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Was the marriage between Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley simply a publicity stunt?

Yes, their marriage was a publicity stunt for image making reasons, in fact but, Lisa Marie was infatuated with him and stalked him after their divorce, befriended members of his family and tried to get him back though unsuccessfully. She was not at all his type, she was spoiled, confrontational, needy. She swore, drank and smoked heavily and she had a cocaine addiction while still a minor. Michael Jackson on the other hand liked classy, quiet women, he was a peaceful person, as Jennifer Batten once said ‘’ i never heard him raise his voice on anyone’’, he didn’t smoke or drink alcohol, he never used illegal drugs, he didn’t like foul language, he was a Jehovah Witness, Lisa Marie was a member of the Scientology Church. Lisa Marie Presley was indoctrinated into the Church of Scientology in 1977 by her mother, Priscilla. However, she officially defected from the church in 2016. Both her mother and daughter, Riley Keough, remain members of the Church.

“Never thought LMP really loved Michael. She was in love with his presence, because it brought her a “high” that she felt when she was with her dad Elvis. So it makes sense because people (especially women) are drawn to people who are like their fathers. she told Oprah she felt so intoxicated with him. i don’t think she loved him for WHO he was i think she loved him for WHAT he was, which is a superstar” Frank Cascio

‘’As she saw it, Lisa Marie was an “evil little princess” that tormented everyone with her impossible ways and her out of control jealousy. She may not even have loved Michael, though he literally went out of his way to make her happy. Lisa Marie is a very evil little girl. She was horrible to Michael, myself, and anyone who was around Michael. She was even jealous of her own children when they adored Michael, she was a lovely person before they married. she pursued him with a vengeance even when she was still married. she did not smoke or drink, as soon as they got married, she drank, smoked, wanted to fire everyone around Michael, and demanded he become a Scientologist. He bent over backwards to please her… he never could, she was just too miserable’’ Karen Faye

The marriage was a sham. It was performed illegally in the Dominican Republic and it was unconsummated.

