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What are the available online sites to buy highly useful innovative designed products in India?

When Akshay Kumar effortlessly glides on a hoverboard across our TV screen, we suppress our desire to own the product by saying, “India mein launch nahi hua hoga” (might not be launched in India yet). Similar in the case with a lot of uber cool tech products that fascinate us through Facebook videos or viral articles but seem far from our reach. This is exactly the problem Teja Reddy has been successfully solving with his website Tectotron giving the tech lovers a reason to rejoice.

Products like 3D pens, anti-gravity iPhone case to a chip that lets you ‘give a missed call’ to the ever misplaces keys have finally found a way to Indian buyers through Tectotron – a website for tech products you thought were only available in California. “All I saw that people would drool over latest tech products and share videos and listicle posts on Facebook. But wouldn’t even bother searching for them in India,” says 24-year-old Teja, Founder of the e-commerce platform.

LUCIS wireless Multi Color Lamp Buy From Tectotron

Bridging The Gap

Thanks to his exposure to US, China, and UK for education and work, Teja developed a strong understanding of the enticing world of technology. However, his return to India in the beginning of 2016 flashed him the reality of the native markets. It took him only days to realize that despite their interest and purchasing power, Indians were far away from laying their hands on the latest, user-friendly technology.

“I couldn’t wait to solve this problem which was keeping the Indian buyers a notch lower than the rest of the world,” Teja says. By November 2016, Tectotron was live and connected to more than 200 start-ups from all over the world. The hits and buyers they saw in the first few weeks were enough for the team to be sure of success of the concept. Currently, it offers products ranging from Rs 500 to Rs 84,000.

Usually, when you order tech products from abroad, custom charges amplify the prices making the experience not worth the trouble but with Tectotron one can actually get gadgets at a lesser cost than that on the official page of the product. Not only this, they are the pioneer in connecting tech services like hologram ads, augmented reality and 3D advertising with the Indian masses. Such techniques are the most efficient and futuristic methods of advertisement which help your product stand out in the market.

Escalating Market

Currently, Tectotron is riding on a 40-50 percent growth every month and a couple of thousands unique visitors everyday, including 20-30 percent traffic from overseas, which is fabulous for a start-up launched just a few months back. The founder shared that Times Group, Indian Angel besides a few others have already contacted them for investment. “VCs can bring much value proposition and visibility to our brand and we are open for a good deal,” he says.

It is not only hardwork and vision that has brought the firm so far. A large chunk of success can be contributed towards their strategies which include marketing on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Their online contests have generated quite some traction bringing them a lot of review requests from bloggers and YouTubers.

Living Quality Filter

Many-a-times, electronic gadgets do not meet the quality expectations of a customer. As these products are not manufactured in bulk like mobile phones or televisions, it takes a second thought to reach out and buy them but that is where a ‘tech freak’ CEO comes to rescue. “I have to try the product myself and literally live with it before it is available on Tectotron. The techie in me is way too curious,” Teja laughs.

A lot of market research in terms of reviews and one year warranty for all products sets them apart from the bigger e-commerce websites which are not so start-up friendly.

At just 24, this Hyderabad youngster has diagnosed the pulse of India and provided them with a solution that’s hard to say no to. Diving into an unexplored market is always a challenge but making your vision a successful reality is the toughest