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I’ve come into a lot of money (hundreds of thousands). How do I appear powerful and wealthy to women?

So you want women, huh? Here’s a step by step guide to looking rich. They may say “Looks aren’t everything”, but their actions say otherwise.

  1. Dress like a million bucks – Do not go to Balenciaga or Gucci expecting to fill a wardrobe with good clothes and call it a day. You’ll just look like a rapper in his music video. Instead, buy what looks good (online or at regular department stores), then you can buy name brand shoes, belts and accessories that complement your look. By looking fashionable, you’ll catch the ladies’ attention. Hire a fashion specialist to help you shop if you don’t know where to start. Also continue to update and perfect your wardrobe over time. A nice watch and a fitted suit in different colors is also a must. Do your research before walking into a high end store. People there usually earn off commission, don’t let them play you and don’t impulse buy; know exactly what it is you want.
  2. Perfect Your Image in Pictures and in Person– Hire a Personal Trainer; a muscled and toned body makes you look better in every way. Try different colognes and see which one complements your style. Make sure your breath is always clean. Brush twice every day and carry around breath mints or breath strips – people will notice. If your teeth aren’t straight, get Invisalign (braces are ugly). If they aren’t white, get them whitened. If you have ugly scars, get laser treatment. If you aren’t satisfied with a facial or body feature of yours, get minimally- intrusive plastic surgery. Do your research, find find the best doctors and dentists in your area, you can afford it.
  3. Eat Healthy and Learn to Cook – the Internet is a wonderful place, loaded with recepies and how-to-cook videos. Learn how to cook a few good dishes and stock up your fridge and pantry with healthy, fresh foods. This adds to your workout routine and improves your body. The poor eat McDonalds and Burger King, the rich can afford to shop at Whole Foods every week. Learn how to cook and girls will be breaking down your door. Have you ever heard them talk? “OMG, Stephen has a six pack, drives an Audi, has fashion sense, experienced in bed AND HE CAN COOK! OMG OMG Britney he’s so perfect!”
  4. Get a masculine but affordable car – girls don’t care what you drive. You can pick up a relatively reasonable Jaguar F-Type, Audi A5 or a BMW 428i coupe and the women will be drooling over you. These cars are affordable to you considering you can buy them on the used market, because girls can’t tell if its brand new or 3 years old (you can just say it’s new). Do your research! There are a lot of shady salesmen out there. Try Carvana and cargurus, they’re a good way to gauge and buy in the car market. Keeping your car clean inside and out will impress the girl as well as make it easier to sell in the future . Also, when the girl is in the car, drive like a normal person. Reckless driving and excessive speed only diffuses the sexual attraction, especially when a police officer pulls you over right in front of a date.
  5. Improve Yourself – learn how to act like a CEO. Learn Charisma, learn how to choose wine, learn how to be smooth, learn how to be seductive, read books that expand your knowledge. Learn how to play the piano. Learn how to ski, etc. etc. Girls love an experienced and confident man. Start here: Charisma On Command and check out their YouTube page, amazing free content. Get YouTube Red to skip ads and get Spotify premium so when a girl is in the car, you can play music from your playlist. The radio is fine, but the advertisements are a real mood killer. Both offer free trails so try them out before committing. Learn how to fix simple tasks around the house: minor plumbing and electrical issues. It may also satisfy your girl’s handyman fantasy *wink wink*.
  6. Do Not Flash – No flashing cash, no flashing name brand designer items, and please, dear lord, do not flash gold teeth, gold chains or gold car rims; the only exception is a gold watch and one gold ring. Your style should instead be a mix of brown, black, white , grey and dark blue. Leather shoes, dark tailored suit, styled hair, nice silver watch and a pair of black shades.
  7. Be thrifty – contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to buy everything at full price to look rich. Outlet malls, online on-sale clearance, clearance/ IKEA furniture give you the same thing but at a better price. Your money won’t last forever, so use it wisely. Don’t say yes to timeshares, don’t say yes to sketchy investment deals, don’t say yes to some weird penis enlargement pill product that people try to sell you. I’m not saying that you can’t treat yourself once in a while, but don’t party and buy bottle service every weekend. That’s money down the drain and stupid; people will love you when you buy their drinks, but once you’re broke, they’ll forget you.
  8. Well Traveled – have you ever seen someone’s house on TV where they have a shelf of exotic artifacts and it grabs the girl’s attention? When the girl asks, you can walk her through how you got this shell from the Maldives, how you got this bowl from Morocco and how you got this bell from Tibet. Considering there are websites and social media pages devoted to posting flight deals, you should be able to fly from Dallas to London or New York to Beijing for around $400 to $600 round trip. Stay at a nice AirBnb and discover the world on a budget. Do your research or book a tour to get around safely in unknown territory.
  9. Accessories and home – Carry around with you a nice Mont Blanc or UniBall pen, your American Express Platinum Charge Card and a sleek black phone. Your apartment/condo/house should be minimalistic and clean (implies that you have maids who clean for you). The apartment/ house doesn’t have to be big, it just has to look nice. If you plan on renovating, you can find almost brand-new appliances/furniture online or at outlet warehouses at a fraction of the cost. Remember, just because you’re thrifty doesn’t mean you can’t have nice things.

Instead of labeling yourself as a “CEO”, you should instead label yourself as a man with charisma. This money can be extremely helpful in changing yourself into a better person, however if you use the money to buy things that impress others, you will loose everything. Learn to invest in the market and yourself and you will be be better off. If you haven’t noticed by now, cash is only half the equation, you have to put in some work to learn new skills as well as research online for things you want. If you would like someone else to research for you, please let me know – I am a concierge and I can provide that service for you.