Commercial properties are favoured by some investors as they typically generate higher returns than residential properties, along with having other benefits

How do I get started in commercial property investment?

If you are planning to invest in a commercial property, then you must be well aware about the type of property that you should invest in, what return on investments you wish to receive and your ideal location.

Level of Investment and Return

In the UK, the City of London is said to be the prime location for commercial property investment. There are various firms that provide warehouse for rent in London for those starting their new business or expanding it to receive a good return of investment on it.

Long or short term investment

Make up your mind on whether you are looking for a short term or long-term investment. However, one major reason that most people fail while investing in a commercial property is because they think too much about the short term and not much about the long term.


One important question is, whether you have a timescale in mind while you wish to invest in commercial property or not? However, there are various other questions that you need to consider as well,

  • Do you require an immediate return on investment?
  • Are you ready to wait for the right opportunity to come along?

Do you plan on investing immediately so as to take advantage of the local opportunity?

  • Are you sure about what you are looking for, where and how you plan to finance it?
  • Have you been doing a proper research on the market to check what could possibly be generating a good return on investment?