massive high-quality VR videos on major VR headsets, such as Oculus, Windows Mixed Reality, Google Daydream, HTC Vive, Xiaomi VR and Samsung Gear. Here are the top 10 VR content every VR enthusiast should watch.

No. 10 Celebrate World Cup 2018 in VR 360

When asking what the most chilling thing is in this summer, watching FIFA World Cup with homies must be on the list. However, many big football fans missed the chance to watch 2018 FIFA since not everyone could travel all the way to Russia. Now VR helps the football fans realize their dreams by offering an immersive environment complete with the lights, sounds, and action of the real thing.

You can see the audience and the football players from different views, feeling like you were on the scene sitting next to the person who is cheering for France. The best part is that you can enjoy FIFA without seeing any fan of the opponent. If you are regretting not attending FIFA, it’s time to fulfill your wish.

No. 9 Stormrunner 360 VR Roller Coaster Ride

Have you ever imagined riding a roller coaster at home? This sounds impossible since the rollercoaster has been an inseparable part of the amusement park. The complex vehicle configurations and large occupied area eliminate the possibility of replicating the rollercoaster experience at home. But VR’s inherent sense of presence makes the managed terror of rollercoaster realistic and impressive.

In this 360/VR video, the player is sitting down on the spot at the front with all the screamings around. If you are a rollercoaster-lover, check this out to get immersive with rollercoaster anytime and anywhere with a VR headset. If you have acrophobia and never tried riding a rollercoaster, check this out to get your first roller coaster experience.

No. 8 A Day in St Pete Clearwater

It’s hard to describe how beautiful St. Pete is by words, neither by the traditional video. St Pete is located on the Gulf of Mexico and considered as a paradise for the tourists. The year-round balmy temperature, warm sunshine, jewel-blue ocean and amazing beach bars let the tourists linger on. But people in Japan who have nine-to-five jobs can’t trip Florida without a plan. However, a VR headset can take you anywhere without requesting a leave from your boss.

No.7 Against Blue Currents

Can you imagine heading underwater without getting wet? Can you imagine the disabled can dive into the water? These seem impossible until VR headset broke the physical restrictions. This virtual reality voyage not only highlights the amazing habitats and animals but also tell the story of the disabled people. Come to experience your first VR diving and listen to how other people describe the underwater world.

No. 6 Our Home, Our People

Individuals may only associate VR immersive experience with X-sports and games, while underestimating its power to communicate personal experiences. In fact, charities have already start harnessing the power of VR. This VR/360 video delineates how Fijians come together to respond to the impacts of climate change. You can stand in the middle of Fijians and experience the daily task they do for survival. No more words needed, this VR video tells a convincing story to provoke empathy.

No. 5 The view as you go to Space

Exploring space had been the dream for the human for centuries, but it took a long time to get the first glimpse of space until 1609 when an Italian physicist and astronomer named Galileo point a telescope skyward. After human got the first look at space, it took another 300 years to land the moon. Although space exploration has made some achievements, such as the rockets and satellites, it’s still impossible for everyone to experience the unimaginable vastness of the universe. However, it is no longer a problem with VR headsets. This VR/360 video offers you an opportunity to enjoy the view of the universe. No matter you are astrophile or know a little about space, this VR/360 video could be your first space traveling experience.

No. 4 Space Girl 360 – Marooned

Knowing that superpower doesn’t exist can’t stop people dreaming of becoming superheroes. From Superman to Black Widow, Hollywood has depicted a superhero dream for all the girls and boys, but we all know such a dream cannot be realized. However, wearing a VR headset equipped you with the ability to enter an unknown planet and fight against enemies.

Space Girl is a highly imaginative VR/360 video in which the user plays a role called Rookie who executes the mission with the sexy lady. Unfortunately, the spacecraft crashes on the alien planet. You and the girl might be the only two persons on the planet. What would you do for survival?

No. 3 Mix Master Mike presents Magma Chamber 360VR

Mix Master Mike, an influential DJ, is known for his work with Beastie Boys. Unlike other DJs who release a traditional music video, he cooperated with Jonathan Winbush to provide a live immersive experience to bring his fans into the depths of hell. This unprecedented music video combines concept art, cinema 4D, live action shot on Greenscreen, Photoshop, and Adobe After Effects with mettle 360/VR plugins. The intriguing graphic design and an alternate underworld transport viewers to a musical paradise that unparalleled by any other concert.

No. 2 Inside the Chamber of Horrors | Shocking 360° POV Experience [18+]

Have you ever wondered why people like to seek thrillers? Basically, psychological thrillers let us feel fear in a controlled way, creating moods of anxiety, fury, and confusion. The viewers struggle to figure out what happened under huge psychological pressures. With a final shocking twist, the audience gets the exhilaration when the tension finally gives away.

What if the highly intense horror movie becomes even more real? Wake up in a room finding yourself locked up on a chair with a dead body! It seems that you are standing in the middle of this room. So, what to do next?

No. 1 Star Wars-Hunting Of the Fallen 360 VR

First released in 1977, Star Wars became a world culture phenomenon since then. Star Wars appeals to everyone’s desire to understand the unknown, but no one has successfully entered the unknown field yet. VR studio CUBE produced a Star Wars 360/VR fan film, which combined emerging VR tools and technology.

Without even more description, Star Wars fans and anybody looking to try out the absolute bleeding-edge in VR entertainment should check this 360/VR video.

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