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What do you do everyday that gets you closer to achieving your dreams?

What if every day you were alive, you did at least one thing to move you toward your ideal life?

One thing doesn’t even have to mean sitting down for an hour to work on something, or make an important phone call, or work your ass off until 1 AM.

One thing can literally mean one page in a book, writing one sentence in your novel, or brushing one stroke on the canvas.

It’s totally possible, and it’s not the stuff made of children’s fairy tales. But here’s something else that’s totally possible:

You probably don’t do it.

There’s this idea floating around about the “no zero day”, and I hopped on that gravy train not long ago. You can call me a bandwagon fan, I can handle it.

What exactly is the no zero day? Not a single day goes by where you do nothing to move you towards your goals/visions/purpose/whatever you wanna call it. So to answer your question, I never let a day pass where I don’t execute on something that align with my dreams.

Here’s a random example

You want to write more. More specifically, you want to write a novel. You (hopefully) set a goal to write said novel. You (hopefully) broke that goal down and said you’d write one page a day for the next month, minimum.

Day 1 through 7, you write a page. On track. Air high five to you.

Day 8 you get sidetracked with real life bullshit and write half a page. Ok, awesome. NO ZERO DAY.

Day 9 through 15, it wavers. Some days you write half a page, some days you make up for it by writing 2–3 pages. Still good.

Day 16, you fuck up and you’re in bed already before you realize you didn’t get to write. You get up and write a paragraph.

Day 23, you barely eek out a sentence. Still a no zero day.

Day 24, you’re burned out and don’t write a damn thing. Well, you’ve now fucked up. It’s become a zero day.

No lies, you’d be surprised how fast you can move in the right direction if you make every effort to do something every day which aligns you with who you are.

And if I can offer you one solid piece of advice, it’s this: you’ll feel really damn good about yourself if you start executing on this notion.

My challenge for you is try implementing this idea right after you finish reading this motivational spiel I’ve concocted here. By the way, whatever I’ve been talking about…it isn’t easy, and that’s exactly why you should give it a shot. You know, because we’re all masochistic on some level.

Here’s what you need; it’s literally two steps:

  1. Choose a small goal you can work towards before the end of the year (read a book? Write a blog post? Whatever strikes your fancy).
  2. Do something every day towards it. Some days this will be more. Some days this will be one page, or even one sentence.

Can you handle it? Actually, keep the answer to yourself. I reeeeeeally don’t want you to say no.

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