Detroit: Quicken Loans moved it’s headquarters from the suburbs to struggling downtown Detroit, and CEO Dan Gilbert opened a real estate arm (Bedrock) to

What are some great startups in the real estate world? Why are they great?

Disclaimer: I am the co-founder of So some part of the post may look like bragging. But we really want that people should know about us and experience the cool features we have developed. a first-of-its-kind Digital + Services property platform focused entirely on user’s needs and aligned solely with the objective of helping users research and take more informed property decisions.  Realizing is positioned to be an independent and transparent research and services platform that will not have broker or builder induced biases or impediments.

Currently implemented unique tools and enablers include:
1.      ‘Never Miss an Option’ Zing Search:  Maps the available property options on price & size in a single view  while helping the user in identifying best-fit projects through an array of smart filters – significant improvement over current map or list based search.
2.      City level Heatmaps and Location Graphs: Help in exploring the city and identifying the best-fit locations based on array of factors like price, connectivity, livability, project status, project class etc.
3.      Information rich Project& Unitpages:  Help in evaluating the projects and units through rich and structured information like carpet area as percentage of total area, key distances from important places like nearest connecting roads .
4.      My Needs and My Likes: Helps user save their criteria (needs) and projects/units (likes) for personalized experience and provides comparison of projects/units.

At the core of Realizing’s offering lie in-depth data and strong ‘usable’ insights generated through analytics focused on user needs. Decision drivers – Lifestyle, Livability, Connectivity, Readiness, and Value for Money indices – are an example of this approach. Realizing also allows its users to seamlessly navigate through different parts of website and interact extensively with intuitively designed pages and multiple research tools to arrive at optimal conclusions.