visit to the esteemed estate — and from star-crossed romance to political intrigue to … In real life, there was no assassination attempt against George V. But the … and the fate of Northern Ireland, which remained a part of the U.K., remained a …

The last TV show and the last movie you watched cross over. What is the premise of the plot now?

Ooh, man this is fun! I just watched Downton Abbey and The Terminator last night.

The Blended Plot (gosh…. how can I even do this??) :

Lady Sarah Connor lives a peaceful life in 1920s New York. She has run away from her wealthy English family in order to pursue a simpler way of being. Little does she know that a few years down the road, she is destined to give birth to the legendary John Connor, who will lead the scraps of humanity back into victory after the Machine Massacre post WWII.

When Lord Skynet, the dominant Machine of the future, is defeated by John Connor, he sends an unstoppable Automaton back in time to assassinate Lady Sarah before she can ever give birth to him.

However, determined to save his mother, Connor sends back one of his top agents; a fiery Irish ex-chauffeur named Kyle Reese.

Kyle narrowly manages to save Lady Sarah, and in an attempt to escape the Automaton, they board a ship and return to Sarah’s birth home, Downton Abbey, much to her chagrine. Kyle’s rough ways are are a shock to her privileged outlook on life, despite the time spent in New York. However, she can’t deny that he is handsome, and she greatly admires his political views.

Once they reach her home, the Connor family is delighted to see her… but her Irish companion, not so much. As her mother and father obsessively try to fit her and Kyle into the stiff and boring lifestyle that propriety demands, she finds herself drawn evermore to his wild and dangerous ideas.

Meanwhile, the Automaton arrives on the shores of England, having walked there through the ocean.

Mary, Sarah’s older sister, is incredibly jealous of her newfound confidence and apparent romance with Kyle. While at a party, Mary lets slip to a mysterious guest that Sarah made the journey from America with a young man, unaccompanied. The guest turns out to be the Automaton, who had the good sense to bring a set of tails. He opens fire on the party, whipping out a gatling gun from the closet.

While everyone scrambles for safety, Sarah’s crotchety old grandmother manages to buy her and Kyle some time by hitting the Automaton with her cane, a blow which proves surprisingly effective.

Now on the run, Sarah and Kyle decide to visit the wealthy nobleman who will eventually finance the invention and construction of Lord Skynet and assassinate him before he can cause the Machine Massacre. Sarah and Kyle have both long despised this man because of his privilege and hypocrysy. Sarah personally has never believed that he should have as much money as he does, and Kyle mostly just hates him because of the history of it all.

But when they set his house on fire and force all his family out into the streets, both Kyle and Sarah feel badly and realize that perhaps the intensity of their zeal does not necessarily make them right. They have little time to consider the complex social implications of this feeling, however, because the Automaton arrives in a Rolls-Royce and wreaks havoc.

In the ensuing fight, Kyle is mortally wounded. Sarah manages to lead the damaged Automaton onto the train tracks, where it is crushed by an oncoming steam train. She then rushes Kyle to Doctor Clarkson, her trusted family doctor, but he is unable to save the young man because of the outdated equipment in his small country hospital.

Sarah’s Cousin Isabel takes this as the perfect opportunity to campaign for the country hospital to be made into a branch of the big London hospital and guilt-trips anyone who dares point out that such a move might ultimately take some freedoms and treatments from the country patients.

Mourning the death of her beloved future-soldier, Sarah reluctantly returns to what remains of Downton Abbey and lives out a dismal life, until she adopts a young boy from a local farm and raises him as her own, even naming him John Connor.

Little does anyone know that John Connor is actually her son—because even though Lady Mary was being mean-spirited when she suggested a scandal between Sarah and Kyle, she was totally right.

Meanwhile, that same selfish and too-wealthy noble whose house was burned down finds the wreckage of the Automaton on the train tracks, and decides that the best way to recover his losses is to invest in the reproduction of this marvelous machine…

And there you have it. That was… weird, to say the least. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed writing it! ^_^ Thanks for the fun question.