There’s always a “hot” part of real estate investing. One year it’s flipping houses and the next it’s vacation rentals. Determining the best way to invest can be

I want to own and manage a real estate investment company with my own and investor’s capital. I have no capital right now. What would be the best way to start?

Ah the dream to make tons of money with no money.  🙂

So I am in the process of starting an investment partnership myself for my personal assets.  Unfortunately for you most investors are going to want to see that you have skin in the game (ie your own money) and if you are going to manage it that you have experience.

I started off by finding the investors and having the capital to have skin in the game.  This is the most difficult part of it, honestly.

Once you have a business plan on what property types, investment stratigies and such then you can really start to market for more investors and start putting the legal paper frame work together.

Then go out but your property and go on from there.  Starting is the most difficult but remember Dace Ramsey’s quote, “The only ship that doesn’t sail is a partnership”.  While not always true plan for the break up while everyone is still friends.