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What are some significant pain points in the real estate market that could be solved with software?

First of all, let me just say that the real estate market is inherently different from all other markets.

All realtor investments are usually a high-level investment. This means that builders or agents cannot simply rely on creating flashy ads or features that’ll make your project sell like hot cakes.

Instead, it’s a slow market with many intricacies and formalities. But when everything gets said-and-done, real estate marketing involves hand-to-hand transactions.

Ultimately, the different software applications and automatons should enable this age-old tradition.

With this in mind, let’s look into some of the main main aspects of real estate industry. I’ll try to go through the pain points that’s chiefly ascertaining an operation at lower efficiency. In this situation, let’s see how and where can we enable a better lead generation activity.

I’m a product marketeer at Livprop, a real estate marketing agency. We help realtors to increase conversions and improve engagement. Let’s see how.

Lead Generation and Engagement Strategy

All experienced realtors know that “discovering qualified leads” is the hardest part of your real estate profession. With most marketing and cold-calling approaches, you could end-up with a large volume of casual enquiries.

Indeed, your prospects could be just randomly reacting to your ad without the necessary budget and intent to make a realtor investment.

The sales funnel is a system to get to your qualified leads at the earliest while taking the large barrage of these initial leads. A sales funnel system lets you filter through the top of the funnel leads or enquries to reach the qualified leads.

Now, let’s just view an average distribution for a lead acquisition campaign.

A realtor needs to focus on maximizing the top of the funnel marketing leads.

Later, followed through each of the sections, the realtor needs to start zeroing-on the quality leads while eliminating any lower-quality prospects.

Needless to say, this is a big pain point for most realtors. Either, they don’t attract the right target customers or they spent too much time with the unqualified leads where it leads to the qualified leads getting slipped-out of their hands.

A lead qualification process can be an ideal way to qualify and acquire the right prospects for your buyers.

In this dilemma, having a live chat service on your realtor website can be a big asset.

Let’s look at this situation.

A casual enquirer and someone with a definite intent of purchase will have entirely two different way of chatting with the website.

In this particular instance, a human live chat agent can demonstrably identify and filter-out unqualified leads at the earliest stage.

This improves the quality of your overall sales prospecting in a significant way.

In this way, you can qualify and identify leads that needs to be pursued throughout your sales prospecting activity. In turn, this allows you to remove the intermediary stages of your sales funnel.

Streamlining customer interactions

A talented real estate agent may be able to simultaneously handle a dozen of prospects. But, a real estate company needs to manage a much larger pool of potential customers.

In other ways, a real estate enterprise need to handle a wide range of customer interactions on a daily basis. In turn, this creates a risk of mistakes that may cost dearly to a realtor.

In this section, we will look into the different pain points and how it gets resolved through a CRM platform.

  1. Managing customer interactions – A CRM platform can help you manage the database of all your customers, which helps you personalize the customer interactions.
  2. 1. Managing payments – Through a CRM platform, realtors can manage differential and stage-wise payment programs. This will enable realtors to provide flexible payment programs to achieve higher market penetration.

As mentioned, a real estate company needs to manage a large prospecting pool.

Conclusion :-

Typically, a real estate operation has a multitude of pain points. Today, a realtors success largely depends on providing a great overall project experience.

This involves mitigating the different pain points that prevents a a smooth real estate operation. You can immediately start experiencing the improvements through signing-up for a free trial with us.