If you don’t have the time for this, then you can use the services of a real estate agent, who will take care of all these on your behalf. Similarly, if you are looking

How do real estate agents find buyers?

In my market, buyers are  generally easy to find.  I spend a lot of time prequalifying,  interviewing, and taking on or turning away buyers.

I find buyers walking down the street, at coffee shops, parties.  EVERYWHERE!

That said if finding more was my goal my top ways to find buyers are:

1) Referrals from past clients, friends and family, professional aquantences, etc.  Still the best way to find loyal clients

2) internet:  a broad category that includes ZTR( zillow,trulia, realtor.com), IDX search, and other forms of advertising.  There are platforms you can pay for that will give you tons of leads for a price.

3) open houses: it’s a timeless classic but it works. Get a script and ask everyone who walks through the door the key questions and then ask for an appointment.  At the appointment, show your value and you will get more clients.

That’s about it. Do it consistently and you will make money with buyers.