The marriage was indeed a bad idea as it was to settle the ’93 civil trial out of court, though the cost of the civil trial would have by far exceeded the cost of the settlement, both of which would have been compensated for by his insurance carrier, Lloyd of London, thus he was pressured to settle out of court, which he later regretted. Both the 15 million $ settlement and the publicity stunt marriage to Lisa Marie Presley made him look guilty even though he wasn’t. Wasn’t Lisa Marie Presley however 100% aware the marriage was a publicity stunt for image making reasons after the ’93 allegations? Where did she live ? On another planet? Didn’t she know that MJ was being accused of child sex abuse? Didn’t she know that Michael needed to restore his image which had been tarnished by the ‘93 scandal ? Why did she agree to a sham marriage performed illegally in the Dominican Republic? 20 days after her divorce from her first husband in 1994, Lisa Marie married singer Michael Jackson. Lisa Marie Presley married musician Danny Keough in October 1988. She had a ‘quickie’ divorce in the Dominican Republic in 1994. If she wasn’t aware the marriage was a sham then how come she misspelled her own name on the marriage certificate? How come she wrote in the wedding papers she lived in Memphis Tenesse, which was obviously untrue, and Michael Jackson wrote he lived in Gary, Indiana which he left in 1969 ? How come her divorce from Danny Keough was not finalized but only 20 days prior to the ‘’ wedding’’ which that by default would have made the marriage invalid based on the DR legislation? She eloped with Michael Jackson and her ex husband’s brother who signed as a witness at their wedding to the Dominican Republic? Along with their lawyers and bodyguards? The alleged witnesses on the “wedding license” were Lisa’s Scientology “minder” who calls herself Darlene Love and her husband who happens to be the brother of Lisa Marie’s “former” husband, Danny Keough. Why did she comply with the lie that they met in 1974 when she herself stated in an interview that she did not want to meet MJ in the early ‘90’s because she thought he was a freak? Why would she meet him in the early ‘90’s if she had already met him in 1974? Why wasn’t she subpoenaed to testify in his defense in 2005 if they had been married for real? She would have been the most obvious choice for a defense star witness but could she testify under oath they were actually married? Even if she had refused to testify Michael’s defense lawyer could have still subpoenaed her . Why didn’t he ? She was not on the Defense Witness list !!! Late Ryan White’s mother was on the Defense Witness list but Lisa Marie Presley wasn’t !!!! Because the marriage was a sham!!! How come Lisa Marie went on a holiday with her ex husband to Hawaii while ‘’married’’ to Michael Jackson? How come Michael Jackson benefited from this marriage if he was as ridiculed as ever then and how come he used Lisa Marie if he never mentioned her again after the divorce and she badmouthed him non stop until he died in 2009, especially every time she had to promote one of her utterly failed albums ? How come he wanted her Presley kids so badly if he was arranging to have children with another woman while still ‘’married’’ to her, regardless whether he biologically fathered them or not ? Why did he write a note, that was seized by Henry Vaccaro in a bankruptcy sale , asking for an annulment? How come they dated secretly for 4 years on and off since 1996 and Lisa Marie told Roger Friedman in 2005 that by then she had not seen MJ for a decade and Lisa Marie publicly dated 4 other men during that time? Their affair was so secret as it was with Shana Mangatal!!! Even Michael Jackson did not know about it!!! How come he wanted her Presley kids so badly yet the marriage was performed illegally , faked in a hotel room at Casa de Campo , with a JP licensed by the government of the province of which La Vega is the capital, to perform weddings and make a legal record of various civil events and activities (marriage, birth, criminal events, property transfers, etc.) only in his home town? He was not licensed in any other province in that country. That is why, to support the hoax, the wedding registration book and his newspaper interview both claimed he performed the ceremony in his living room, which he obviously didn’t. Thus, he did not perform a genuinely legal wedding and any offspring would have been illegitimate. This JP had no authority to officiate weddings in Casa De Campo, it was not a real wedding!!! And Lisa Marie Presley was NOT AWARE OF ALL THIS? The ceremony was invalid!!! Michael’s marriage to Debbie Rowe however was indeed legal!!! Lisa Marie Presley was 100% aware the marriage was a publicity stunt and she agreed to it. By no means is she a victim!!! If anything, she hopes by associating herself to his memory and their ancient sham marriage to stay relevant. Lisa Marie Presley is a joke!!! She said she loved a man and dated him secretly on and off for 4 years during the exact time she dated publicly at least 4 other men and whom she non stop dissed in public for years !!! She said she felt used and disposable but she befriended his family members to get through to him? Why did she associate herself with the Jackson clan if MJ used her to restore his image? Why did she mock him publicly if they were still dating secretly on and off trying to work things out? Why did she travel around the world for 4 years as she said trying to be with him if she wasn’t 100 % certain of his innocence in 1993? Why did she allege they dated for 4 years only after Michael Jackson died in 2009? How come she wanted to save him from his opioid addiction when he was never on street drugs yet she has been a cocaine addict since she was 14 and has thus been numerous times to rehab so far ? He had chronic pain and chronic insomnia. Everyone with those would be treated with drugs. It’s not that Jackson took drugs to get high. He had real medical problems.She is hilarious , no, just pathetic!!!!

Michael met Lisa Marie a year before the allegations of child molestation in 1993, a civil lawsuit he settled out of court for an alleged 20 million $ which was later compensated for by his insurer, Lloyd of London. He suspended his Dangerous tour for which he was sued for million dollars by his promoters and his album’s sales dropped dramatically because of the unprecedented media backlash, even though Dangerous was in fact faster selling than both Thriller and Bad. In addition, he battled a crippling painkiller and prescription pill addiction for which he was hospitalized, encouraged by his friend Elisabeth Taylor. He rehired his lawyer John Branca, whom he had fired in 1990 urged by David Geffen, when he called Branca to ask for business advice. Michael needed cash at the time and was advised to sell his ATV catalogue ( which he bought in 1985 for 47.5 million $) for 75 million $ but he eventually sold only 50% of his catalogue to Sony in 1995 for 150 million dollars. In return, Branca got 5% of Michael’s catalogue, a condition to which Jackson woefully agreed.

