Q: My father-in-law transferred ownership of his house in Michigan to his four daughters as joint tenants before his death a couple of years ago. Now, my wife

What is the current situation of Indian Real Estate?

You might have heard that “Don’t judge situations you’ve never been in”.

Situation! Situation! Situation! One thing that does not remain same for the whole time, it gets changes time to time. The thing which matters is that how you utilize that situation.

Looking at the current trend of Indian Real Estate, I must say that time has changed after a huge time period. The market has now seen an uptrend after a long sluggish period and is not completely set for investment.

I personally think that you must check the time and market before investing as it is the matter of your hard earned money.

So not be diverting from the question the current market status of Indian Real Estate 2017 is just amazing. Without any fret you can for investment as no dearth of options is left where you doubt.

You people must be aware that a number of steps have been taken since 2014 which has somewhere eradicated a huge amount of black money from the market. It was so often clear that the involvement of black money has somewhere raised the prices on tremendously high levels.

But REIT, Benami Act, RERA (Regulation and Development act), Demonetization and finally the most awaited step GST which has just turned the country by admitting that one country will be served with one tax.

Real estate especially has got a boost after all these sectors. With the increased transparency the procedure is clear which means that the paper transfer and cash transaction will be in clear mode leaving no aspect of the doubt. Demonetization has to lead to the eradication of black money actually the dumped black money which has somewhere scorched the poor well being and GST has given ultimate benefits by reducing the prices of residential and commercial properties.

Obviously, the year 2017 will see the Indian real estate sector to be still more clear, realistic and attractive with only organized players on the ground. With home ownership always being a priority objective and investment purpose for all Indians, these reforms will have very positive implications for the home buyers as well as residential real estate sector.