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U.S. Politics in 2015: Does the Republican Party have an image problem? If so, how can we fix it? If not, how do we reach out to more Americans?

Yup! The Republican Party Brass  also has a “Who they are as evidenced by their actions.” problem. (As does the Democratic Party Brass)

Dear Republican Party Brass,
Please take this as what it is: A direct warning shot across your bow about your nearly exclusive servicing of your corporate bribers with blyth disregard for the Citizens and their Constitution which you swore to protect.
Democratic Party Brass, you would also do well to pay heed.
YOU work for Us, the Citizens of this Nation, and her Constitution. You serve only at Our sufference.

As both a former Republican party member (1980 to 1982), and a former Democratic Party member (1982 to 1984), I’m currently an Independent Voter because of those “image problems” and the Facts behind them.

Both parties have a huge image problem. Since the Republican party is the one asked about, I’m limiting my Answer to the Question asked.

Know for the record that I despise the Party Brass of both parties almost equally, though for slightly different details. Also know that I respect many of the Rank and file members whom I’ve met, of both parties, as much as I despise the party brass.

As a bit of background, my grandfather was an Eisenhower republican (small r) he believed, and I do, that the sole Job of the Republican party is to guard the Republic, and it’s Constitution against all enemies.

Eisenhower tried to do that in his parting speech by directing us to be on guard against the power of the arms manufacturers and industrialists. We didn’t.

Here’s the “image problem” the Republican party brass is having to contend with:

The Facts of their treason against Our Constitution and Our Nation are out in the public awareness.

Just to be fair, both sets of party brass have taken a hand in this, but I digress…

Here’s what they’ve done:

  • Dragged and kept us, in a plus ten year, $4 Trillion, series of wars in the service of the corporate profits of their bribers, based entirely upon blatant lies.
  • Started, propogandized, and forced upon Citizens a +40 year War on Drugs which has cost us the waste of trillions of dollars of Our national wealth in cash, and in the destruction of lives which would otherwise be productive without this false flag war upon Citizens.
  • Used fiat by “law” (the so called “Patriot” Act) to de facto gut the entire Bill of Rights in direct, intentional, contravention of their legally binding Oaths, Section 3 of the 14th Amendment, and our own Federal Law. Technically this is called “Insurrection and Rebellion against the U.S. Constitution and it is defined by that legally ammended Constitution as a high crime.
  • Ignored and dismissed all warning of international criminal fraud by bankers.
  • Actively destroyed the very engine of Our economy (middle class Citizens) by forcing policy based upon the grand lie of Trickle Down ” Economics ”  (which one of the prime creators of admitted it was dead wrong, and that he knew that fact as early as 5 years after it was first put in place)
  • Intentionally and maliciously (from a Citizens’ standpoint) refused to use constitutionally tested, purpose written, federal laws to put the leaders of these Racketeering Influenced Corrupt Organizations in prison where they belong, after intentionally defrauding the entire F’ing nation using the reverse derivatives of R.E.I.T. “investments” which were falsely graded as A or better when they knew full well going in that these “vehicles” were investment grade D at best.
  • They bailed out those racketeers from the valid, foreseeable, entirely predictable, consequences of their frauds over the loud objections of the Citizens.  (Again as a reminder, the Democratic Party Brass had a nearly equal hand here)
  • They, in direct insurrection and rebellion against the First Amendment, passed the Orwellian misnomer: The Defense of Marriage Act without a Constitutional Amendment.
  • They’ve consistently and actively destroyed workers unions in the service of their corporate fascist bribers.
  • They’ve actively allowed those same corporate fascists to ship jobs off shore without penalty of any kind.
  • They’ve pandered to the most extreme religious fanatics in the nation as a way to keep the electorate from noticing all of the foregoing, or connecting the dots by stopping a moment and asking:
  • “Who profits from this!?”

Hint: On that little “Who profits?” Question…

It’s not the Constitution (which they each gave a legally binding Oath to protect “from all enemies, foreign and domestic.”)

It’s not the Republic.

It’s not the Nation.

It’s certainly not the Citizens…

Who’s left?

The multinational corporate fascist bribers of Our Congresscritters.

Edit: I’ve just realized that I never answered the second part of the Question which is “How do we fix this.” Here’s how, and note again for the Record that both sets of Party Brass would do well to pay attention  (the vast majority of Rank and File members already know):