Evan Chandler alleged in August 1993 that Michael Jackson had molested his 13 year old son Jordan during the World Music Awards in Monaco, which he attended accompanied by his mother June and Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson was strip searched and not charged with a crime even after the Police took his naked photos. Eventually he reached a settlement with the Chandlers for an alleged 20 million which was compensated for by his insurer.He also gave 1 million $ to each parent. His image was tarnished and he started abusing prescription pills, for which he went to rehab then. Arguably, he never fully recovered.

Sandy Gallin (whom Jackson met and hired urged by David Geffen) advised Michael to find a wife so as to dispel rumors and negative publicity from the 1993 scandal. Michael allegedly proposed to Brooke Shields who declined because she was dating Andre Agassi, whom she later married and divorced. He asked Lisa Marie to marry him over the phone as a favor to a friend and she immediately accepted though she had been separated from her ex husband for only a few months, yet not divorced. Lisa Marie Presley pestered Brett Livingstone to introduce her to Michael Jackson and the moment she met Michael she immediately broke her conveniently facilitated marriage by the Scientology Church with unemployed musician Danny Keough and stalked Michael Jackson.

During that time, he talked to Lisa Marie nearly every day on the phone… Since Lisa Marie was always there for him it was logical he’d ask her to marry him. But Michael does things on the spur of the moment and he lives to regret it. The reason he wants out is that he wants his privacy,” the source added.-Reuter The divorce papers were signed only twenty days before Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley ‘’married’’ in the Dominican Republic with none of their family members invited. Lisa Marie’s ex brother in law was one of the witnesses to the wedding.

But it was true. Before Michael had arrived in New York on this most recent trip, he’d married Lisa Marie. Even my parents hadn’t known about it. I suspect Michael didn’t tell them, because when they asked him the inevitable question—why?—he wouldn’t be able to answer it. He didn’t know how. That was just the way Michael was. He kept the various parts of his life separate from one another, and his reasons for doing so were his own. Now that we knew, we would have gladly accepted Michael’s marriage without any explanation at all, but he told us that he had made the decision for business reasons. At the time, he was doing business with Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal, who was known as “the Arabian Warren Buffett.” They were business partners in a newly formed company called Kingdom Entertainment. According to Michael, the prince and his colleagues liked to do business with family men, and so he wanted Michael, as his partner, to be married. Especially after the allegations in 1993. The prince was investing a lot of money in Kingdom Entertainment, and he believed that by marrying, Michael would restore his tarnished image. So Michael had married Lisa Marie Presley. Or so Michael’s story went. My father, who had an adult’s perspective on the whole affair, saw a simpler scenario. He believed that Michael wanted to be a father and hoped that he would have children with Lisa Marie. It was an unconventional courtship, to be sure, but Michael led an unconventional life. “In the end, the union had lasted about a year and a half. When they split up at the end of 1995, Michael claimed that one of the main reasons was that Lisa was jealous of us (she called us the “Jersey family”) and the relationship he had with us. He preferred spending time with us to spending it with her. From my perspective, Lisa Marie disappeared as abruptly as she had arrived. Apparently she and Michael stayed close, but I rarely saw her anymore.” Frank Cascio

Michael married Lisa JUST because he wanted to be a “family” man for the Arab prince. He MARRIED Lisa for BUSINESS purposes. He didn’t love her. Did she willingly marry him even after knowing he married her for a purpose other than love? For BUSINESS! ! ! It was that way for both of them. She really was working on a music career. Also, Scientology actively helps arrange celebrities’ divorces and marriages when Scientology deems them beneficial to Scientology.

