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What do doctors think of Ayurvedic medicine?

Being MBBS doctor and studied all specialities of MBBS, being son of Ayurvedic doctor and have seen her practicing ayurved for years, I think Ayurvedic medicine is also the great perspective which is a actually not being practiced at their own potential!

Let me explain how and why will all standard reference. I am trying my best to give unbiased view on few myths, not as a great supporter, not as a hater!

  • Belief : Aayurved has no scientific evidence proving efficacy!

Reality : Ayurved when invented, was a pure science then. At present, they have evidences according to modern standards but very less. They need more and more research to match modern standards. [1][2] Ayurveda is WHO approved treatment modality. [3]

  • Belief : Ayurvedic medicine is less efficient!

Reality : No question of efficacy… They have been curing diseases and most of them are very good. My mother practices at home, at very small level and she uses the simple treatment for cough, allergy and abdomenal problems on the patients not properly treated by minimum of 4–5 MD doctors! Her Guru, under which she learned basics, Vaidsir, used to treat Stage 2-3 carcinomas and Spine TB and neuropathies with Panchkarma method before 25 years! [4][5] Nimhans has approved Ayurvedic treatment for psychiatric patients! [6]

  • Belief : Ayurvedic medicines has no side effects!

Reality : Pharmacology principals says, every drug is a toxin when dose is not maintained. No difference in Ayurved as well! As my mother told me, they classify medicine in 2 class. 1 is Kastosaudhi (plant products) which are actually food products used in our day to day life – so high therapeutic index. 2nd is Rasosaudhi (elements and metals) which are very potent drugs with very high side effect profile and can kill anyone if given with untrained hand!!! (Even she doesn’t use any of them!) [7][8][9]

  • Belief : Ayurved is only for simple disease, range is very low.

Reality : Not range, in modern times, we have a rare great ayurvedic doctors who understands it deeply! You can simply understand by example : Rhinoplasty done at 800 BC is applied now as the latest method! [10]

  • Reality : Most of (virtually all) Ayurved doctors now use allopathic medicines, in which they are obviously inferior than their medical counterparts!

This is the most important reason, Ayurved is lossing all it’s value and respect! [11] I have seen an Ayurvedic doctor practicing Benzyl Penicillin (most important drug fir Anaphylaxis and Death) without much need in rural areas!!!

Conclusion : Ayurved is the great medical science, in some areas, we are still to reach their standards. But current standard of Ayurvedic practice is too low that most of them are actually devaluating medical field by gross malpractices.

Bring original Ayurved to frontline, stick to it, provide more and more scientific evidences and with integration of Allopathy with Aurved, Make India proud for having best medical resources!!!


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