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How do I become a successful real estate agent?

I have been working in real estate for the past 30 years.

I can talk about real estate for days. I will share with you how I built a successful real estate career and what I have done.

I got into real estate by accident. I was eighteen years old and I got a part time job working at a real estate records office. That was my start, and I got hooked.

While I was working at the real estate records office, I was offered a job working with these two guys that owned several real estate businesses. Their primary business was real estate investing.

I worked with these two guys for 13 years. It was an awesome learning experience.

After 13 years I went on my own. I have been netting six figures a year working out of a 200 square foot office. I work Monday to Thursday, 9am to 3pm. I take off Friday to Sunday.

I have been working by myself. I consider myself a shy quiet type of guy. I usually does not have much to say. And yet, I have beaten my competition, experienced real estate agents who spend big on advertising.

To be honest, my success is because of what I learned from my two bosses. In thirteen years, I learned all of their best stuffs. They each had 30-40 years of real estate experience, so I learned 70 years of real estate wisdom in 13 years.

I really wanted to become as successful as my bosses, and I started my own real estate business. One of by bosses told me: “Eddie, if you are going to get into real estate sales – ONLY WORK WITH LISTINGS”. When a multi-millionaire real estate investors told me something, I listened.

I followed my bosses’ advice, and my real estate listing business was a success. I closed an average of 3 listings a month in a very tight, very competitive real

estate market. Agents that had been in real estate for 20-30 years asked me how I got so many listings.

Using the principles that I learned from my bosses, I started a real

estate office that specialized in listing properties.

I worked a few real estate listing sources that literally had no

competition. Great properties, in great neighborhoods, with great

clients that were motivated to sell.

All of my listings closed escrow in 30 days or less, property sold “As

Is”, no repairs, very little negotiations. All of the contracts that

my sellers accepted were with no buyer contingencies.

I cannot show you everything that I learned from my bosses their 70

years of real estate experience, my 30 years of real estate

experiences here.

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