Scientology also helped Lisa Marie Presley arrange her marriage to Michael Jackson. The idea was to make Jackson a Scientologist so he would become a recruiter and bring large numbers of youth into Scientology. While she was working on Michael Jackson, Presley inconveniently was already married, and to a Scientologist staff member. Scientology quickly ordered a divorce, so the Michael Jackson recruiting plan could go forward.

The 1994 mtv kiss was staged by Sandy Gallin and in the 1995 mtv awards she only appeared with him because his pr team requested her but by then she had not seen Michael Jackson for at least a month and though she refused at first, her exact answer was ‘’hell, no’’ she eventually agreed but they didn’t even arrive together. Michael Jackson would leave Lisa Marie for weeks and weeks without even telling her where she was. She stalked him before, during and after their ‘’mariage’’.

After the divorce Lisa got sick and Michael Jackson allowed her to join him on his History tour but only as a friend and as soon as she recovered from whatever she had MJ pulled back but she got upset because she wanted him back. They were never really together, though.

Lisa Marie is hospitalized, May 30, 1997

Lisa Marie Presley, daughter of Elvis and Priscilla Presley and the former Mrs. Michael Jackson, has been hospitalized since Sunday in Florida, says USA Today. The twenty-nine-year-old mother of two has been diagnosed with a bronchial infection and stomach and liver infections. Her spokesman, Paul Bloch, said Presley’s condition is improving. “The prognosis for recovery is excellent, and she hopes to leave the hospital this week.” Presley, a practicing Scientologist, had a fever for nine days before she was admitted to the hospital.

Rolling Stone 2003 (Her confirming the sickness)

In the period following her split from Jackson, her health collapsed:

“My body started to deteriorate. I started to have panic attacks. I went through two years of baffling every doctor from East to West Coast. One week it was asthma . . . hypoglycemia . . . candida . . . reflux . . . I had everything. My gall bladder just fucking stopped working, and I had to get it taken out. This was when the tabloids said I tried to kill myself or something like that. We settled out of court. But anyway, I wound up in the hospital. I had everything happening; my body completely fell apart. And nobody knew what the hell was wrong with me.” She was allergic to everything. “I had to eat chicken and broccoli for a year,” she remembers. “I was absolutely falling apart, physically and emotionally, for a two-year period.” At times she thought of death. “It was the constant physical breakdowns that were going on that I didn’t understand.” You really thought you might not make it? “I really thought it. It was just non-stop.” Then she went to a homeopathic doctor, told him all her symptoms, and he asked her to open her mouth. He told her to get her fillings removed. “But once I started to get it out, it all stopped.” (She now thinks her problems were caused by a mixture of mercury fillings and extreme stress.) “

A few months later after the newspaper reports of an illness with Lisa Marie, Michael invited her to one of his concerts. And she began to be seen with him more often. Months later she starts to befriend his sister Janet. This was another one of her desperate attempts to get closer to Michael again. She also befriended Rebbie and to this day both of their older children are still friends with each other and she is still friends with Rebbie.
This is a quote from Jermaine’s book “You Are Not Alone” Released in 2011.

In the months that followed, (the divorce) I know that she (Lisa) reached out to Janet, Rebbie and Mother for their advice on how to best get through to Michael, to see if there was any way back.”

Rebbie Jackson, OK! May, 1998:

One family member she has yet to get the chance to accept is Michael’s wife Debbie Rowe, the mother of his heir Prince Michael Jr. “I have never met Debbie, so I don’t know what she’s like,” she explains. But one ‘outsider’ Rebbie is happy to befriend is Michael’s first wife, Lisa Marie Presley. She says: “Her six year old son Benjamin is so in love with my two daughters – he flirts with them all the time when Lisa’s visiting my home!”

