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Would you be a real estate agent if you were in your 20’s and could do it all over again?

Am I still allowed to answer this question if I’m IN my 20s? Well, I will anyway.

I’m a real estate agent, just turned 28, and started in real estate in one form or another right out of college. I didn’t find my way to being a residential agent until a year or two out of college. My first year-two years was spent in commercial real estate, and the story of how I ended up in residential is a strange one that I won’t bore you with here.

What I’m doing now is awesome. I wouldn’t do anything else for, really, any sum of money. But that also doesn’t mean I’ll do this forever. More on this point below.

What I love about what I do now:

-I’ve met many awesome people, both other agents and clients. I’ve had countless clients at this point become friends. I know some people worry after college about not making friends. This isn’t a problem for me because of how many people I talk to and meet every week.

-I get to help people make a really important decision in their lives, involving lots of money. When I do a good job, people are so grateful, and it makes me happy to be needed and appreciated.

-My work is different every day. New clients, new properties, new challenges, new successes. I’m never bored.

-Entertaining is part of the job. We throw parties, go to happy hours, and socialize constantly. And it’s work.

-I make my own schedule. We work A LOT, don’t get me wrong, but if I want to take 15 weeks of vacation, no problem! I just have to manage my business remotely.

-I’ve learned a ton. I was a liberal arts major in college, not particularly math inclined. I can now underwrite potential real estate deals on the back of a napkin with a fair amount of ease, discuss time value of money and IRR and cap rates and preferred returns with my very math minded husband over cocktails like a finance major. And that feels awesome to me. I understand real estate finance because I’ve lived it.

-No one micromanages me or tells me what to do. I only need to do the things that I know need to be done. I can outsource and delegate the rest.

But maybe the best things about doing this in my 20s is being set up for all the other things I can do later in life. The knowledge I’ve gained means I can be a real estate investor, or a sales coach, or run a real estate fund in the future. Or I can acquire enough real estate that I start to get cash flow from it, then go do whatever else I feel like doing. Maybe in a few years I’ll go get that History PhD I considered and teach, because I feel like it. Who knows? It could be anything! And that’s really awesome.

So YES, 1000 times over. Being a residential Realtor is the best accident that ever befell me.