The Oculus Go is a fantastic first step into the world of virtual reality and now you can get it for just $149, saving you 25%. It normally retails at $199, so this is a

What are some cool projects that use an Oculus Rift?

Some of the possibilities that the Oculus Rift can offer are enlisted as follows:

A Virtual world for architects and civil engineers : You can discover a whole ecosystem around virtual reality: businesses, schools, parks and lawns. The existing Arch Virtual comes as an answer to the perfect platform for creating models of building for construction purposes. It presently deals with real estate, architectural planning, healthcare simulation, virtual
campuses etc. In other words, you can create anything that you can imagine inside the Rift.

A new path to education: You can explore various applications that the Rift has to offer for children with special needs. Explaining scientific ideas and terminologies can be made easy by providing visuals inside the Rift. Education can be fun and informative at the same time.

Ways to handle autism: The Rift can provide assistance to millions across the globe suffering from autism. In a general sense, autistic patients can use the Rift to increase their skills of communication. The virtual world can give them a new direction in life. The Rift offers various meditative and calming aspects. The Rift could be used to guide kids with anxiety issues and

Immersive Classroom: Different forms of immersive education have been implemented into the classroom, since early 90s. Simulations were used for explaining various aspects of science, math, art, culture and history. Such learning can be made possible with the new VR headset and we are at the verge of seeing a massive transformation in such fields.

On an ending note, you never know what the Oculus Rift holds for us in the future. If the Rift achieves its primary goals, we are definitely going to undergo a transformation unexampled. “After all is said and done, more is said than done”-The Oculus Rift is certainly poised to undermine the

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