Lisa Marie hanging out with Janet at her album “Velvet Rope” release party, 199

So, he avoided her which is why she bashed him, out of bitterness. They were NOT on and off for four years after the divorce. Michael had already talked about how she followed him after the divorce and wanted to get back together with him which was evident in the post divorce pictures. Lisa talked about this on the Oprah 2010 interview too but she gave a different story explaining how they was on and off for 4 years breaking up and getting back together but she had to leave because it wasn’t going anywhere.

The Associated Press, March 17, 2004

LOS ANGELES – Lisa Marie Presley clarified her remarks in an Australian TV interview, saying in a statement Wednesday that she never saw her ex-husband, Michael Jackson, engage in inappropriate behavior with kids. Elvis Presley’s daughter, on a concert tour in Australia, said in an interview broadcast Monday that she saw things she “couldn’t do anything about” during her 1994-96 marriage to Jackson.
Roger Friedman, Tuesday, January 18, 2005

I know you’re wondering what had she had to say about former husband Michael Jackson, so I’ll tell you: Nothing.

“I’ve been away from him for almost 10 years. I’m not following the case at all,” she said.

Claire Magazine, 2008
“My biggest mistake? Let’s see,” she begins quietly. “How can I word this? Um. Well. Leaving my first marriage, for the person that I left it for — that was probably the biggest mistake of my life.”

Rolling Stones, 2004
“Did I ever worry? Of course I f*cking worried. Yeah. I did. But I could only come up with what he told me. The only two people that were in the room was him and that kid, so how the hell was I going to know? I could only go off what he told me.”

“JANE” magazine. 2003

“Lisa Marie Presley is not happy her ex-husband Michael Jackson owns the rights to some of her famous father’s songs. She told JANE in its September issue:
“I saw a commercial the other day for Velveeta. It was playing, I think, “Burning Love”. He (MJ) had approved it. There’s nothing we can do about that. He can do whatever he wants with the songs he owns to make money, and that got under my skin!”
LMP, Papermag, 2003
Presley and Jackson have had a few “benign” conversations recently, but, she adds, “I wouldn’t consider us friends.” They didn’t speak for four years, and Presley doesn’t seem surprised or saddened by the recent downpour of negative Jackson publicity

There was no sex after the marriage either. It was obvious Lisa was going through a lot during those years and Michael being the kind, compassionate soul he was, felt sorry for her. Michael was a very caring man, but sometimes too nice for his own good.

There was reports in the tabloids about Lisa being sick, then suddenly after that she was seen with Michael again. Coincidence? I think not. She said the sickness lasted for two years after her divorce from him. And it just so happens that 1997 and 1998 were the years where Michael let herhang around him the most.Lastly if a secret affair existed, don;t you think it wouldn’t be out in the open? Michael did not hide the fact that Lisa was still around him. They were photographed many times together out in the public, with her clinging onto his arm for dear life. If a secret affair was going on it would have been a private thing between them, the public would have never known about it. Michael knew exactly what he was doing.

By 1998 Michael Jackson was already done with her, i doubt they ever saw each other since, however, Michael openly chased Diana Ross, his one true love, who always escaped him. He spent crazy money on Ross and traveled around the world to see her. Sadly, Michael Jackson was only sprung with Ross and he could never get over her.

Michael met Diana Ross in 1969 when the Jackson 5 signed to Motown and they moved from Gary, Indiana to California. Michael was 11 years old and Diana was 25 then and he stayed with her for a year until the rest of his family moved to Encino, California in 1971. Michael lived in their family house in Encino until 1988 when he bought his Neverland Ranch for 19.5 million dollars .

The same year Michael’s autobiography ‘’Moonwalk’’ was published in which he called Diana Ross, ‘’his mother, his lover and his friend’’. Michael who never lived in Neverland after 2005, when he was cleared on all counts after a three month public media circus trial and died in Los Angeles in 2009 after he suffered cardiac arrest due to acute propofol intoxication, appointed in his will Diana Ross as a guardian of his three children in the event of his mother’s death.

Michael Jackson and Diana Ross at Monaco World Music Awards in 1996

NONE of the songs on the Invincible album is about LMP.

