The prominent real estate figure has reputedly offloaded his harbourside penthouse for an estimated $8.5 million. However, for a man who is known to demand

Why do people forget that Donald Trump is a successful businessman?

They don’t. He practically walks around reiterating it over and over and over and over… “I am a successful business man”. Someone make the guy a sign he can wear around his neck so we do not have to hear his irate voice and compulsive sniffing.

However, people with common sense and some reasoning skills, choose not to believe his blatant lie. He is in fact not a successful businessman!

Read all of the below and enlighten yourself, and then forget that Donald Trump is a successful businessman, because when you do, smart people won’t think you are utterly uninformed.

Trump has a track record of piling up his businesses with unsustainable debt, and then having them file for bankruptcy. Per CNN Money, “no major US company has filed for Chapter 11 more than Trump’s casino empire in the last 30 years.” Under Trump’s leadership, just a few years ago, his company missed a $53.1 million bond interest payment—kind of a big deal. And lest Trump try to delude anyone into thinking that these bankruptcies were all just clever corporate maneuverings with no effects for him personally, note that to pay off creditors, he has had to offload huge shareholdings, yachts, and airlines. – Donald Trump Is A Mediocre Businessman, And His Record Proves It.

He’s long-boasted of how his business acumen makes him fit for president. But, Kurt Eichenwald delves into the history of his deals and finds a catalogue of calamitous ventures. – Donald Trump’s business failings, explained

At 70, Mr. Trump is 12 years older than I am. As I watched his career soar in the 1980s and the inordinate amount of press attention he attracted, I was struck by two things: His list of real estate accomplishments were minuscule compared with those of more successful New York developers who garnered far less publicity, and he lied a lot. He made up the prices he was getting for his condominiums, the value of bids he had turned down for various properties and his prospects for luring corporate tenants to his buildings.

And, of course, he lied about his wealth. – Log In – New York Times

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