Zillow Offers is part of its new strategy of flipping real estate. This new venture carries opportunities and risks. However, Zillow is one of the first companies to

Is Zillow going to put the local and national real estate broker, real estate agent, and mortgage broker out of business just like Amazon put local and national retailers out of business?

No, Zillow isn’t putting Realtors out of business anytime soon. I’ve got a great story on how Zillow totally sucks.

I recently purchased my home, and while Zillow was fun to look at and interacting with app is very intuitive, I would say it’s a huge, big, NO!

The main reason is that Zillow’s data is very inconsistent. It can be incredibly old and dated. Even today, as I edit this answer, a year and a half after buying my home, Zillow still does not have updated pictures or listing of my house that I bought in September of 2017. Zillow still shows it as it looked when it was previously listed in 2014!

At the time, when we were still looking to buy, any houses we were interested in never made it to Zillow before either being sold or they’d get added to Zillow as Pending Sale.

Maybe one day they will get their hands cut together but for now it just remains one of many imperfect options.