This is an excerpt from Frank Cascio book, “My Friend Michael”

Teddy Riley and Michael had a history: they had collaborated on the Dangerous album. And Rodney Jerkins had worked for Teddy Riley as a kid, so the two producers had their own shared past. Michael managed to spark a healthy competition between them. Sometimes he would have both Rodney and Teddy work on a song at the same time. He would wait for each producer’s take on it, then pick which he liked better. Teddy brought some great songs to the table: “Heaven Can Wait,” “Don’t Walk Away,” “Whatever Happens” (a duet with Carlos Santana), and a song called “Shout,” which didn’t make the album, but was a great song to start a concert. Rodney must have been nonplussed, to say the least, when Michael sent him back to the drawing board. The songs he had presented to Michael were the kind he was famous for producing. But working for Michael Jackson, he knew that he’d have to develop something new. Michael expected it. He drove his producers crazy, but he knew how to get the most out of everyone he worked with. So Rodney went back to work. Ultimately, he produced “Unbreakable,” “Invincible,” “Heartbreaker,” and “Rock My World” for the album. Next we have “Break Of Dawn”
No this is not about Lisa either. The song was written by Dr. Freeze. Michael really had nothing to do with this song. Dr. Freeze talked about this song in an interview he did years ago where he discussed working with Michael. And here he states that he gave the song to Michael, and Michael loved it and didnt want to make any changes to it.

After Michael died Lisa Marie gave an interview to Oprah Winfrey saying that after the divorce they were on a four year on and off relationship. During that time she was dating other men, she gave interviews in which she dissed and mocked Michael Jackson and she herself said in 2005 that she had not seen Michael by then in 10 years. Indeed after 1998 they were never seen together again as they were never seen together before they married out of the blue in 1994. In 2010, Lisa Marie put up their marriage certificate for sale for 75000 dollars. Lisa Marie divorced her fourth husband Michael Lockwood in 2016, because she said she found indecent pictures of children on his computer files. She recently filed for bankruptcy as she is allegedly 16 million dollars in debt. She almost lost her twin daughters’ custody, who lived with her mother Priscilla, due to her alcohol and drug addiction for which she has been to rehab five times so far.

Listen, If you want one of you exe’s back wouldn’t the obvious thing to do was remain available? Think about it!! But instead she was having sexual relationships with three different guys during that time period. Does that make any sense?

Allegedly Michael and Lisa Marie first met in Las Vegas in 1975 where Elvis Presley took 6 year old Lisa Marie to Las Vegas to see the Jacksons and Michael was infatuated with her and contacted her mother Priscila through his lawyer John Branca because he thought Lisa Marie was cute, allegedly they married because they were in love and divorced because Lisa did not want to have kids with Michael Jackson either because she feared a custody battle in case they got a divorce or because her mother Priscilla is a racist and did not want a biracial grandchild. All of this was an idea by Sandy Gallin, Michael’s managing agent, in an attempt to make Michael look straight and happily married as after the 1993 scandal many people thought of him as a gay child predator. Michael Jackson fired his manager Frank Dileo with whom he had been working since 1984 and hired Sandy Gallin urged by David Geffen. In 1997, Michael fired Gallin too and Gallin insinuated at the media that Michael was indeed a pedophile, out of bitterness and vengeance. Frank DiLeo on the other hand showed up in court during Michael’s 2005 trial and spent three months in Los Angeles on his own dime to support Michael and proclaimed his innocence. After Michael died in 2009 DiLeo gave an interview in which he said he could have sworn on the Bible that Michael was not gay.

