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Will medical marijuana ever be legal in Virginia? Why or why not?


Not just Virginia, but America as a whole.  As the economy dips further, crime rate goes higher, less jobs with more competition and more people realize that cannabis isn’t going anywhere, we will see decriminalization, and we may even get some apologies and restitution out of it.

  When people finally realize that while cannabis can be governed, taxed, regulated (but only to an to a very limited extent) and they can affect the black market (to an extent) with more laws and policies that further bloat our court systems, that while they can hurt and incarcerate innocent people en masse, because these people choose to partake in a PLANT (that would grow free from the ground if we let it) that causes no harm to anyone, as soon as they realize that while all of this is within their arsenal but it’s never worked, and never will..

As soon as they realize that the policies that have been in place all this time, have significantly hindered our country’s development economically (so much taxes and money to be made, so many people can be helped!), medically (look at all the countries who have not created such a wasteful stink over a harmless plant and see how far advanced they are- our medical system in need of an overhaul and I’m not just talking obamacare, we need more natural solutions, cannabis fights cancer and so many other diseases) and socially (we’ve imprisoned so many people because of victimless cannabis “crimes” it’s insanity- no other nation imprisons as many of their own people except maybe North Korea) because of prohibition.

Lastly, as soon as the DEA “d-e-criminalizes”  a little harmless plant, in favor of going after bigger fishes, we will see legalization by way of decriminalization (can’t expect them to just give it all up at once, they have to implement control mechanisms and gradually ease into it).  I do not think that this whole legalization scenario will mean that cannabis will be as “free” as people are hoping and thinking, after all we won’t be able to plant hemp and cannabis as free as George Washington told us to, but it’s a huge step forward.

If I am not mistaken, different states have authority to regulate however they see fit, and different states will undoubtably regulate it to an extent that ensures they are getting their (not so) fair cut (not for our protection, mostly for the much needed tax revenue and jobs- i.e. the benefits it provides to society hopefully fairly and as a whole- but more money typically means at some level more corruption, and these things need to be setup to be watched before these program go into place).

What I am wondering is, once it’s decriminalized and all 50 states are pulling in an average of $10-40+ million a year, where will all the money go?   Will their be civilian oversight committees etc to keep all that money safe an accounted for?  Will governments regulate the medical cannabis programs that have helped so many, that brought us to this point (such programs are typically tax free and more lenient in terms of amounts you can possess and grow than recreational programs) out of existence, in favor of even MORE tax revenue?  Will minorities and the economically disadvantaged get a shot at the cannabis trade, will they receive training that will enable them to go out and maybe be something other than a trimmer or a sales position the rest of their lives?   After all, who has suffered more from the war on drugs and specifically, the war on cannabis?  These things should be studied and corrected.  I lived and grew up in South Central LA, Inglewood, Compton, and even some of the better areas of SoCal and it’s saddening what I’ve seen happen to people growing up,  for having a roach, a pipe, etc- and that’s just growing up in LA- think about people in Texas, they get strip searched and thrown in jail for having a roach or a pipe with resin in it (oh wait that’s considered a “concentrate” so one could get 5-10 for that!).

The People of the United States of America are owed an apology and should be issued restitutions for these crimes against us.  We have endured hatred and persecution from our government by way of failed a proxy war involving SWAT Teams, undercover operations and surveillance, policies designed to make our gov money while we suffer, criminal records, excess fines, loss of employment, loss of enjoyment and family, loss of trust in our government, stress related from the aforementioned, all for their intolerance and hatred against a specific group of people, simply because they choose to medicate with a plant that has HISTORIC social and medical benefits and significance!

The issues are simple; IRS has reported historic tax revenue in the last few years, while people continue to be poor, to starve, to lack in school, we have a social programs that need addressing, we have so many vets coming back from war that need help and have lost and given so much but have nothing, the national debt isn’t even being paid down, we are facing health care nightmares and cancer rates and other degenerative diseases are increasing, kidney dialysis companies are expanding, fast food is getting cheaper, we’re facing another real estate bubble, oil crises and all sorts of financial calamity and social instability facing our country…  we need Cannabis now!

The solution is simple too, cannabis!  Not to say that it will fix everything, but properly implemented (if we have to go the route of taxing and regulating cannabis and every product that stems from it), could help a lot of people. Cannabis is an ANCIENT medicine (like, thousands of years it’s been used!)- we are only 200 years old here in America and think we know it all, got our policies that shaped the war on cannabis from ill advised, greedy (oil and cotton industry lobbyists) outdated, hateful, close minded buffoons running a racket of a system wherein they could be easily deceived with money and false propaganda.

Time to end this endless war on this beautiful plant and really show the world what America can do with it!  Can we get some freedom over here?