  1. Ignore “Common Wisdom” (which is usually neither) and get back to the roots of the party circa Eisenhower or Goldwater. (That’s what I thought I was joining in 1980, and I walked away from in utter disgust in 1982 because of their  Trickle Down “Economics” lies)
  2. Recognise that, given the long and sordid history of corporations practicing thievery, abusing, sickening, maiming, and murdering Citizens for their profit; regulation upon corporations (esp. multinational ones) has the valid purpose of protection of Citizens from corporations.
  3. Reinstate the firewalls of Glass Stegall, in full, without any “convenient” loopholes.
  4. Soundly reject everything which smacks of Congress’ abdication of its Constitutional Duty to review, advise, and consent on all trade treaties. (Obummer, T.P.P. and T.T.I.P.)
  5. Get your actions congruent with your words! No more bullshit. You claim to be supportive of the Right to vote? Make sure that everyone has equal access to a voting system which isn’t blatantly rigged by gerrymandering.
  6. Quit supporting corporate profits with a blyth disregard for the effects upon the nation and the engine of our economy  (N.A.F.T.A. S.O.P.A. PIPPA T.P.P. T.T.I.P. etc, etc.)
  7. Start prosecuting the real criminals in our society under RICO and Sherman. (Bribery and extortion of public officials; Corporations and Trusts owning stock in other Corporations and Trusts, Certificate of Need laws, etc.)
  8. Quit prosecuting private Citizens under the grand Orwellian lie of the War On Drugs.
  9. Do something good for Citizens and Our Nation like putting back the Public Option which you stripped out in servicing (pun intended) your corporate bribers… or start telling multinational corporations that if they’re going to hide profits earned here, in an international game of Three Card Monte, that they don’t F’ing get to play in Our ball park!
  10. Tell the insane zealots of the religious right that they don’t ever get to use Law by fiat, in direct contravention of our ammended Constitution, to force their religion upon the entire Nation.
  11. Tell the Koch corporate fascists (who created the Tea Party) and their ilk that no one should ever be allowed to have more power than the collective of Citizens who created, and drive the economy of, Our Nation. (as the Sherman Act and Clayton Act did a couple of generations earlier)
  12. Remember that you work for We The People, Our Constitution, and our Nation at Our sufference.
  13. Also remember that there are hundreds of millions of Us, and just a few thousands of you. This nation has a long, proud, history of dealing rather harshly with would be kings and oligarchs.
  14. Last but not least I’ve got two quotes for you:
  15. “I hope that we shall crush in it’s birth the aristocracy of our monied corporations which dare already to challenge Our government to a trial by strength, and bid defiance to the laws of the United States.”
  16. “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots & tyrants. It is it’s natural manure. Our Convention has been too much impressed by the insurrection of Massachusetts: and in the spur of the moment they are setting up a kite* to keep the hen-yard in order.”


Yes… that’s a predator bird.

Then there’s this crap based entirely upon the grand lie of Trickle Down “Economics”:…

Capitals Gains Taxes. At the 2012 Democratic National Convention, former President Bill Clinton explained what Republican control of the White House would mean for Americans’ tax bills. “They’ll hurt the middle class and the poor and put the future on hold to give tax cuts to upper-income people who’ve been getting it all along.”
Four years later, the GOP’s declared candidates are once again proving him right. Both Rand Paul and Marco Rubio would repeal the estates and gift taxes, while reducing the rate on capital gains and dividend income to zero.
Low capital gains tax rates have been one of the biggest drivers of income inequality. In 2011, the Washington Post explained why:
Continue reading about the GOP’s pathetic populist ploy below.

While it’s true that many middle-class Americans own stocks or bonds, they tend to stash them in tax-sheltered retirement accounts, where the capital gains rate does not apply. By contrast, the richest Americans reap huge benefits. Over the past 20 years, more than 80 percent of the capital gains income realized in the United States has gone to 5 percent of the people; about half of all the capital gains have gone to the wealthiest 0.1 percent.

Secretary Clinton knows this all too well, and not just because her husband was one of those who delivered “a Christmas present” to the rich when he reduced the capital gains tax rate from 28 to 20 percent in 1998. As she explained yesterday in Iowa, “there’s something wrong when hedge fund managers pay less in taxes than nurses or the truckers I saw on I-80.”
Private Equity and Hedge Funds. As it turns out, Hillary Clinton’s son-in-law is a hedge fund manager. But she’s more than willing make him pay more to Uncle Sam by ending the “carried interest” tax exemption that allows Mitt Romney and his ilk to escape millions in assessments each year. As the New York Times reported in 2007:

Senator Clinton, speaking at a rally in New Hampshire, called for ending a “glaring inequity” that allows investment managers in certain partnerships to take large amounts of their compensation in the form of performance fees or “carried interest,” which is taxed at the 15 percent capital gains rate rather than at income tax rates as high as 35 percent.

The carried interest tax break is one reason why private equity titans like Mitt Romney can reap huge profits from investments even when those companies fail. And private equity is one reason why Jeb Bush may run into some of the same roadblocks Mitt Romney did. Just ask Mitt Romney:

He has said, among other things, that Jeb Bush, the former Florida governor, would run into problems because of his business dealings, his work with the investment banks Lehman Brothers and Barclays, and his private equity investments.
“You saw what they did to me with Bain [Capital],” he has said, referring to the devastating attacks that his Republican rivals and President Barack Obama’s team launched against him for his time in private equity, according to three sources familiar with the line. “What do you think they’ll do to [Bush] over Barclays?”

Estate Tax.  Another problem Jeb Bush faces with some voters is the concern over dynastic wealth fueling dynastic political power. But Bush won’t face those that worry from Republican voters, including in the GOP’s supposed Tea Party wing. After all, Congressional Republicans, the 2016 GOP presidential field and most of the rank and file support ending the estate tax.
This week, Capitol Hill Republicans voted once again to end what they call the “death tax.” But despite themythology of GOP leaders like Speaker John Boehner (“People who aren’t wealthy, who may have built up value in land over generations and many family farms find themselves in situations where they’ve got to sell the farm in order the pay the taxes”), only two out of 1,000 estates will even have to pay the tax in 2015. As the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities (CBPP) documented, the supposed deficit-hawks of the GOP would add about $270 billion in new red ink over the next decade in order to keep the bank accounts of the richest heirs in the nation off-limits to Uncle Sam:

The federal estate tax is a tax on property (cash, real estate, stock, or other assets) transferred from deceased persons to their heirs. Only the wealthiest estates pay the tax because it is levied only on the portion of an estate’s value that exceeds a specified exemption level — $5.43 million per person (effectively $10.86 million per married couple) in 2015.[2]  The estate tax thus limits, to a modest degree, the large tax breaks that extremely wealthy households get on their wealth as it grows, which can otherwise go untaxed.

Sound familiar?…
We’ve been here before.