Blockchain technology it looking to disrupt real estate investing by providing a way to decentralize the process through crowdsourcing and tokenization.

Will Ripple (XRP) pick back up?

Hello! Ripple employee here.

Mm, first of all, just want to clear up some misconceptions. Ripple is the private company using blockchain technology (the XRP Ledger) to make cross-border payments cheaper, faster, and more secure, and XRP is the digital asset that runs natively on the XRP Ledger.

Now that’s cleared up, to answer your question…

Nobody knows. As someone who works at Ripple, I don’t even know, but I can tell you this: where Ripple is headed is towards a direction much larger than just increasing the price of XRP.

We are in the process of enabling what we call the Internet of Value, which is for value to be exchanged as quickly as information does today. As we onboard more financial institutions onto our network, we will—hopefully—bring more volume to the XRP ecosystem, which if you know standard economics, any market with more volume = more value = higher price.

At the end of the day, the cryptocurrencies with actual use cases should be the ones that will win out through the test of time. Although, it is very far away (10–20 years time). Just think about the inception of the Internet back in the day.

If we use Amazon as a proxy…

Look at 2000… That’s the dot-com boom—just a blip on the radar. That being said, timeframe (and patience) matters!

I believe crypto on blockchain is a new technology that’s here to stay, but which ones nobody really knows 🙂

That’s why you shouldn’t just invest solely in Bitcoin, Ethereum, or XRP. You want to diversify within this sector because everything is still so speculative (assuming you’re okay with the risk/reward profile of this sector).

In the name of good process, always bet on entire sectors rather than individual cryptos/assets. (Bolded and italicized for emphasis.)

That’s why I personally allocate an amount of capital that doesn’t keep me up at night in 5 cryptocurrencies that I’m bullish on, weigh them equally, and just watch them run for the years to come (not advice, just opinion).

Something you have to ask yourself is… Is my end goal to multiply my invested capital, or is it to invest in crypto?

If your end goal is the former, there are honestly other investments with better risk/reward fundamentals at this time (uranium, anyone?), since the crypto market is still so nascent.

If you’re looking for unique investment ideas targeting 5X – 10X+ returns, feel free to check out Chris MacIntosh’s work.

Chris allocates his capital well before the market does. He did it in…

  • New Zealand real estate for a 64x return over 5 years, cashing out in mid 2006 just before Lehman Brothers reminded the world how dangerous the leverage had become.
  • the venture capital space where he built and then sold a VC firm which deployed around $30m of capital (too early to accurately predict his returns) selling out in 2015 when valuations had gone crazy).
  • He did it with Bitcoin (bought in 2014 at ~$600, haven’t sold; we wouldn’t be surprised if it goes to $60k—trust me, we’ve done the math).
  • And he’s currently doing it with his investment research service Insider, where he shares what he’s personally buying and selling in real time for subscribers.

Chris has over 20 years of experience in analysis of geopolitical macro trends, so who better to learn from than someone who’s turned pennies into pounds many times over before (with good process + a focus on deep-value investing + a hint of luck)?

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