Earnings season kicks off this week in the real estate sector. More than 100 REITs and 80 housing industry components will report 3Q19 earnings over the next

What should a person do in his twenties with respect to personal finance that’ll enable to him to retire early or become financially independent?

  • Don’t get stressed out about financial planning. If no one will help you, I will. Email me your queries at anurag@minance.com and I’ll take out time next weekend and clear your queries.
  • Hire a financial advisor. Even the best ones will cost you not more than 50 bucks a day and the return on that investment in terms of taxes and fees saved and extra returns earned pays for itself.
  • Don’t try to watch your investments daily, weekly or monthly. Quarterly maybe, semi annually yes.
  • Understand that you will have down month, down quarters and down years.
  • Understand that you will see at least 3 recessions in your investment lifetime, don’t stress about it. Recessions are great time to buy assets.
  • One last thing: your grandmother made money in gold, your dad made money in real estate. You will not. You will make your wealth in equities or private assets. Don’t dwell in bull run that ended 15 years ago.

This answer is part of my Q&A on personal finance.