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What would be some pros and cons of Donald Trump becoming president?


  • It would be funny.
  • He’s very experienced in handling the bankruptcy process. That’s useful for becoming the executive of an insolvent entity.
  • He would be a president of the caliber the citizenry deserves.
  • He would be ridiculous enough that people would stop taking the government seriously.
  • He’d make the White House look tackier, covering it in brass and installing plastic palm trees on the lawn.


  • The same cons that go with most presidents – he’s a socialist, protectionist, war-loving, nationalist, demagogue blow-hard. Not much different from an Obama or Bush. He’d just have a more absurd packaging and give shout-y speeches.
  • He would find more creative ways to funnel even more bailout money to son-in-law Jared Kushner.
  • He would probably bail out commercial and residential real estate instead of allowing it to fail.