Black Americans feel they know better, and a three-year investigation of Long Island real estate agents by the local newspaper Newsday provides the latest

Which is worse, being a black man incarcerated today or a free black man in the Jim Crow South?

A few Jim Crow Facts that were utterly humiliating yet extremely commonplace:

a. A black person could not look a white person in the eye while passing them on the sidewalk. They had to look down or sideways, essentially in any fashion that was demeaning.

b. Every black child attended a school that was deliberately maintained to be deliberately inferior to every white school.

c. If a black man was accused (by a white person) of raping, hitting, touching, whistling, or anything really to a white person, he had no chance of a fair trial and would likely be hanged in a very cursory manner. People cancelled school and invited friends to witness a lynching and set up picnics. Some real gallows humor right there.

d. Basically every white man with money could do whatever the f*ck he wanted (as long as the richer white men approved or didn’t care) and could literally be a genuine terrorist at will.

e. White men wantonly gang-raped and terrorized black women – and got away with it (If you are a black man, imagine how demoralizing and depressing if this happens to your girlfriend or wife – and knowing if you fight for her that your death is imminent)

There are many more examples. Jim Crow South was a living hell. White men were essentially terrorists and chauvinists with absolute power.

And you better believe it was a living hell for white women too. Black women had no rights, but at least the white woman was white.

Racism and sexism are a fatal combination. I hate to say it (I’m from Mississippi) but the South is still racist in many ways. Old habits die hard.

I’d rather be locked in a cell with decent predictability than have to deal with the vagaries of greedy aristocrats.

And lastly, I hope you know this story already: in 1955, Emmett Till was accused of whistling at a white woman. He was brutally murdered by being tied to a cotton gin, mangled and drowned.…

Take me to jail, please!