Frank Dileo: “He confided to me certain women that he had relationships with, He wasnt public about any of them. Because you don’t want the fans to think that you’re tied down…they don’t have that shot of getting him. I know some of the stars Michael had been with. I’ll take that to my grave”

Arnold Klein however, whom he also met through Geffen, alleged Michael was indeed gay and even had an affair with his assistant Jason Pheiffer, who later denied it and even said that Klein ( who was openly gay, as Gallin and Geffen) made sexual advances on him and was a terrible employer. Indeed, Pheiffer was only anywhere near Michael because he carried him from Klein’s practice to his car heavily sedated with demerol , which Klein had given him dozens of times under different aliases and ultimately led to his demise. Klein also both alleged and denied being Prince’s and Paris’ biological father. Arnold Klein died in 2015 from multiple sclerosis. He was confined in a wheelchair and in 2012 he filed for bankruptcy as he was considered responsible for Michael’s death and lost many of his celebrity patients. He was openly gay, suffered from a chronic disease and had a mentally retarded brother. By default he could not donate sperm.

Michael Jackson fired both John Branca and Frank Dileo urged by movie and music mogul David Geffen who encouraged him to hire Sandy Gallin and Alen Grubman (Tommy Motola’s best friend ) instead. Sandy Gallin came up with the idea that Michael Jackson should get married after the 93 scandal which led to the publicity stunt marriage with Lisa Marie Presley. Frank DiLeo, Michael’s manager from 1984–1989 was worried about Michael befriending young boys but turned a blind eye to it. In 2005 trial DiLeo defended Michael and said he was innocent and good hearted. After Michael died Dileo stated that he could have sworn in the Bible that Michael was not gay. John Branca emerged as Michael’s Estate co executor in his will, whose validity has been questioned by the Jackson family. In 2003, Michael Jackson terminated Branca’s services because he discovered he legally represented Sony behind his back, so there was a conflict of interest as Michael Jackson had a feud with Sony since 2001.

Michael during the media circus 2005 trial when he was facing 20+ years in prison as he was charged with molestation and conspiracy . Debbie Rowe, Michael’s second wife, took part in Michael’s rebuttal documentary but testified for the Prosecution even though she defended Michael. Lisa Marie was not even subpoenaed to testify by the Defense. On the contrary, Wade Robson, who was a star defense witness then has recently filed a civil lawsuit against Michael’s Estate alleging molestation, which has been dismissed. Michael Jackson was cleared on all counts in 2005. In 2005 Lisa Marie said that by then she had not seen Michael Jackson in ten years.


The fact that Lisa Marie was not subpoenaed to testify in 2005 trial says it all. She would either have to lie they had sexual intercourse and thus commit perjury or admit that the marriage was a sham, which would have been humiliating for her and destructive for Michael’s defense. Otherwise she would have been the star defense witness especially since Michael’s second wife and mother of his two children, Prince and Paris, Debbie Rowe testified for the Prosecution.

Michael Jackson married 6 month pregnant Debbie Rowe in November 1996 during his History tour in Australia shortly after his divorce with Lisa Marie Presley. Their marriage ended in 1999, and Michael took full custody of their two children, Prince and Paris. Michael met Debbie Rowe in the early 80’s as she was a nurse for his dermatologist Arnold Klein, who later alleged and denied he biologically fathered Michael’s children. Arnold Klein – whom he also met through David Geffen- is mainly responsible for Michael’s death as he gave him Demerol for years, which also caused his addiction to Propofol, of which he died in 2009.

Michael Jackson met Debbie Rowe in the early 80’s as she was his dermatologist’s Arnold Klein’s medical assistant. Michael married Debbie Rowe in Australia in 1996, shortly after his divorce from Lisa Marie. Debbie Rowe was several months pregnant while Michael was still married to Lisa Marie and in 1998 they also had a daughter, named Paris. They divorced in 1999 and Michael got their kids’ full custody. In 2002, Michael had his third child, Blanket, via an anonymous surrogate. Debbie Rowe has been recently diagnosed with breast cancer and is undergoing chemotherapy.

This is a note Michael Jackson wrote in which he explains why he wanted an annulment from Lisa Marie Presley. It was seized by New Jersey business man Henry Vaccaro at a bankruptcy sale among other items.

Sources: Michael Jackson / Lisa Presley “Wedding” Hoax –