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What are some free websites who list pre-foreclosures in New Jersey?

I wouldn’t. Those are EXCELLENT “trolling ground” for aggressive real estate agents who are seeking desperate sellers.

Instead, negotiate with an agent you feel is a confident & successful broker. Ask if they could help you sell the property quickly. Second option is to seek a REAL ESTATE lawyer who specializes in Short Sales and/or Chapter 13. Depending on your situation, the lawyer will sometimes be able to stave off the foreclosure by filing the Ch 13, or negotiate a Short Sale as part of the process. You want a real estate lawyer for solid counsel!!!

You need professional advice from someone who understands not only your position, but what options you have available to you. Do NOT tackle trying to sell your home by yourself. The foreclosure is stressful as it is. Adding a sale to the mix will only increase your anxiety. Call on professionals and delegate! You’ll be shocked what can be done. Daylight’s burnin’. Jump on it….

Good Luck!

Rita Harris, Broker (Seattle & WA State)
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